Wednesday – Day 3 of the 14th Symposium of the ISTRC-AB, Zambia

Wednesday September 22, 2021

GMT Nigeria Zambia Event Venue
8:00 9:00 10:00 Announcements
8:30-9:00 9:30 – 10:00 10:30-11:00 Plenary Session B CSS 018: Onboarding and mentoring of cassava seed entrepreneurs (CSES) by NRCRI as vehicle for quality seed dissemination in Nigeria_Asumugha, G.N., Ewuziem, J.E., Anyaegbunam, H.N., Tokula, M.H., Okoye, B.C., Amaefula, A., Nwokocha, Ivy Zoom Link 1 (Chair-Dr Pheneas Ntawuruhunga)
09:00-14:15 10:00-15:15 11:00-16:15 Breakout Session B (Presentation (15mins) + Q&A (10mins) Zoom Link 1 (Chair-Dr Pheneas Ntawuruhunga) Zoom room 2 (Chair-Dr Mbajo Gaby-Nkouaya) Zoom room 3 (Chair-Prof Lateef Sanni) Zoom room 4 (Chair-Dr Oladeji Alamu)
9:25 10:25 11:25 Oral papers ACW017: Suitability of Soils around and within Lake Obayi Basin for Cassava Production, at Nsukka, Nigeria_Asadu, C.L.A. and Ezike, M. N. BMT 018: Quality Champions: Key to improve the quality management in Nextgen Cassava project._Prasad Peteti, Afolabi Agbona, Elizabeth Parkes, Ismail Rabbi, Olufemi Aina, Lukas A. Mueller, Chiedozie Egesi, Peter Kulakow , Marnin Wolfe , Kasele salum , Peter T. Hyde, Michael Kanaabi, Uba Ezenwanyi , Luciano Rogério PHT016: Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Dry Matter and total Carotenoid contents in Cassava in Forest Savanna Transition and Humid Forest Zone of Nigeria_Olasupo Kayode T., Akinyele Oluwole, Ogwuche T.O and Peter Kulakow NRF009: Enhancement of Iron in Orange-fleshed sweetpotato Varieties in Southern Africa_Maria I. Andrade, Jan Low, Godwill S. Makunde, Jose Ricardo, Abilio Alvaro, Omowumi Idowu, Gervancio Covele, Thomas zum Felde, Roelinda Jongstra, Rita Wegmüller, Martin Mwangi, Hannele Lindqvist-Krueze, Wolfgang Gruneberg and Hugo Campos
9:50 10:50 11:50 Oral papers ACW019: Yield performance of breeding clones of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in agro-ecologies of Kwilu, Democratic Republic of Congo_Mouritala Sikirou, Kuhima Mbuta Mwangu, Paterne Agre, Mamy Bizunga, Eric Musungayi, Willy Tata-Hangy, Clerisse Casinga, Pierre Miafuntila, Donat Mukendi, Tony Bakelana, Enoch Achigan-Dako BMT010: Genetic Diversity Studies of Provitamin-A Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in Sierra Leone_Kamanda, I., Blay, E.T., Asante, I.K., Danquah, A., Ifie, B. E., Parkes, E. PHT017: Improving sweetpotato breeding: Developing a product profile for fried sweetpotato in Ghana and Nigeria_Reuben Ssali, Edward Carey, Eric Kuna Dery, Abena Boakye,  Rachel Majekodunmi Omodamiro, Hauwa Ladi Yusuf, Eunice Etwire, Prince Maxwell Etwire, Abigail Oluwatunmise Iyilade,  Souleimane Adekambi, Abdullahi Ali, Muhammad Haliru and Jan Low NRF013: Comparative Analysis of Consumption Level of Pro Vitamin A Cassava Products in Eastern and Southern Nigeria_Pearl Amadi,  Mark Tokula, Helen Anyaegbunam and Godwin Asumugha
10:15 11:15 12:15 Oral papers ACW020: Genetic Response of Cassava Varieties to Fertilization Regimes in the Northern part of Luapula Province in Zambia_Sydney Mwamba, Peter Kaluba, Dany Moualeu-Ngangue, Etti Winter, Martin Chiona , Benson H. Chishala , Kalaluka Munyinda and Hartmut Stützel BMT011: Genome-Wide association study for tuber yield and mosaic virus in white guinea yam (Dioscorea rotundata) using Genome-wide Association Scan_Paterne A. Agre, Prince E. Norman, Robert Asiedu, Patrick Adebola PHT018: Variation in Dry Matter Accumulation of Improved Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Varieties evaluated at Different times in Nigeria_ThankGod Ogwuche, Adetoro Najimu, Mercy E. Diebiru-Ojo, Kayode Olasupo, Teleola Akinlawon, Mark Nelson, Peter Iluebbey, Elizabeth Parkes and Peter Kulakow NRF014: Integrating Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato in school meals program: for the sustenance of reduced under nutrition rates in Malawi_Francis Kuweruza, Stanley Mbewe, Tionge Chadzala, John Kazembe and
10:40 11:40 12:40 Oral papers ACW021: Diversity, Trait Preferences, Management and Utilization of Yams Landraces (Dioscorea species): An Orphan Crop in DR Congo_Idris I. Adejumobi, Paterne A. Agre, Didy O. Onautshu, Joseph G. Adheka, Mokonzi G. Banbanota, Jean-Claude L. Monzenga, Joseph L. Komoy, and Inacio M. Cipriano BMT012: Association mapping of plant sex and cross-compatibility related traits in a diverse set of water yam (Dioscorea alata L.) cultivars_Asrat Asfaw, Jean M. Mondo, Paterne A. Agre, Patrick Adebola, Malachy O. Akoroda , and Robert Asiedu PHT020: Coupling Breeder selection with end-user preferences in defining breeding targets_Siraj Ismail Kayondo, Dunia Pino Del Carpio, Hamba S, Ssemwanga M, Yona Baguma, Vernon Gracen, Offei Samuel, Dzidzienyo D, Ifie B NRF015: Effect of processing and oil type on carotene bio-accessibility in traditional foods prepared with flour and puree from orange fleshed sweetpotatoes_Sarah Chilungo, Tawanda Muzhingi, Van-Den Truong and Jonathan C. Allen
11:05 12:05 13:05 Oral papers BMT 017: Evaluation of 12 Biofortified Cassava Genotypes for Yield Characteristics and Total Carotenoids in a Varietal Release Trial_Elizabeth Parkes, Joshua Faruna, Oluwaseyi Toyinbo, Patrick Akpotuzor, Bukola Ogungbesan, Prasad Peteti, Afolabi Agbona, Ismail Rabbi, Peter Kulakow BMT013: Genetic variability for Pro-Vitamin A carotenoids and dry matter content in West African cassava populations introduced in Uganda_F.B. Gwandu, R. Edema, P. Gibson, S. Mukasa, and W. Esuma PHT021: Effect of Storage and Packaging Materials on Color and Carotenoid Content of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato Flours_Sarah Chilungo, Tawanda Muzhingi ,Van-Den Truong and Jonathan C. Allen PCM006: Economic Efficiency of Yam farmers in Selected States of Nigeria_Amaefula, A., Farquharson, R., Ramilan, T. and Asumugha, G.N.
11:30 12:30 13:30 Oral papers BMT004: Advances in the Cassava Seed System in DR Congo using SAH (Semi-Autotrophic Hydroponics)_Adetoro Najimu, Kajibwami Angel, Kintche Kokou, Nabahungu Leon, ThankGod Ogwuche, Mercy E. Diebiru-Ojo and Peter Kulakow BMT014: Genome-wide association mapping identifies novel polymorphisms linked to Cassava bacteria blight resistance and Dry matter content_Siraj Ismail Kayondo, Adenike D Ige, Ikpan Smith, Kayode Ogunpaimo, Kenny Nafiu, Chiedozie Egesi, Peter Kulakow and Ismail Rabbi Yusuf CSS017: Building an efficient cassava foundation seed producers (FSP) network for profitable early generation seeds business at National Root Crops Research Institute Umudike (Training and Mentorship Approach)_Mark Tokula, Godwin Asumugha, Joseph Onyeka, Chiedozie Egesi and Sanni Lateef PCM014: Effect of Selected Socio-economic Factors Influencing Consumption of Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato among Households’ in Anambra State, Nigeria_Nwokocha, Ivy Nwamaka, Tokula Mark, Anyaegbunam Helen and Asumugha Godwin
12:00 13:00 14:00 Announcements
13:00-13:25 14:00-14:25 15:00-15:25 Oral papers BMT005: Hybrid breeding – a new approach to sweetpotato improvement in Southern Africa_Godwill S. Makunde, Maria I. Andrade, Jose Ricardo, Abilio Alvaro, Gervancio Covele, Mercy Kitavi, Dorcus Gemenet, Simon Heck, Raul Eyzaguirre, Bert De Boeck, Jan Low, Hannele Lindqvist-Krueze, Wolfgang Gruneberg and Hugo Campos BMT015: Morphological and molecular assessment of genetic diversity in some yam (Dioscorea species) landraces_Saheed Alarape, Rasheed O. Awodoyin,  Michael Abberton, Faloye Benjamin and NRF001: Suitability Assessment of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato for Sustainable Nutrition Security in Nigeria_Onyiba, P.O., Okoh, T., Mbah, T.N., Achebe, U. and Ajisola, J.K. PCM015: Assessment of Cassava Farmers’ Adoption of Pro-Vitamin A Cassava Variety (TMS 07/593 Yellow Root) In Imo State, Nigeria_Okoroh, Juochi Patience
13:50 14:50 15:50 Oral papers BMT006: Searching for novel drought tolerant clones for population improvement in Mozambique using unmanned aerial vehicles_Godwill S. Makunde, Maria I. Andrade, Jose Ricardo, Gervancio Covele, Omowumi Idowu, David Ramirez, Hildo Lozya, Bert De Boeck, Raul Ezyraguirre, Jan Low, Hannele Lindqvist-Krueze, Wolfgang J. Gruneberg, Simon Heck, Hugo Campos BMT016: Optimized protocol for in vitro pollen germination in yam (Dioscorea spp.)_Jean M. Mondo, Paterne A. Agre1, Robert Asiedu, Malachy O. Akoroda NRF002: Development of Sweetpotato-Rice-Palm Weevil Larvae Porridge for Malnourished Infants_Alex Acquah Junior, Abena Boakye, William O. Ellis and Ibok Oduro PCM017: Comparative Analysis of Adoption Level of Pro Vitamin A Cassava in Eastern and Southern Nigeria_Pearl Amadi, Ekwuruchi Mbanaso, Godwin Asumugha and Ike Nwachukwu
14:15 15:15 16:15 Oral papers CSS006: Determinants of the Operational Efficiency of Early Generation Seeds (EGS) Companies: Umudike Seeds Experience_Mark Tokula, Chiedozie Egesi, Godwin  Asumugha, Adeyemi Olojede,  Joseph Onyeka, David Obisesan, and Hemant Nitturkar CSS001: Assessment of the Supply and Demand Gaps in the Cassava Seed System: A Case Study of Cassava VSEs in South-East and South-South, Nigeria_Anyaegbunam, H. N., Ewuziem, J.E., Okonkwo, I.I.,  Nwokocha, I.N., Onyemauwa, N.C., Nwekpe, J.O., Asumugha, G. N.  and Onyeka, T.J. NRF008: Some Quality Attributes of High Quality cassava Flour enriched with Cashew nut Flour_Kajihausa, O. E., Olssoji, O. S. and Ogunleye, A. A. PCM019: Effects of Marketing Extension Services on the Control of Postharvest Losses of Root and Tuber Crop Produce in Abia State Nigeria_Solomon Chimela Nwafor, Francis Shagbaor Wegh, Agness Agbanugo Ikwuba and Adegbola Adetayo Jacob