The potential of cocoyam production in Ghana

Pages 256-260

Regina Sagoe, K.A. Marfo & A.A. Dankyl


Ghana has a vast potential of increasing its cocoyam production, although its present productivity is as low as 5.6mt/ha as compared to world yields of 12-20 t/ha. A survey was conducted to investigate the production constraints underlying this low productivity in areas that used to boom with cocoyam production. It was observed that improved technologies and varieties that are high yielding and disease tolerant were absent. An economic analysis of the production of the crop using data collected in the survey showed very attractive net returns, even when the cost of labour was varied by as much as five times the existing value. So, in a perfectly competitive system, cocoyam production could be said to be economically efficient. If an integrated approach is made through an improvement program, cocoyam could become a major food crop in Ghana.

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