Sweetpotato evaluation and selection for on-farm research

Pages 362-368

M.H. Nxumalo


In most cases the farmer participates in the generation of his/her technology during on-farm research. This practice, inter alia, may lead to poor management of the on-farm trial by the farmer and sometimes even to total rejection of the technology as the fanner has not been involved in the beginning of the technology generation. To improve adoption of the technologies generated for farmers use, three sweetpotato field days were conducted at Malkems Research Station in Swaziland on April 16, June 18 and July 18 at 3 months, 4 months and 5 months after planting respectively. The objective of the field days was to help researchers select together with farmers sweetpotato cultivars for on-farm research evaluation. Out of twenty-one cultivars evaluated, eighteen cultivars were selected and 10 of these will be evaluated on farmers’ field.

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