Status of Sweetpotato production, utilization and marketing in Nigeria

Pages 65-74

O.O. Tewe, O.A. Abu, E.F. Ojeniyi and N.H. Nwokocha


A comprehensive literature search and countrywide survey was carried out on sweetpotato between September 1995 and June 1996 Production, marketing and utilization has expanded in the last decade beyond its traditional areas in the Central and riverine areas to all ecological zones in the country. Production figures of 40,000 t by FAO are a gross under estimation compared to local figures of 250,000-570,000 t.  Farm yields vary from 3.5 t in northern zone to 7-8 t/ha in the Central and south eastern zones. Experimental fields gave figures between 23.5-71 t/ha. Traditional ‘boil and eat’ or use as sweetener dominate its usage. Popularizing high yielding varieties and promotion of improved cultural practices coupled with linkage of producers, processors and industrialists are critical to a rapid expansion of sweet potato in root-based industries in Nigeria.

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