Realizing the potential of root crops in the 21st century: the modalities for sub-Saharan Africa

Pages 20-26

F.M Quin


The modalities for Africa for realizing the potential of root crops that are produced in the continent require that we build future work on the already available information and experience from different areas where these crops are grown in Africa. It also requires that there be effective technology transfer arrangements, collaborative research that requires that users of the technology participate in its development The development domains should he defined so that we could use the findings from an area similar to those we wish to implement. Target groups more likely to create the desired impact to food production and cash generation should be the focus of our efforts. The partners involved in the systems are many and the need to be holistic and collaborative is important. Seed systems and rapid multiplication techniques should be adopted. Existing knowledge should also affect the production systems and researchers should be both willing to take risk while being innovative. We should also work with farmers on a longer term and on large farm holdings to better understand the system. To build credibility, only few proven technologies should he introduced to farmers after testing so that the rate of failure of introduced technology is greatly reduced.

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