Promotion of Cassava Utilization for Improvement of Food Security and Income generation in Tanzania: Viability of processing cassava flour for biscuit production in Dar-es-Salaam

Pages 42-50

N. Mlingi, K. Mtunda. G.T. Ndunguru, A. Kiriwaggulu and N.M. Mahungu


In order to promote and increase utilization of cassava in Tanzania, a baseline study was carried out in Dar es Salaam city and the surrounding suburbs to study the viability of substituting cassava flour with wheat flour for biscuit production. In the study, 20 bakeries and 36 millers were interviewed by multidisciplinary team of researchers in order to obtain primary data on capacities, products baked and milled respectively. Secondary data on the location of the bakeries, millers and on crop production was obtained from health, trade and agricultural offices. It was observed that four bakeries were ready to accept substituting cassava flour with wheat if quality cassava flour is made available to them and technical know how is at hand. Similarly if significant economic benefits are realized from substitution of wheat with cassava flour, this will be another contribution for the adoption. The farmers were interest in processing quality cassava flour to sell/supply to the city if technology is provided to them and the economic benefits exceed that of fresh cassava sale. Available data showed that wheat flour importation could very much be reduced and foreign exchange of about Tshs. 780 million (US $ 1.2 million) annually, based on the current wheat flour needs in Tanzania could he saved by substituting wheat flour with cassava in the bakery industry.

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