Production of ethanol from cassava in Nigeria

Pages 742-743

O.T. Bamikole and M. Bokanga


Ethanol production from starchy substrates is not a new technology in the world. Ethanol production from cassava although theoretically possible is seldom found at an industrial scale anywhere. But in Nigeria, NIYAMCO (Nigerian yeast and alcohol manufacturing company) PLC has succeeded in switching from the use of sugar cane molasses to cassava flour as a raw material for the production of ethanol. The plant started trying cassava as a substitute raw material for ethanol production in 1995, and went into commercial production in 1996. On the average, about 27t of dry cassava chips are consumed daily to produce 12,000 liters of ethanol. The problems associated with the large scale use of cassava by the ethanol plant are reviewed and discussed.

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