Processing and economics of production of lesser known cassava food products in southwestern Nigeria

Pages 126-131

Elizabeth Tola Ojeniyi


Cassava is a staple energy food crop that is processed into various food products in Nigeria. Lesser-known cassava products include; “Ajogun” – local cassava biscuit. “Benju” – local cassava cake, “Abodo” local cassava bread, and “Apran” a cassava based dough in Lagos and Ogun state while “Kpukpuru” is produced in Ondo State. The processing technology involve peeling, grating, dehydration and smoking in some cases and all these processing stages complement the high digestibility of the cassava food products by adults and children. The economics of production shows highest profit margin for “Apran” at N45, 280/tonne and the least for “Kpukpuru” at N1.900/tonne. The products are all consumed by adults while additionally “Kpukpuru” is consumed as a weaning food. There is a need to investigate the nutrition, toxicology and microbiological safety of the various food products.

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