Proceedings of the ISTRC-AB 9th Triennial Symposium November, 2004, Mombassa, Kenya

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1 Ex-ante cost – benefit analysis of biofortification of cassava roots in Nigeria Bamire, A.S.,  V.M. Manyong,  I.O. Sanusi and D.O. Awotide 1-8
2 Technologies from sweetpotato research in Uganda Byamukama E.,  Mpembe I.,  Kayongo J.S.,  Gibson R., Adolph B. and Mwanga R.O.M. 8-17
3 Status of potato production, marketing and utilisation in Cameroon D.A. Fontem,  P.Demo and D.K. Njualem 18-25
4 Adoption and impact of improved cassava and sweetpotato varieties on food security in Malawi S. Jumbo,  N.M. Mahungu, A. Mhone,  C.C. Moyo,  V. Sandifolo,  D. Siyeni,  A. Nthonyiwa,  K. Sichinga 26-33
5 Economic profitability of improved yam production systems for sustainable agricuture in Central Benin (West Africa) Mariki R.,  Amadji F. and Adje I. 33-47
6 Preliminary inventory of local market incentives for the improvement of cassava productivity and production in eastern of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Munyuli, T.M.B.,  Tete Tshisinda  &  Kashosi Kumbakumba 48-58
7 Market opportunities and quality of cassava starch in Kenya Kadere T.T. and Makhoka O.A. 58-71
8 Orange-fleshed sweetpotato – linking school and community – A case study of Cumbene, district of Marracuene Andrade,  Maria Isabel,  Naico,  Abdul and Ricardo, Jose 72-82
9 An evaluation of the market potential of sweet potato processed products at the University of Eastern Africa Baraton F.L. Mkandawire,  J. Onyango,  N. Angwenyi and J. Ogot 82-93
10 Sweetpotato for food security and poverty reduction case study of Mukangu Bio-Banana Self Help Group (S.H.G) in Central Kenya M. Muchui,  L.W. Njuguna,  P. Kiuru,  J. Kibaki,  B. Ndungu,   L. Gitonga,  C. Gathambiri,  S.N. Kibe,  P. Maina and R.W. Njeru 94-102
11 Systeme d’approvisionnement de la ville d’Abidjan en igname et Rentabilite des investissements dans le commerce de gros Mahyao A. , Doumbia S. , Kouame C.N. , Zohouri G.P. , et Zoungrana P. 102-112
12 Contribution of sweetpotato to household food supply in Morogoro District, Tanzania Y.C. Muzanila,  A. Babu, and L. Karumuna 113-118
13 Implications of root and tuber crops production, consumption and marketing in Kenya’s Coast  Province: a case of sweetpotatoes in Kwale District Dave J. W Nyongesa,  Peterson Mwangi & Lusike Wasilwa 118-127
14 A socio-economic analysis of cassava production and marketing in Kenya:a case of Kwale District, 1999-2003 Dave J. W Nyongesa & Lusike Wasilwa 127-136
15 A snack vendors to evaluate the potential market for pro-vitamin A-rich sweet potato snacks for improved vitamin A intake in rural Kenya: a case of Siaya District, Western Kneya M.A Ogubi,  S.J. Ochien G,  Oiye S. Okoth and M Oudia 136-143
16 The economic productivity of cocoyam (Xanthosoma Sp.) cropping system in Ghana Regina Sagoe,  Joyce Haleegoah and K. A. Marfo 143-151
17 Socio-economic determinants of yam varieties adoption: probit analysis in three major’s yam production areas of Cote d’Ivoire Toure M. , Amagbeto K. , Doumbia S. , Kouakou A.M. , Asiedu R. , Zohouri G.P. 151-158
18 The Orange fleshed sweet potato: the review of policies in agriculture, nutrition and gender to assess their levels of integration in Kenya Wasilwa L.A. Gitobu,  J.K. Mukunya,  D. Tauta,  C. Kabutha,  C. and Mitoko, G. 159-167
19 Socio-economic factors for adoption of improved cassava in Western Kenya Odenya, J.O , B.O. Odero, H.M. Obiero and M.A. Mudeheri 167-182
20 Status of cassava production in Nigeria C.I. Ezedinma,  J. Lemchi,  R. Okechukwu,  L.Sanni,  F Ogbe,  M Akoroda and A. Dixon 183-190
21 How integrated is the market for cassava in Nigeria: implications for commercialization and industrialization J. Lemchi,  J. Njoku,  C. Ezedinma,  A Dixon,  R. Okechukwu,  L.Sanni,  M. Akoroda 190
22 Policy initiatives for private sector involvement in the commercial development of tropical root and tuber crops: the case of irish potatoes in Kenya J. N. Kabira,  G. Maingi and A.M. Mugambi 190
23 The impact of dissemination of the varieties of cassava and orange fleshed sweetpotato in Mozambique. A case study: district of Chokwe-Gaza Province Andrade, Maria Isabel and Naico, Abdul 191
24 Sustainable commercial cassava cultivation: the case of Nigeria Akoroda M.O.,  Dixon A.G.O.,  Ilona P.,  Ogbe F.,  Okechukwu R.,  Ezedinma C.,  Sanni L.O.,  Lemchi J., and Okoro E. 193-199
25 Study on cassava and sweetpotato yields in Mozambique Andrade,  Maria Isabel and Naico,  Abdul 200-208
26 Minisett technique of seed yam production in two major yam producing states of Nigeria: a function of input availability and production objective G.N. Asumugha,  B.O.Ugwu,  O.C.Aniedu,  G.C. Orkwor and K. Amegbeto 209-215
27 Evaluation of the production potential of seed potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers stored for different durations in diffuse light conditions Demo P.,  M.O. Akoroda ,  R. Asiedu and R. El-Bedewy 215-221
28 Integrated agromomic practices for cassava production: Effects of cultivar, stake weight and number of shoot per stand on the growth and productivity of cassava (Manihot esculenta) O.N. Eke-Okoro 221-226
29 The relationship between leaf area and cyanogenic potential of tuberous roots of cassava planted in a wet and a semi-arid agro-ecological zone. C.M. Githunguri,  Kimani Waithaka,  I.J. Ekanayake, and J.K. Imungi 226-232
30 Effect of spacing on tuber yield of taro (colocasia esculenta) on vertisols of gedeo, Southern Ethiopia Gobeze L.,  Legese H.,  Waga M., and Daniel Markos 232-243
31 Effect of mineral fertilization on sweet potato in the Sudan savanna agro-ecological zone of Ghana Issaka R.N.,  Buri M.M. and Alegibam B. 243-248
32 Viability and acceptability of the Mucuna pruriens fallow for the conservation of soil fertility in yam production K.M. Sedzro,  K. Apedoh and R.J. Carsky 249-252
33 Investigations into cassava stem storage and its effects on sprouting and plant growth C.C. Moyo,  N.M. Mahungu,  V.S. Sandifolo,  S. Jumbo,  A. Mhone and P.T. Mangirani 253-258
34 Testing for linear and quadratic trends using a unified model rather than separate regressions – the case for three popular potato varieties in Kenya J.N. Mwangi and C.M. Githunguri 258-267
35 Accelerated multiplication and distribution of improved healthy planting materials  of cassava varieties in Western Kenya Odero B.O,  Obiero H.M,  Ndolo P.J,  Whyte J.B,  Legg J.P,  Malinga J,  Magut T. 267-270
36 Technology and extension gaps of cassava yield in Nigeria Oladele O.I 270-275
37 Yam production in the derived coastal Savannah zone of Ghana – past, present and future prospects E. Otoo,  R. Asiedu,  S.A Ennin and E.O Ekpe 275-284
38 The effects of phosphorus, potassium and farm yard manure on post harvest characters of Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Powon M.P.,  J.N Aguyo and V. Mwaja 285-290
39 Effects of cassava mosaic diesease and plant vigour on the yield and distribution of cyanogens in cassava (manihot esculenta crantz) S.K. Tumwesigye,  Y. Baguma,  C. Ebong and G. Mpango 290-299
40 Response of irish potato (solanum tuberosum) to coffee husk and diammomnium phosphate at damot galle nitisols of Southern Ethiopia Legesse Hidoto, Waga Mazengia, Gobeze Loha and Daniel Markos 300
41 Using public domain software for inexpensive and accurate measurement of sweetpotato storage root shape Arthur Villordon 301-308
42 Participatory evaluation of orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties in Central and Eastern zones of Tanzania N Luambano, R Kapinga, K Mtunda, M Yongolo and C Kitundu 308-315
43 Yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.and Dioscorea alata L.) meristem culture optimization and phenotypic stability of micropropagated plants O.J. Adeniyi,  V.O Adetimirin,  I. Ingelbrecht and R, Asiedu 316-323
44 Genotype-By-Environment Interactions For Some Selected Sweet Potato Clones Under Different Agro-Ecological Zones In Kenya S.M. Agili,  J.P.Ndolo,  J. Korir and J.K. Mugo 323-329
45 Influence of soil water stress on vegetable growth and yield of cassava genotypes under screen house conditions O.O. Aina,  A.G.O Dixon,  M.Akoroda and E.A Akinrinde 329-335
46 Managing stem cuttings of cassava for optimum yields Akoroda MO,  Dixon AGO,  Ilona P, Ogbe F. and Okechukwu R. 335-341
47 Relative growth performance of eight improved cassava genotypes and 4 popular improved checks in 3 diverse agro ecological zones in Guinea Bah E.S,  A.G.O Dixon , A Jalloh 341-358
48 Development and identification of high-value cassava clones H. Ceballos,  M.Fregene,  T. Sanchez,  J.C Perez and Z. Lentini 358-368
49 Evaluation of water yam (Dioscorea alata I.) genotypes for reaction to yam anthracnose disease C.N. Egesi,  S. Ogunyemi and R. Asiedu 368-374
50 On farm evaluation of Cassava clones at the coastal lowlands of Kenya J.G. Gethi,  C.K. Mutegi,  E.N. Wambugu,  P.Ndetei,  S. Weru and C. Katama 375-385
51 A preliminary analysis of diversity among East African sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) cultivars using morphological and simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers Gichuru Virginia,  Aritua V. Lubega G.W, Edema R., Adipala E. and Rubaihayo P.R 385-393
52 Performance, foliage and root yield of sweetpotato clones at Katumani and Kiboko in Semi-Arid Eastern Kenya Githunguri, C.M and Migwa Y.N 394-399
53 Evaluation participative de neuf genotypes de pomme de terre pour leur performance dans la commune de Buyengero : D. Harahagazwe,  A. Bararyenya,  L.Niyongabo,  et  J.P. Baudoin 399-408
54 Relationship between traits measured at different stages of the selection process in cassava G. Jaramillo,  J.I. Lenis, F. Calle, N. Morante, E. Ortega, J.C. Perez and H. Cellabos 408-420
55 Association between zigzag stem habit and resistance/tolerance to cassava brown streak virus disease Kanju, E.E,  Mahungu,  N.M., Whyte,  J.A  and Dixon A. 421-424
56 Application of transgenic technologies in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) for resistance to cassava mosaic disease in Kenya Mallowa S., Odero, B.,  Obiero, H., Murunga A.,  Ndolo, P.,  Gichuki, S.,  Odhiambo,  B.  Wakhusama S.,  Wangai, A.,  Taylor, N.,  Kahn, K.,  Kant L. and Fauquet C. 425-430
57 Combining the interests of farmers and scientists in a participatory approach to breeding for superior mosaic resistant cassava Manu-Aduening,  J.A., Gibson,  R.W. Ampong-Mensah,  G., Moses,  E., Lamptey,  J.N.,  Dankyi,  A. and Lamboll, R. 430-440
58 Breeding for root quality traits in cassava J.Mkumbira,  R. Okechukwu & A.G.O. Dixon 440-442
59 Evaluation of sweet potato for early maturity in the eastern agro-ecological zone of tanzania K.J. Mtunda,  S.N. Msolla,  M.Muhanna,  A. Ngereza,  E. Masumba and A. Larsen 443-448
60 On farm performance and farmers evaluation of cassava brown streak tolerant variety “Kiroba”in the Eastern zone of Tanzania M. Mahanna M. Raya R. Hillocks E. Kanju and H. Kiosya 448-454
61 Challenges and oppourtunities in the underutilized and neglected yam (DioscoreaSpp.)genetic resources of Kenya: outcome of a baseline survey in Eastern province E. Mutegi, Nyamongo D.O.C, G.Ngae and G. Muthee 454-462
62 Performance of yellow and orange fleshed sweetpotato in three major agroecological zones of Rwanda J. Ndirigwe,  P. Tukamuhabwa,  R. Kapinga and P. Ndayemeye 462-477
63 Analysis of sweet potato passport data using geographical information systems (GIS) W. Njuguna,  G.M. Muluvi,  J. Machuka, S. Gichuki and A. Villordon 477-482
64 Field competitiveness and farmer preference of orange-fleshed sweetpotato clones in apac district in Northern Uganda. B. Odongo, F.A Opio,  L. Serunjogi,  D. Rees,  H. Okurut Akol,  R. Kapinga,  L. Berga, and R.O.M Mwanga 482-489
65 Sweet potato vine selection programme in Kari – Lanet Nakuru, Kenya Ondabu N.,  Irungu K.R.G,  Tarus S. and Ontiti S. 490-494
66 Varietal difference in the physicochemical, funtional,pasting properties and granule size of starches from different CMD resistance varieties Onitilo, M, L. Sanni,B. Maziya-Dixon and A Dixon 494-505
67 Effects of location and age at harvest on the yield of cassava genotypes (manihot esculentaCrantz)in Rwanda M.L. Rutikanga,  D.S.O Osiru, J.K Makelele and C . Bayituliki 506-511
68 Genetic improvement of Cassava in Sub-Sharan Africa: capitalizing on African Landraces A.G.O. Dixon,  J. Whyte, N. Mahungu, G. Ssemakula,  J. Mkumbira, and P. Ilona 511-520
69 Cassava mosaic disease in sub-saharan africa : variations in the pathogen, sources of resistance and host-plant resistance breeding for sustainable control A.G.O Dixon, G Ssemakula, F. Ogbe, A. Ariyo, Y. Lokko, P. Ilona and J. Mkumbira 521-525
70 New cassava varieties for tropical semi-arid climate of Ethiopia T. Anshebo,  A. Tofu, E. Tsegaye , T. Tadesse, A. Kifle and Y. Dagne 526-530
71 Development of early maturing sweetpotato (ipomoea batatas I.) Varieties for various agro-ecologies of southern Ethiopia A. Tofu,  T. Anshebo,  T. Tadesse, E. Tsegaye, T. Belihu, Y. Dagne and A. Kifele 531-536
72 Using public domain software to integrate sweetpotato accession collection data into a GIS database A. Villordon,  S. Gichuki,  H.  Kulembeka,  S.C. Jeremiah, and D. Labonte 536-539
73 Strategic cassava production rehabilitation in the Democractic Republic of Congo through accelerated germplasm development and deployment. Lema, K.M.,  A. Dixon,  N. Mahungu,  P.Ilona,  S. Nluta,  J. Kimfuema,  S. Lukombo and S. Bidiaka 540-547
74 Evaluation of cassava clones in four agro-ecological zones of Mozambique Andrade, Maria Isabel and Ricardo, Jose 547
75 Participatory on farm evaluation of improved varieties of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in the center of the Cote d’Ivoire N’zue Boni,  Zohouri Goli Pierre, Gnaore- Yapi Valentine,  Kouame Christophe et Kouadio Krah 548
76 Participatory evaluation of sweetpotato varieties in central Kenya using the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach Gathaara, V.N.,  Gichuki T.S.,  Ngugi J.,  Ngigi G.K,  Miano,  D.W. and Maina M. 549
77 Yield, number of tuberous roots and top weight of cassava at Kambi Mawe in semi-arid Eastern Kenya Githunguri, C.M and Migwa, Y.N 550
78 Participatory evaluation of orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties in central and Eastern Zones of Tanzania N Luambano,  R Kapinga, K Mtunda,  M Yongolo and C Kitundu 550
79 Conservation et Valorisation De L’agrodiversite Au Nord Benin: L’exemple De L’igname Et Du Mais Nasser Mohammed BACO 551
80 Determination of the farmers’ selection criteria and evaluation of sweet potato (ipomoea batatasL.) varieties in Kyorimba, Meru North E. Ngoroi,  J.N Musyimi 553
81 On-farm evaluation of promising sweetpotato clones in two major agro-ecologies of uganda Niringiye, C.S,  Mwanga, R.O.M Namakula J. and Kigozi C.B 553
82 Appraisal of sixteen clones of selected yam (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata)in two agroecological zones of Togo E.K.N’kpenu, R. Asiedu,  W. Tchala 554
83 Participatory evaluation and selection of improved high yielding, disease-free cassava genotypes in Western Kenya Obiero H.M,  Akhwale M.S, Ndolo P.J, Khizzah B,  Ntawuruhunga P,  Devries J 555
84 Genetic diversity among xanthomonas axonopodis pv manihotis isolated from the western states of Nigeria A.A. Ogunjobi,  A.G.O Dixon and O.E Fagade 557-563
85 An assessment of the distribution, severity and prevalence of CBSD and CMD in Zanzibar Saleh, H.H.,  Mohammed S.O.,  Thabit Z.O.,  Ali A.H. and K. Rajab 564-569
86 Cataloguing predators of Bemisia tabaci on a cassava mosaic disease resistance variety in Uganda Asiimwe, P.,  Ecaat, J.S.,  Otim, M.,  Gerling, D.,  Guershon, M.,  Kyamanywa, S. and Legg, J.P. 570-573
87 Changes in population abundance of the African root and tuber scale stictococcus vayssierei Richard  (homoptera; stictococcidae) on cassava in the bas-fleuve district in the democractic Republic of Congo K. Tata-Hangy;  R. Hanna;  M.Toko,  K.M. Lema and M. Solo 574-582
88 Effects of different rates of farmyard manure on the incidence of enset root mealy bug (parapatusp.) on enset (Ensete ventricosum) Mesele Gemu,  Temesgen Addis, Shiferaw Mekonen and Matiyas Mekuria 582-587
89 The status of cassava mosaic disease, bacterial blight and anthracnose as constraints to cassava production in the pouma region of south Cameroon Mwangi, M.,  Bandyopadhyay, R. Nolte C. 587-592
90 Effects of steinernema karii and Hetrorhabdi indica on sweetpotato weevil  (Cylas pucticollis) Sila M.M.  G.H.N. Nyamasyo,  J.H Nderitu 592-597
91 Biological control of cassava green mite in Tanzania B.Pallangyo,  R. Hanna,  M.Toko, D. Gnanvossou,  V. Mgoo,  M. Otema, A. Onzo, F. Hountondji,  E. Nsami and O. Mfugale 597-605
92 Evidence for high evolutionary potential of collectotrichum gloeosporioides, the causal agent of yam anthracnose disease M.M. Abang,  R. Asiedu,  P. Hoffmann,  G. Wolf, H.D Mignouna,  S. Winter 605-613
93 Incidence and distribution of cassava diseases and pests in the Democratic Republic of Congo K. Tata-Hangy,  J.Legg,  R. Hanna,  M. Toko,  K.M Lema,  A. Dixon  and N.M Mahungu 614-622
94 Distribution, incidence and severity of cassava diseases and pests in Mozambique Muaka Toko,  R. Hanna,  J. Legg,  M. Andrade,  A. Jone,  B. Agboton,  M. Otema, G. Okao-Okuja,  R. Obonyo and E. Mambo 623-633
95 Pre-planting removal of host-plant residues to reduce African root and tuber scale infestations in cassava fields in Cameroon M. Tindo,  R.Hanna,  L. Wijnans, C. Nolte, G.Goergen, A. Nguekam and J.M Ngeve 633-639
96 Mixed infections by biological variants of African Cassava Mosaic Virus and their associated severe symptons on cassava in Nigeria F.O. Ogbe,  A.G.O. Dixon,  J.d’ A. Hughes and F. Alabi 639-642
97 Distribution and abundance of cassava pests in Tanzania with a note on the spiralling whitefly D. Gnanvossou,  R. Hanna,  B. Pallangyo,  M. Toko,  E. Nsami, and O. Mfugale 644-647
98 Influence of cultural and chemical methods on sweetpotato weevil (Cylas spp) incidence and damage in Western Kenya Maling’a J.N.,  A.W ., Kamau and J. M. Njoroge 648-656
99 Smallholder cultural practices in cassava production in nigeria and their relevance in cassava plant protection T.O. Ezulike and B.O Ugwu 656-664
100 Cassava mosaic viruses diseases in Western Kenya :diagnostic surveys, 1998-2004 Ajanga, S., Mallowa S.,  Obiero, H.M.,  Akhwale, M.S.,  Okao-Okuja G. and Legg, J. 665-669
101 Postharvest fungi of sweetpotatoes In Kenya Kihurani A.W; Narla R.D;  Shibairo S.I, Imungi J.K and Carey E.E 670-676
102 Yam anthracnose disease: field symptoms and laboratory diagnostics M.A Ayodele, J.d’ A Hughes and R. Asiedu 676-683
103 Survey of the distribution and current status of bacterial blight and fungal disease of cassava in Nigeria B.A Bamkefa, T.J. Onyeka,  A.G.O Dixon and R. Bandyopadhyay 683-693
104 The spread and persistance of axotic phytoseiid, typhlodromalus aripo de leon (acari; phytoseiidae)and its effect on cassava green mite in Kenya C.W. Kariuki, R. Hanna, M. Toko and B.M. Ngari 693-704
105 Efficacy of melody duo 69 (wg) in control of late blight of potatoes Lungaho, C.,  Nyongesa, M.W and Njenga D.N 707-711
106 Enhanced symptoms severity and pseudorecombination of germiniviruses are important factors in possible breakdown of resistance to cassava mosaic disease O.A. Ariyo,  A.G.O Dixon,  G.I Atiri, M. Koerbler, and S. Winter 711-718
107 The status of fungal tuber roots as a constraint to cassava production in the Pouma District of Cameroon Messiga A.J.N.A.,  Mwangi, M.,  Bandyopadhyay, R.,  Nolte C. 719-722
108 Effect of aqueous extracts of botanicals on the control of sweetpotato butterfly (Aceraea acereta) M. Gemu,  S. Mekomen and T. Addis 722-728
109 Two genetically distinct populations of colletotrichum gloeosporioides from yam (dioscorea spp.) in Nigeria M.M. Abang,  O. Fagbola,  K. Smalla,  R.Asiedu, S. Winter 729-735
110 Current approaches and limitations of integrated management of bacterial wilt of potatoes in Kenya Wakahiu M.W.,  Nyongesa, M.W.,  Otipa M.J.,  Kabira, J.N and Demo P. 736
111 The status of fungal rot diseases as constraints to cassava production and utilization in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Mwangi, M.,  Bandyopadhyay, R.,  Dixon, A.G.O., Tatahangy, W. 736
112 Successful adoption of a seed-plot technique in the management of potato bacterial wilt by farmers in Njabini, Kenya M.J. Otipa,  Z.M. Kinyua,  S.N Kihara, J.J Smith and J. N Wachira 737
113 Characteristics of cassava landraces and their reactions to diseases and pests in Cameroon Jacob M. Ngeve,  R. Hanna,  S.N Tenku and M. Tindo 737
114 Role of gender in potato production and bacterial wilt management in the Central Highlands of Kenya J.M Ndubi, Muriithi, L.M and S. Amboga 738
115 The potential of utilizing cassava landrace diversity resources for the effective management of pests and diseases of economic importance in Democratic Republic of Congo Munyuli, T.M.B.,  Tete Tshisinda,  Legg J.P.  Lema,  A.  Maina Mwangi Mahungu, N,  Ntawuruhunga P. 739
116 The potential sweet potato vines as protein supplement for sorghum silage in smallholder diary farms in Nakuru District , Kenya Ashiono,G.B., Oudal, J.O Kitilit,  J.K. Irungu, K.R.G and Gatwiku, S. 741-746
117 Cassava post-harvest needs assessment survey in Nigeria L. Sanni, C. Ezedinma, J. Lemchi, F. Ogbe, R. Okechukwu, M. Akoroda, E. Okoro, B. Maziya-Dixon, P. Ilona and A. Dixon 746-748
118 The demand for processed cassava food products in Lagos A. Jumah,  K. Adebayo,  I. Ayinde,  W. Dipeolu,  L. Sanni,  O. Oyewole 749-755
119 Demonstration of processing orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes and linking farmers from Western Kenya to markets Nungo R.A.  P.J Ndolo,  R. kaping,  S. Wasike 756-762
120 Improving the linkage between ware potato growers and food processors: the case of Narok District in Kenya Walingo, A.,  J.N. Kabira,  P.M. Kinyae,  C. Lung’aho,  S.K Nderitu and B Lemaga 763-769
121 Influence of storage conditions on the physio-chemical and sensory characteristics of dried sweetpotato chips P.W. Ngunjiri, E.G Karuri and J.K Imungi 770-777
122 Quality characteristics of cassava starches from Kenya, Uganda and South Africa in comparison with local and international set standards Kadere T.T and Makhoha O.A. 777-787
123 Nutrient intake and digestibility by sheep fed three cultivars of sweet potato vines K.R.G. Irungu, N. Ondabu,  J.K. Kitilit,  D.K. Changwony, R.S Kenana and J.N. Mwangi 787-793
124 Use of cassava flour by bakery industries in malawi D Siyeni,  N.M. Mahungu,  A. Mhone,  C.C. Moyo,  V. Sandifolo,  A. Nthonyiwa,  S. Jumbo 793-798
125 Quality evaluation of homemade meads produced with cassava (manihot esculenta) floral honey in Nigeria U.J Ukpabi 799-803
126 Potential of cassava leaves silage for dairy production in Eastern Coast of Tanzania Kavana, P.Y.,  Kiddo Mtunda,  Abass Adebayo and Vianney Rweyendera 803-809
127 Sensory texture profiling and development of standard rating scales for evaluation of textural quality in pounded yam Otegbayo, B.O.,  Aina, J.O.,  Sakyi-Dawson, E.O,  Bokanga, M.,  Asiedu, R. 809-816
128 Nutritional value of cassava silage for daily cattle feed A. Mhone, M. Phiri, N.M Mahungu,  J. Whyte, V. Sandifolo,  C. Moyo and S. Jumbo 817-821
129 Promotion of sweetpotato marketing and utilisation through improved  chipping techniques: evidence from Abuket Sweetpotato Processors Association, Uganda Namanda, S.,  Stathers, T.,  Kapinga, R.,  Mwanga, R.O.M,  Tumwegamire, S., Oruko, L.,  Owori, C. 822-827
130 Cassava small scale enterprises in Brazil: lessons for the cassava industry in Nigeria Patino M.T.O; Dixon A.G.O.; Ezedinma, C.;  Lemchi, J.;  Okechukwu R.;  Sanni L.,  Akoroda, M.O. 828-836
131 Innovative processing and utilization technologies for cassava in Africa L. Sanni,  B Maziya-Dixon,  R. Okechukwu,  C. Ezedinma,  M.Akoroda,  J. Lemchi,  F.Ogbe,  E. Okoro,  P. Ilona and A. Dixon 836-840
132 Bridging the gap between post-harvest technology development and commercialization of root and tuber crops in Africa A.Westby,  Q. van Oirschot,  K. Tomlins,  G. Ndunguru,  T. Ngendello, L. Sanni,  D. Pessey and O. Oyewole 841-847
133 Brazilian lessons for the cassava industry in Nigeria Patino M.T.O;  Dixon, A.G.O. 848
134 Utilization and processing of cassava in different regions of kenya: implications for commercial application Anselimo O. Makokha and T.T Kadere 848-849