Proceedings of the ISTRC-AB 8th Triennial Symposium November, 2001, Ibadan, Nigeria

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1 Policy requirements for a root crop market economy in Africa. F.S.Idachaba 1-4
2 Perspectives in yam  research  in Africa. G.C.Orkwor 5-8
3 Approaches for the development of small-scale cassava processing and local food industries that meet the needs of the poor. Andrew Westby,J.White,T.Ngendello,O.Oyewole,N.T.Dziedzoave,
A.Graffham and Q.Van Oirschot
4 Contribution of root and tuber crops in Nigerian economy. M.C.Ikwelle 13-18
5 Promotion of orange-flesh sweet potato as a dietary source of pro-Vitamin A:lessons and strategies in eastern and southern Africa. Regina Kapinga 19-24
6 Comparative studies of in vitro cleaned planting material and field selected apparently clean sweetpotato planting material. John Otoo and M.D.Quain 25-27
7 Towards privatisation of planting material sector of roots and tuber crops in West Africa. K.Tetevi 28-37
8 Strategy for the development of a cassava industry in Africa. M.Bokanga 38-47
9 Theme paper:Trends in yam production in Africa. V.Manyong 48-51
10 Les facteurs déterminant la volonté des paysans à acheter des semences des varitétés améliorées d`igname au Bénin. J.C.Hinvi et Isaïe Adje 52-56
11 Role of produce price in the development project performance: case of cassava in cassava multiplication project (CMP). A.A.Adeniji,O.M.Jimoh and O.Vaughan 57-60
12 Varietal characteristics of cassava:farmer`s perceptions and preferences in the semiarid zone of West Africa. Kormawa  P 61-67
13 Towards adoption of new yam technologies. Amegbeto K. 68-75
14 Root and tuber crops at the Horticultural Research Centre:research and development highlights. Dhliwayo P 76-78
15 A model for rational determination of prices of seed potato(S.tuberosumL).tubers of different size grades using agronomic data. Demo P.,M.O.Akoroda and D.K.Njualem 79-81
16 Poverty alleviation through sustainable root and tuber crops production. Akele S.A.and G.O.Chukwu 82-84
17 The potential of commercialising sweet potato products:the Zimbabwe experiences.. Rukuni T.,A Mutungamiri and M.Chitiyo 85-87
18 Analysis of gender roles  in cassava production in Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria. Akpabio I.A.and E.O. Ekpe 88-91
19 Myths and realities of postharvest technologies for root crops:a case of cassava in Nigeria. O.I.Oladele and O.Arowojolu 92-95
20 Rural women cassava processors:technology and acumen for marketing in Nigeria. Stella Odebode 96-99
21 Processing and utilization of sweetpotato for food and livestock feed in Nigeria. E.T.Ojeniyi and O.O.Tewe 100-103
22 Cassava leaf utilization as a vegetable source for humans in Africa. A.U.Achidi 104-109
23 The effect of 60Co gamma radiation on the size of cassava starch granules and    its relationships to mealiness. O.Safo-Kantanka,K.Oppong-Agyare and R.Asante 110-113
24 Feeding the cassava processing industry:cassava production systems improved with cowpea. S.Ennin,J.N. Asafu-Agyei and H.K.Dapaah 114-118
25 Food quality attributes of Pona yams. B.O.Otegbayo 119-121
26 Amidon d`igname de Côte d`Ivoire(Dioscorea sp.): diversité biologique et variabilité des  propriétés physico-chimiques et fonctionnelles. N.G.Amani,D.Dufour,C.Mestres,A.Buleon and A.Kamenan 122-130
27 Effect of age of yam tuber at harvest on the qualities of yam foods. A.B.Abass 131-137
28 Screening of sweetpotato for poundability into fufu. E.Adu-Kwarteng,J.A.Otoo and I.Oduro. 138-141
29 Physico-chemical and pasting properties of flour from four sweetpotato varieties grown in Ghana. I.Oduro,W.O.Ellis,L.Nyarko,G.Koomson and J.A.Otoo 142-145
30 Quality of gari from 18 sweetpotato varieties W.O.Ellis,I.Oduro,K.Fianko and J.A.Otoo 146-149
31 Importance of ‘kabalagala’ processing to the sweetpotato product development needs in Uganda. C.Owori 150-156
32 Utilization potentials of some selected sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas(L).Lam.accessions for staple consumption in Africa diet and industrial  processing. P.O.Aikpokpodion,N.Q.Ng and M.O.Akoroda 157-160
33 Current status of production and utilization of some minor root crops in Nigeria:a preliminary investigation. G.N.Asumugha 161-165
34 Gari: food for the rich or the poor consumers in Nigeria. N.T.Meludu 166-168
35 Cost of various forms of energy used by gari processors and production constraints in Ijebu area of Ogun State,Nigeria. J.O.Akinyemi 169-172
36 Enzymic supplementation and utilization of cassava root sieviate(CRS) by growing pullets. F.A.Aderemi and O.O Tewe. 173-177
37 The problems and prospects of developing new cassava based products in Nigeria:The Ogun State experience. S.A.Balogun 178-181
38 Factors influencing the quality of Nigerian fufu O.B.Oyewole,L.O.Sanni,A.O.Dipeolu,K.Adebayo,I.A.Ayinde,
J.L.White,K.I.Tomlins and A. Westby.
39 Post- harvest and seasonal   tuber changes in four cassava verieties:processing implications. M.O.Sanni  and A.O.Olubamiwa 185-188
40 The effect of ambient storage of cassava tubers on starch quality. S.O.Agunbiade and M.O.Sanni 189-193
41 Prolonging shelf life of fresh sweetpotatoes through solar curing.                                                             A.W.Kihurani 194-97
42 Urban market opportunities for high quality cassava products in Ghana. C.C.Collinson,G.van Dyck,S.Gallat and A.Westby. 198-199
43 Importance of Bacillus and Clostridium the cassava fufu fermentation. N. Piper and A. Westby 200-201
44 Ceilsmo storage of yam:an innovation or abnormality. G.O.Chukwu and K.E.Chukwu 202-204
45 Development and storage  stability  of some traditional snack foods from sweet potato. M.A.Idowu,L.O.Sanni and O.B. Farore 205-207
46 Effect of length of fermentation and varieties on the qualities of sweetpotato gari. L.O.Sanni,D.P.Ikuomola and S.A.Sanni. 208-211
47 Accumulation des reserves amylacées racinaires chez trois clones e manioc à Odziba. J.Mabanza,J.Mahouka and B.Boumba. 212-215
48 Sweet potato roots and tops for pullet chick production in Nigeria. O.A.Ladokun and O.O.Tewe 216-218
49 Potentials of Chinese yam(Dioscorea esculenta) flour in bread making U.J.Ukpabi and N.Uchechukwu 219-221
50 Effect of processing methods and storage conditions of the qualities of fried sweetpotato chips M.A.Idowu,L.O.Sanni and O.A.Osunbitan 222-223
51 Current status of cassava processing technology in semi-arid area of West and Central Africa. Tshuinza and R.Okechukwu 224-228
52 Cost effective cassava rations for poultry and pigs. O.O.Tewe 229-234
53 Theme paper:Studies on potato seed performance under on-farm storage conditions in Mount Kenya Region. A.Walingo,C.Lung’aho,P.Kinyae,J.Kabira and R.El-Bedewy 235-239
54 Combined use of soil fertility indicators and crop yields for determining appropriate cassava-based  crop mixture for soils of Eastern Nigeria. C.L.A. Asadu and A.G.O.Dixon 240-246
55 Accumulation of cyanogenic compounds in the cassava tuberous roots as influenced by leaf expansion rate and crop growth rate. C.M.Githunguri 247-256
56 Réponse du manioc à l’azote,au phosphore et au potassium sur les terres de barre au Sud du Bénin. A.M.Toukourou et R.J.Carsky 257-259
57 Response of the Pona varitey of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) to the minisett technique of yam propagation. J.P.Tetteh and C.Mensah 260-264
58 A technique for grafting of water yam(D.alata L.) H.Shiwachi,T.Ayankanmi and R.Asiedu 265-267
59 Induction of germination in dormant yam (Dioscoreaspp.)tubers with inhibitors of gibberellins. H.Shiwachi,T.Ayankanmi,M.Onjo and R.Asiedu 268-271
60 Fibrous root system growth of cassava in the Sudan Savanna Zone I.J.Ekanayake 272-277
61 Response of cassava varities(Manihot esculentaCrantz) to Nitrogen and potassium in the derived savanna and southern Guinea savanna of Nigeria. O.Ghebreyesus and G.Tian 278-281
62 The relationship between the accumulation of cyanogenic glucosides and free amino acid content in cassava(Manihot esculenta Crantz). Y.Chukwumah 282-286
63 Use of four cover crops for management of Imperatacylindrica fallow followed by cassava/maize intercrop in forest savanna transition and wet savanna zones of Nigeria. A.A.Melifonwu 287-292
64 Evalutaion of the contribution of leguminous cover crops to the conservation of soil resource base and productivity of yam based systems. A.O.Ano,G.C. Orkwor and J.E.G.Ikeorgu 293-295
65 Compatibility of cocoyam(Xanthosomasagittifolium[L.] Schott),egusi melon and pumpkin un intercropping system. F.A.Nwagwu and H.Tijani-Eniola 296-302
66 Some aspects of evolution of yam-based systems in Benin. P. Vernier and R.A. Dossou 303-307
67 Effects of row intercropping of minisett cocoyam/maize on component crop yields and productivity in a lowland rainfed ecology in southeastern Nigeria. P.A.Okwuowulu and J.E.G.Ikeorgu 308-314
68 Application of mycorrhizal and hedgerow technology in cassava production. O.Fagbola and O.Osonubi 315-317
69 Effects of intercropping sweetpotato with plantain on the growth and yield of the mixture. S.O.S Akinyemi 318-320
70 Improving taro cropping system in Ghana:a participatory research-farmer-extension approach. R.Sagoe,R.Bam,J.manu-Aduening,J.Haleegoah,D.Dedzoe,
J.P.Tetteh,J.K.Osei,O.Safo-Kantanka and MOFA Staff.
71 Studies of the influence of VAM fungi on growth of maize intercropped with cassava in alley cropping system in the Derived Savanna Zone. O.J.Oyetunji,I.J.Ekanayake andO.Osonubi. 324-329
72 Evaluation of cassava-based cropping systems and application of the agroforestry model WaNuLCAS in Benin Republic,West Africa. S.J.Lose 330-337
73 Theme paper.Augmented block design-the choice design for large scale farmer participatory on-farm trials. Sagary Nokoe 338-342
74 Cassava variety and mound height effects on productivity of cassava in an inland valley swamp ecology in Sierra Leone. A.Jally 343-347
75 Farmer participatory evalution of yams(Dioscorea species) in Ghana E.Otoo,E.Moses,J.N.L.Lamptey,J.Adu-Mensah 348-352
76 Development and evaluation of hybrid yams (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) in pre-release multilocational trials in Nigeria. G.C.Orkwor,R.Asiedu,S.K.Hahn,D.Surma,U.Udensi and G.O.Chukwu 353-355
77 Influence and yield improvement on economic productivity of yam in southwestern Nigeria. G.O.Agbaje 356-357
78 Off season yam production to enhance food security. J.E.G.Ikeorgu and H.N.Igwilo 358-360
79 Fertilizer efficiency and productivity of ginger on a Haplic Acrisol in southeastern Nigeria. G.O.Chukwu and J. K.Emehute 361-363
80 Effects of cultivars and fertilizer on the yield and culinary qualities of cassava. E.O .Ekpe,O.W.Udoette and B.A.Ndon 373-375
81 Growth and yield responses of cocoyam cultivars to some tillage practices in Uyo south eastern Nigeria. N.U.Ndaeyo,E.O.Ekpe,S.O.Edem and U.G.Umoh 367-372
82 Effects of tuber portion and time of harvest on the dry matter yield of water yam(D.allata L.)planted through minisett. E.O.Ekpe,B.A..Ndon and U.S.Ukut. 364-366
83 Archiving root and tuber research data. R. U. Okechukwu 376-379
84 Effect of poultry manure on yield performance of livingstone potato/rizga(plectranthusesculentus N.E.Br) in southeastern Nigeria. A.O.Olojede,M.C.Igbokwe and M.C.Ikwelle 380-381
85 Variations in seed yam production techniques across agroecologies in Cameroon. J.M.Ngeve and C.Nolte 382-386
86 Yam production in Ghana-a food security enhancer or an environmental degrader? E.Otoo 387-391
87 Evaluation participative des clones améliorés de manioc en milieu paysan enAfrique de l`Ouest: cas du Bénin,de la Guinée,du Tchad et du Togo N.G.Maroya 392-398
88 Trait association and path analysis for yield of cassava genotypes grown in various agroecologies in Nigeria. O.O. Aina 399-404
89 The release of the new improved cassava varieties in Malawi. I.R.M.Benesi,C.C.Moyo,J.Mkumbira,F.P.Chipungu,N.M.Mahungu and V.S.Sandifolo 405-411
90 The genetic improvement of the white yam by gamma irradiation of white yam mini-tubers. E.C.Nwachukwu and I.U.Obi 412-417
91 Influence of harvesting period on improved cassava genotypes in maritime Guinea. El-Sanoussy Bah and Savane Djibril 418-420
92 Evaluating sweet potato clones for consumers in south western Nigeria. O.Edebiri,I.N.Egeonu and M.O.Akoroda 421-425
93 Farmer participatory cassava variety evaluation and selection in Uganda. G.N.Ssemakula,A.Bua,Y.K.Baguma,S.Tumwesigye,W.Sserubomwe,
T.Alicai and C.Omongo
94 Importance of diseases in participatory cassava breeding. E.Moses 435-437
95 Screening yams(Dioscorea spp.) for organoleptic quality. M.O.Adeniji and R.Asiedu 438-441
96 A new paradigm for characterization of root and tuber crops germplasm in Ghana based on cassava. Safo Kantanka 442-447
97 Status of root crop germplasm management in Ghana S.Bennett-Lartey 448-455
98 Morpho-agronomic characterization of cocoyam germplasm collected from seven regions in Ghana. M.O.Opoku-Agyeman 456-460
99 Evaluation of phenotypic variation in water yam(Dioscorea alataL.)germplasm using multivariate analysis. Chiedozie Egesi 461-468
100 Genetic relationships based on agrobotanical characteristics of local cassava germplasm in Sierra Leone. F.B.Massaquoi 469-475
101 Genetic diversity in 96 accessions of cassava as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs). S.K.Offei,E.Y.Danquah,E.Okai,H.D.Mignouna and A.G.O.Dixon 476-481
102 Identification of molecular markers associated with a new source of resistance to the cassava mosaic disease. S.Offei,E.Y.Danquah,Y.Lokko,M.Gedil and A.G.O.Dixon 482-485
103 Variartion and genetic mapping of quantitative triats in an F1 intraspecific cross between two non-inbred parents in cassava. E.Okogbenin and M.A.Fregene 486-497
104 Effect of explant age on in vitro development of three Dioscorea species. M.D.Quain and E.Acheampong 498-501
105 Cryopreservation of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). O.J.Adeniyi, M.O.Akoroda and S.Y.C.Ng 502-505
106 Integrated control of cassava bacterial blight by (1) combined control nmeasures and (2)host plant resistance adapted to agro-ecological conditions and (3) improved pathogen detection K.Wydra,B. Ahohvendo,A Banito,R.N.C. Copper,A.Dixon,V.Foye,B.Kemp,K.Kpemoua,K.Rudolph,V.Verdier,
M.Randjanakou and V.Zinzou
107 Reactions of white yam(Dioscorea rotundataPoir.) genotypes to three viruses infecting yams. Babajide Odu 516-521
108 Theme Paper:Nematodes:pre-and post-harvest pests of root and tuber crops? A brief overview. Danny Coyne 522-525
109 Pests and diseases of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Nigeria E.C.Nwauzor and T.Dalyop 526-532
110 Comparative analysis of insect pest,disease and nematode incidence on dry and rainy seasons planted yams in Benue State,Nigeria. T.O Ezulike,E.C.Nwauzor and G.C.Orkwor 533-536
111 Screenig sweet potato cultivars for susceptibility to Rhizopus oryzae. M.Muhanna,D.Rees and J.Aked 537-541
112 The deployment of resistant sweet potato varieties in areas of Uganda where sweet potato virus disease is prevalent. R.W.Gibson,V.Artitua,I.Mpembe and J.Kayongo 542-544
113 Control of postharvest fungal rot of white yam(Dioscorea rotundata Poir) with botanicals T.Sangoyomi 545-550
114 Yield performance and late blight reaction of different potato genotypes in the highlands of Ethiopia. W.Gebre-Medhin,R.El-Bedewy,k.Bekele,M.Olaya,G.Endala,S.Atsede and L.Berga 551-553
115 Reaction  of 22 potato(Solanum tuberosum L.)genotypes to wilt in Cameroon. D.K.Njualem,P.Demo,H.A.Mendoza,J.T.Koi and S.F.Nana 554-556
116 Etiologie de la pourriture du manioc au Togo:identification et pouvoir pathogene de l`agent responsable. B.Tchabana and K.E.Kpemoua 557-561
117 Anthracnose disease of yams in West Africa M.M.Abang 562-571
118 Cultural control of Scutellonema bradys on edible yams. B.Claudius-Cole 572-576
119 Sources of resistance to cassava anthracnose disease. O.F.Owolade 577-580
120 Cassava systems in Nigeria:root yield management. M.O.Akoroda 581-583
121 Prevalence of cassava root rot disease and the associated pathogens in Nigeria. T.J.Onyeka 584-588
122 Response of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in sole and intercrop with cassava(Manihot esculenta Crantz) to population density in an Alfisol density in south-west Nigeria. V.O.Aduramigba-Modupe 589-593
123 Effects of Glomusdeserticola on the yield and nutrient cuptake of cassava in an alley cropping system. Awotoye O.O 594-596
124 Theme paper: Bacterial tuber rot of seed yams(Dioscorea rotundata) in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. M.Ayodele 597-601
125 Diseases and pests of yam. L.Kenyon 602
126 Production of yams (Dioscorea spp.) in Sierra Leone:initiatives for increased production. Tanzila Salia-Konneh,A.Jalloh and R.Asiedu 602
127 Identification  and potential use of RAPD markers linked to cyanogenic potential in  cassava. Ida Dossou-Yovo,J.H.Mignouna,J.Machuka and M.Bokanga 603-607
128 Regional integration of demand-led root crop research and development:the case of SADC countries. N.M.Mahungu 608-615
129 Sub-regional partnership for the development of yams in West Africa. C.C.Okonkwo and R.Asiedu 616-619
130 Contribution to the agro-morphological characterization of yams Dioscorea alata species of Cote d`lvoire A.M.Kouakuo,H.D.Mignouna, J.Zoundjihekpon, N.Q. Ng, R.Asiedu, N.Ahoussou, S. Doumbia and G.P.Zohouri. 620-625