Proceedings of the ISTRC-AB 7th Triennial Symposium October, 1998, Cotonou, Bénin

NO Title Author Page
1 Realising the potentials of root crops in the 21st centry:modalities for sub-Saharan Africa. F.M.Quin 20-26
2 IPM of cassava in Africa in the 21st century (a light-hearted glimpse into my crystal ball). P.Neuenschwander 27-34
3 Promotion of cassava in semi-arid zones of sub-saharan African:status of cassava in northern Nigeria. E.B.Amans,M.Tshiunza,B.Ahmed,A.G.O.Dixon,
M.Mahmud and M.Bokanga
4 Promotion of cassava utilization for improvement of food security and income generation in Tanzania:viability of processing cassava flour for biscuit production in Dar-es-Salaam. N.Mlingi,K.Mtunda,G.T.Ndunguru,A.Kiriwaggulu and
5 Situation de la culture du manioc au Niger sur la base de donnes d`une enquete de 1997. Seyni Sirifi 50-53
6 Situation du manioc en zone semi-aride du Tchad. K.Mbayhoudel,K.Mbailao et M.Naitormbaide 54-57
7 Enhancing root crops production and utilization among Cameroon`s rural poor: lessons from Bonavada. J.M.Ngeve 58-64
8 Status of sweetpotato production,utilization,and marketing in Nigeria. O.O.Tewe,O.A.Abu,E.F.Ojeniyi and N.H.Nwokocha 65-74
9 The dynamics of the root and tuber cropping systems in the middle belt of Nigeria. G.O.Olaniyan,V.M.Manyong and B.Oyewole 75-81
10 Cassava research in the Gambia:past,present and future strategies C.S.Sonni George 82-87
11 Les acquis de la recherche sur le manioc a l`Institut des sciences agronomiques du Burundi: les technologies transférables. E.Nizigiyimana 88-92
12 Igname au Burkina Faso: situation et voies de development. A.Tiendredeogo 93-103
13 Tuber and root information system (TRIS):  an essential tool for research,planning and development R.Okechukwu,F.M.Quin,A.G.O.Dixon ad R.Asiedu 104-109
14 Gender implications for sustainable technology adoption. M.O.Ekop 110-120
15 Opportunties and constraints in the commercialization of cassava production and processing in Kenya A.O.Makokha 121-125
16 Processing and economics of production of lesser known cassava food products in south western Nigeria. E.T.Ojeniyi 126-131
17 Economics of potato production under irrigated and rainfed conditions in high altitude areas of Nigeria. G.N.Asumugha,J.C.Okonkwo and O.O.Okoli 132-136
18 Ex-ante appraisal of strategies for cassava production and processing research and development in spatially separated but inter-linked markets. L.Muhammad,J.W.Kamau,B.A.Bugusu,C.KariukI.P.Ndolo,
T.L.Munga and J.B.A.Whyte
19 Compétitivité de I`igname au Nord de la Côte d`Ivoire:Concepts et méthodologies d`élaboration des budgets de culture. J.Stessens and S.Doumbia 147-155
20 Farmers`perceptions of and actions on,resource management constraints,in the yam based systems of western Nigeria. V.M.Manyong,R.Asiedu and G.O.Olaniyan 156-166
21 Comparative analysis of costs and returns in dry and wet season planted yams in Benue State Nigeria. B.O.Ugwu,T.O.Ezulike,G.C.Orkwor and E.C.Nwauzor 167-173
22 African cassava trends and prospects for the 21st century. F.I Nweke 174-194
23 Socio-economic determinants of ginger (Zingiber officinale)surplus traded in Nigeria. G.N.Asumugha,F.I.Nweke,and J.E.Njoku 195-197
24 Nutrient balance model for desgin of sustainable yam cropping  systems. R.J.Carsky,N.Wolo,V.M.Manyong and G.Tian 198-208
25 Time of introduction and variety effects of cassava in intercropped upland rice/cassava in southestern Nigeria. J.E.G.Ikeorgu and C.Onwubuemeli 209-211
26 Evoluation de la fertilite d`un sol degrade sous differents systems de cultures en rotation. A.M.Toukourou 212-216
27 Response of a yam-maize-pepper intercrop to spatial arrangements. J.A.Manu-Aduening and K.Boa-Amponsem 217-223
28 Evaluation of new fertilizer formulations for seed yam production using minisett technique in yam/cassava/maize/melon intercrop in a highly degraded tropical rain forest soil of southeastern Nigeria. A.O.Olojede,A.C.Ohiri and G.O.Chukwu 224-229
29 Yams in the Tanzanian food and farming systems:implications for research and development. R.Kapinga,N.Wanyera,R.Asiedu,B.Chirimi and S.Kaare 230-236
30 Integrated weed management of Panicum maximum in minisett cocoyam/maize intercrop in southern Nigeria T.Enyinnia 237-240
31 Cassava based farming systems in the semiarid zone:need for a change in agronomic practices. I.J.Ekanayake and U.C.Okarter 241-245
32 The domestication of yams (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata)in Benin. R.Dumont and P.Vernier 246-248
33 Place du manioc dans les systémes de production des zones semi-arides de I`Afrique centrale et occidentale. M.Tshiunza et A.G.Odixon 249-255
34 The potential of cocoyam production in Ghana. R.Sagoe,K.A.Marfo and A.A.Dankyi 256-259
35 Influence of shoot number per stand on growth and yield stability in cassava(Manihotesculenta). O.N.Eke-Okoro,O.U.Okereke and J.E.Okeke 260-265
36 Growth and root yield of cassava as influenced by time of intercropping with rice. A.Jalloh and M.T.Dahniya 266-271
37 Climatic and growth stage influence on tuberous root yield cyanogenic potential,leaf water potential and leaf area duration of divergent cassava(Manihot esculentaCrantz)clones. C.M.Githunguri,J.A.Chweya,I.J.Ekanayake and A.G.O.Dixon 272-279
38 Seasonality and climatic period effects on crop evapotranspiration of sweetpotato. G.O.Chukwu 280-283
39 Productivity and storage root quality of sweetpotato(Ipomoea batatas[L.]Lam) as influenced  by the number of nodes per planted cutting. N.M.J.Tucker and M.T.Dahniya 284-289
40 Field performance and reaction to weevils of improved and local sweetpotato genotypes in Cameroon. J.M.Ngeve 290-296
41 Producing seed yams(Dioscorea rotundata) from sprouts. B.A.Aighewi,R.Asiedu and M.O.Akoroda 297-299
42 Seed yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) production,storage and quality in some yam zones of Nigeria. B.A.Aighewi,R.Asiedu and M.O.Akoroda 300-303
43 Influence of tuber sett-weights on flowering in Dioscorea rotundata Poir. V.A.Chikaleke,R.Asiedu and C.A.Fatokun 304-306
44 Influence of fertilizers on yield,storage,and food qualities of yams. M.O.Adeniji,G.O.Obigbesan,R.Asiedu and M.Bokanga 307-310
45 Effect of time of introducing component crops on yield of cassava in a cassava/groundnut intercrop. J.Y.Asibuo and P.Osei-Bonus `311-313
46 Improving the technology delivery mechanism: lessons from a pilot study on the diffusion of improved potato vartieties using a farmer based seed production system. C.Lung`aho,P.M.Kinyae,H.M.Kidane-mariam and P.Ewell 314-321
47 Relative performance of cassava(Manihot esculenta Crantz) on the upland in Sierra Leone and Guinea. E.S.Bah,M.T.Dahniya,J.B.George and A.Jalloh 322-329
48 Effects of different seed tuber sizes on sprouting,emergence,haulm development and yield of potato(Solanum tuberosum L.) in the western highlands of Cameroom.I.Sprouting,emergence and haulm development. P.Demo,M.O.Akoroda,D.Njualem and S.F.Nana 330-336
49 Effects of different seed tuber sizes on sprouting,emergence,haulm development and yield of potato(Solanum tuberosum L.) in the western highlands of Cameroom.2.Tuber yield and tuber size. P.Demo,M.O.Akoroda,D.Njualem and S.F.Nana 337-342
50 Growth and productivity of long season cassava:efficacy of predictive models and systems research approach. I.J.Ekanayake and O.Lyasse 343-350
51 Diversité enzymatique d`une collection d`iganames spontanées Dioscorea abyssinicaHoch.du Bénin(Afrique de I`Ouest). S.Tostain et O.Dainou 351-361
52 Sweetpotato evaluation and selection for on-farm research. M.H.Nxumalo 362-367
53 Statistical analysis of sweetpotato trials in different agroecological zones in Ghana using the additive  main effects and multiplicative interaction(AMMI) model. J.A.Otoo,A.Missah,C.Osei,A.G.Carson,E.Okai.R.Sagoe and A.G.O.Dixon. 368-367
54 Farmers evaluation of cassava varieties in the semi arid areas of Kenya. J.W.Kamau,J.M.Kinama,S.N.Nguluu,L.Muhammad,J.B.A.Whyte,
S.M.Ragwa,E.N.Migwa and P.M.Simiyu
55 Evaluation of newly  cassava low cyanide cassava  varieties in  different agroecozones of Nigeria. E.C.Nnodu and A.G.O.Dixon 384-390
56 Relating early growth traits to root productivity for cassava breeding schemes. M.O.Akoroda,A.G.O.Dixon and R.U.Okechukwu 391-394
57 Amelioration culturale de quelques especes d`ignames cultivees au Togo. K.Odah,A.Aidam,Y.Akogo and K.Tozo 395-400
58 Selection du manioc au Rwanda avant 1994 et etat actuel de la recherche. M.L.Rutikanga 401-403
59 Can yam domestication and participatory breeding be new ways to improve this crop and conserve its genetic resources? J.Berhaud,M.Bousalem,O.Daïnou,J.Dubern,B.Malaurie and S.Tostain 404-409
60 Performance of cassava genotypes at low,mid and highland altitude in Uganda. P.Ntawuruhunga,P.Rubaihayo,J.B.A.Whyte,D.S.O.Osiru and A.G.O.Dixon 410-416
61 Preferences and selection criteria of sweet potato varieties in rural and urban areas of Tanzania. D.Rees,R.Kapinga,S.Jeremiah and E.Rwiza 417-423
62 Characterisation and conservation of yam biodiversity for sustainable use for food and agriculture in Benin Republic. A.Dansi,H.D.Mignouna,A.Sangare,J.Zoundjihékpon,R.Asiedu and F.M.Quin 424-429
63 Genetic variability for vascular streaking in cassava. P.C.Ilona and A.G.O.Dixon 430-433
64 Flowering in yams(Dioscorea spp). C.N.Egesi,R.Asiedu and J.K.Egunjobi 434-437
65 Combining ability analysis of field resistance in cassava to the African cassava mosaic disease. Y.Lokko,A.G.O.Dixon and S.K.Offei 438-442
66 Genetic diversity among Nigerian cassava landraces resistant to cassava mosaic disease and cassava green mite. A.A.Raji,A.G.O.Dixon and T.A.O.Ladeinde 443-453
67 Evaluating sweetpotato landraces of Western Kenya. P.J.Ndolo,E.E.Carey,J.Malinga and S.T.Gichuki 454-458
68 Potato variety development in the IRAD-CIP potato project in Cameroon. J.T.Koi,H.A.Mendoza,D.Njualem,P.Demo,V.Deffo and S.F.Nana 459-465
69 Evalutation of twelve potato varieties in the north-western highlands of Cameroon. D.Njualem,H.A.Mendoza,J.T.Koi,P.Demo,V.Deffo and F.S.Nana 466-470
70 Participatory research in sweetpotato variety evaluation and selection for the diverse environments of the Lake Zone of Tanzania. R.Kapinga, Steenhuijsen Piters,W.Heemskerk,M.Mutalemwa,
J.Kabissa N.B.Chirimi and P.Kapingu
71 Effect of age on in vitro culture post flask management of the three Dioscorea species. M.D.Ashun and E.Acheampong 472-477
72 Sequence diversity in the coat protein gene and 3`untranslated region of yam mosaic poty virus isolates infecting D.alata,D.cayenensis-D.rotundata and D.trifida. M.Bousalem,D.Fargette,A.Pineli,J.Dubern and J.Berthaud 478-479
73 A highly sensitive IC-RT-PCR test for the detection of yam mosaic poty virus in both leaves and tubers of yam species. S.Dallot  M.Bousalem and B.Malaurie 480-482
74 In vitro propagation of frafra potato(Coleus dysenterieus). E.Acheampong and B.Ashante 483-484
75 Etudes cytogenetiques et florales des ignames Africaines D.cayenensis-D.rotundata,pour les fecondations in vitro. J.Zoundjihékpon,A.Dansi,S.Doukouré,N.Ahoussou,A.M.Kouakou,
H.Sanou,J.Saou,K.M.Kouassi and J.D.Zongo.
76 Incidence and severity of cassava anthracnose disease at different ecological zones in Ghana. J.N.L.Lamptey,O.A.Danquah,O.O.Okoli,P.P.Frimpong-Manso,
C.Osei and E.Moses
77 Increasing the availability of disease-free  potato seed tubers to smallhold farmers in Kenya. Z.M.Kinyua,J.J.Smith,G.I.oduor and J.N.Wachira 494-498
78 Feeding preference of Typhlodromalusaripo(Acari:Phytoseiidae) for Mononychellustanajoa(Acari:Tetranychidae)infected by Neozygitesfloridana(Zygomycetes:Entomophthorales). S.L.Ariori and S.K.Dara 499-502
79 Seasonal incidence of two fungal pathogens,Neozygites floridana(Zygomycotina: Zygomycetes:and Hirsutella thompsonii(Deuteromycotina;Hyphomycetes),in mite populations on cassava in Benin. S.K.Dara,C.J.Lomer,F.C.C.Hountondji and J.S.Yaninek 503-507
80 Integration of host resistance,cultural methods and fungicidal spray for the management of late blight of potatoes in Uganda. P.Kankwatsa,E.Adipala,J.J.Hakiza and H.M.Kidanemariam 508-512
81 Preliminary investigation on the effects of dipping scale insect-infected ginger rhizome in local plant extracts. J.K.U.Emehute 513-515
82 Effect of preceding crop,variety and post emergence cultivation (hilling) on the incidence of bacterial wilt. B.Kassa and B.Lemaga 516-524
83 Evidence of double infection and random occurrence of cassava begomoviruses in sub-Sahara Africa. F.O.Ogbe,G.I.Atiri,G.Thottappilly,A.G.O.Dixon,H.D.Mignouna and F.M.Quin. 525-528
84 The current situation on the establishment of Typhlodromalus aripo DeLeon in Kenya. C.W.Kariuki,B.M.Ngari and T.M.Kusewa 529-533
85 Yam diseases in northern Ghana. S.K.Nutsugah,F.K.Tsigbey,J.Peters and C.Osei 534-540
86 Relative resistance of some newly developed cassava cultivars to African Cassava Mosaic Disease. O.A.Ariyo,A.G.O.Dixon and G.I.Atiri. 541-544
87 Nematode problems and solutions of root and tuber crops in Nigeria. E.C.Nwauzor 545-552
88 Adavances in research on severe cassava mosaic epidemic in Uganda G.W.Otim-Nape,J.Legg,J.M.thresh and T.Alica. 553-558
89 Release of the entomopathogenic fungus,Neozygites floridana(Zygomycetes:Entomophthorales) for control of the casava green mite,Mononychellus tanajoa(Acari:Tetranychidae):an in vivo approach. S.K.Dara,C.J.Lomer, and F.C.C.Hountondji 559-561
90 Effect of cassava bacterial blight on cassava root yield in different ecozones and influence of the environment on symptom development. K.Wydra,A.Fanou,A.G.O.Dixon and K.Rudolph 562-568
91 Studies on the survival mode of Xanthomonas campestris pv.manihotis and the dissemination of cassava bacterial blight through weeds plant debris and an insect vector. A.Fanou,K.Wydra,M.Zandjanakou,P.LeGall and K.Rudolph 569-574
92 Culturing Scutellonema bradys on yam tuber slices. C.Kwoseh,R.A.Plowright,J.Stanfield and R.Asiedu 575-576
93 Histopathology of cassava infected by Xanthomonas campestris pv.manihotis:defense reactions. K.E.Kpemoua,B.Boher and M.Nicole 577-579
94 Whiteflies and associated viruses on sweetpotato in Uganda:prevalence,distribution and importance. V.Aritua,J.Legg,P.Sseruwagi,N.E.J.M.Smit and R.W.Gibson 580-585
95 Facilitating safe movement of yam (Dioscorea spp.)germplasm.Current knowledge,facilities,cost,and international collaboration. B.Malaurie,M.Bousalem,Jean Dubern and Julien Berthaud 586-594
96 Utilisation du “manipueira”comme pesticide biologique contre les cochenilles du manioc du genre Phenacoccus manihoti. C.Razafindrakoto 595–599
97 Host resistance as a potential component for integrated management of late blight in East Africa highland tropics. P.S.Ojiambo,C.Lung`aho,J.K.Karinga and H.M.Kidanemariam 601-607
98 The role of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) in the epidemiology of the current cassava mosaic virus disease epidemic in Uganda:vector population dynamic and epidemic progress. C.A.Omongo,J.Colvin,G.W.Otim-Nape,J.M.Thresh and R.J.Cooter 608-612
99 Characterization and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz.from yams (Dioscorea spp.) in Nigeria. M.M.Abang,K.R.Green,N..Wanyera and C.Iloba 613-614
100 Virus diseases of sweetpotato and cassava in the Lake Zone of Tanzania. S.C.Jeremiah,R.W.Gibson and R.P.Msabaha 615-619
101 Perspectives for large scale distribution of nematode disinfested yam planting material in southern Nigeria. J.C.Meerman and P.R.Speijer. 620-621
102 Influence du potentiel cyanogenique des feuilles de manioc sur l`abondance et les dégâts de l`acarien vert. N.G.Maroya 622-630
103 Yam viruses of Nigeria. B.O.Odu,S.A.Shoyinka,J.d`A.Hughes,R.Asiedu and O.A.Oladiran 631-633
104 Control of the yam nematode (Scutellonena bradys) with neem fruit powder. J.I.Onalo,R.Asiedu and S.O.Adesiyan 634-636
105 Pratylenchus,the dominant genus affecting yam (Dioscorea spp.) in Uganda. J.Mudiope,P.R.Speijer,N.R.Maslen and E.Adipala. 637-638
106 Plant parasitic nematodes associated with soils,intercrops and tubers of yam in Ghana. A.Missah and J.C.Peters 639-644
107 Integrated control of sweetpotato weevil,Cylas puncticollis (Boh) in southeastern Nigeria. T.O.Ezulike,S.C.Anoike and S.O.Odurukwe 645-647
108 Reactions of elite cassava genotypes to root rot disease and the role of different micro-organisms. T.J.Onyeka,A.G.O.Dixon,T.Ikotun and K.Wydra 648-651
109 Three new isometric viruses infecting yams in Nigeria. L.N.Dongo,J.d`A.Hughes and G.I.Atiri 652-654
110 Post harvest technology for root crops:gender implications and strategies for the 21st century. J.A.S.Haleegoah 655-660
111 Effect of varying stages of harvest on tuber yield,dry matter,starch and harvest index of cassava in two ecological zones in Nigeria. M.Ngendahayo and A.G.O.Dixon 661-666
112 Developing value-added markets for cassava in East and Southern Africa. R.S.B.Ferris,G.Ntibarikure,S.Kolijn and A.K.Muganga 667-681
113 Etude de l`amélioration du stockage traditionnel de l`igname en Cote d`Ivoire:évaluation economique des méthodes améliorées de conservation et décision des producteurs. D.Dao 682-685
114 Use of African cassava varieties in Benin for producing sour starch:a traditional latin-American baking product. C.Brabet,N.Bricas,J.Hounhouigan,M.Nago and A.L.Wack 686-693
115 Investigating the potential for vertical integration of primary casava flour producers with secondary confectionery processors in Uganda. R.M.Gensi,M.Bokanga,A.Nayiga and R.S.B. Ferris 694-698
116 Development of sweetpotato snack products in rural areas:case study of Lira district of Uganda. C.Owori 699-707
117 Dietary exposure to cassava cyanogens and the development of tropical ataxic polyneuropathy. O.S.A.Oluwole,A.O.Onabolu and H.Rosling 708-710
118 The dynamics of the accumulation of cyanogenic glucosides in cassava during its growth cycle. Y.Chukwumah and M.Bokanga 711-718
119 L`enrichissement proteine du manioc par fermentation fongique. D.Nkeshimana 719-722
120 Agro-ecological determinants of cassava root taste and cyanogenic glucoside content: preliminary findings. J.Mkumbira,L.Chiwona-Karltun,J.Saka,A.R.K.Mhone,N.M.Mahungu,M.Bokanga,
L.Brimer,H.Rosling and U.Gullberg
121 Relative cost of using cassava as a substitute for maize in poultry feed production. O.C.Aniedu and D.N.Udozuwe 730-734
122 Impact of the high quality cassava flour technology in Nigeria. A.B.Abass,A.O.Onabolu and M.Bokanga 735-740
123 Variation within Lactobacillus plantarumconcerning the degradation of cyanogenic glycosides(e.g.linamarin) in plant tissues.Towards better starter cultures. Vicki Lei,Mogens Jakobsen and Leon Brimer 741
124 Production of ethanol from cassava in Nigeria. O.T.Bamikole and M.O.Bokanga. 742-743
125 Effect of waxing on the food quality of yam (Dioscorea spp.) tubers in storage. A.U.Achidi,O.Ojeba and M.Bokanga 744-747
126 Increasing vitamin A intake through promotion of orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes in western Kenya:a women centered approach. M.A.Oyunga,V.Hagenimana,K.Kurz and J.Low 748-754
127 Screening cassava varieties for the linamarin-synthesizing enzyme complex activitity. I.Dossou-Yovo,Y.Chukwumah and M.Bokanga 755-758
128 Analyse comparee de la production d`igname pour la transformation en cossette au Benin,Nigeria et Togp:un exemple de sedentarisation de la culture de l`igname. P.Vernier,K.E.N`Kpenu and G.C.Orkwor 759