Proceedings of the 5th Triennial Symposium ISTRC-AB November 1992, Kampala, Uganda

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1 Welocme and opening addresses 10
2 First Welocme Address Theresa Sengooba 11
3 Second Welcome Address Simon Ngale Lyonga 11
4 Third Welcome Address Sang Ki Hahn 12-13
5 Fourth Welcome Address Victoria Sekitoleko 14
6 Official Opening Speech George Cosmos Adyebo 14
7 Root crops for food security in sub-Saharan Africa Hahn,S.k 16-21
8 Root crops for food security in Africa Sengooba T. 22-25
9 Cassava plant protection in Africa. Yaninek,J.S 26-34  
10 The role of women in root crop production for food security in Ghana Haleegoah,J.A.S.and Okail,E 35-38
11 A century of yam   research in Nigeria:1893-1992 Akoroda,M.O 39-43  
12 Development and implementation of a potato seed programme in Cameroon Fondong,V.N, Martin,C .and Nkwenti,F. 44-46  
13 Contribution of root and tuber crops to Uganda`s food security:a nutritional perpective Kikafunda ,J. 47-49
14 Technological change in indigenous root and tuber crop production systems in sub-Saharan Africa. Nyiira,Z.M. 50-55
15 Improvement of sweet potato production in the Lake Zone of Tanzania Jeremiah,S,C 56-58  
16 Present and future strategies for potato improvement in Uganda for national food security Sikka,L.C; Kakuhenzira,R,Bhagsari,A.S,and Alacho ,F 59-64  
17 Attributes of cassava varieties desired by farmers in sub-Saharan Africa Nweke,F.I.Dixon,A.G.O,Asiedu,R. and Folayan,S.A. 65-92  
18 The importance and production constraints of cassava in Malawi Sauti,R.F.N,Khonje,EM.H.;Thaulo,G,;Chibambo,M.and Bulla,G.M. 93-96  
19 The state of cassava in Uganda Otim-Nape,G.W,;Bua,A and Zziwa,S 97-100  
20 Cyanide and cassava breeding Mahungu,N.M;Hahn,S.K.and Chheda,H.R. 101-109  
21 Micropagation of cocoyam(Xanthosoma sagittifolium(L) Schott) in Cameroon Zok,S. and Nyochembeng,L.M 106-110  
22 Utilisation des paramétres de stabilite dans la sélection des clones de manioc pour le rendement en racine Maroya,G.N. and Otim-Nape,G.W 111-115
23 Evalution of cassava genotypes for resistance to cassava green mite Molo R,;Odongo.B and Otim-Nape,G.W 116-121  
24 Sweet potato germplasm evaluation and utilization in Uganda Mwanga,R.O.M and Mateeka,B 122-124  
25 Introgression of ceara rubber (Manihot glaziovii Muell-Arg) into cassava(M.esculentaCrantz):a morphological and electrophoretic evidence Wanyera,N.M.W.; Hahn.S.K. and Aken`Ova,M.E. 125-130  
26 Potato(Solanumtuberosum)germplasm evaluation and adaptation trials at mid-elevations in Embus,Kenya Irungu,J.W.a nd Kidanemariam,H.M 131-134  
27 Approaches for yam germplasm conservation Ng,N.Q.and Ng,S.Y 135-140  
28 Embryo culture of yams:germination and callus induction Ng,M.A and Ng,S.Y Ladeinde,T.A.O 141-144  
29 Effect on GA3 on the in vitro growth and development of four potato(Solanum tuberosum L.) genotypes Fondong,V..N, Martin.C and Nana,F.S 145-148  
30 Distribution,and disease recovery,of Africa Cassava Mosaic Virus(ACMV) in stems of resistant and susceptible cassava Njock,T.E.;Atiri,G.I.;Thottappilly,G.and Hahn S.K 149-152  
31 Field performance of tissue-culture derived cocoyam(Xanthosoma sagittifolium(L)Schott) Nyochembeng,L;Zok,S.and Ndzana,X 153-156  
32 Manipulation of BAP and agar concentrations for rapid clonal propagation of Dioscorea alatashoot cultures Alhassan,A.Y 157-160  
33 The effect of plant spacings and planting times on the performance of a cassava-bean intercropping system Baguma,Y.K 161-162  
34 The effect of plant population on the performance of cassava in Sierra Leone Dahniya,M.T.and Jalloy A 166-170  
35 The influence of spatial adjustment of cassava stands from the oil palm on inflorescence development of the palm Okpala-Jose,A 171-175  
36 Cassava variety and fertilizer on-farm trials in Sierra Leone Lahai,M.T.;Gbani,A.B.;Tucker,M.J,’Dahniya,M.T.;George,J.B;James,

P.;John,J.I,;Winnebah,T.R.A.,Banya,G.S,Tarawalli,A.R.,Williams,C.O.and Jalloy,V



37 Performance of three potato(Solanum tuberosum L)genotypes in realation to plant population and applied nitrogen in a lowland area of Uganda Elobu,P.and Osiru,D.S.O 181-184  
38 In-ground storability studies of four popular sweet potato(Ipomoea batatas L.) varieties P`Obwoya,C.O.and Mwanga,R.O.M 185-188  
39 Productivity of cassava under differnet land preparation methods on the upland in Sierra Leone Jalloh,A. and Dahniya,M.T 189-193  
40 The effect of nitrogen fertilizer split application on flowering,berry number and size in true potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) seed production Maingi,D.M.;Nyabundi,J.O.and Kidanemariam,H.M 194-197  
41 Variation in farmers`cassava yield in on-farm trials in the southern sub-humid forest region of Cameroon Ngeve,J.M 198-203  
42 Improved cassava for inland valley agro-ecosystems Ekanayake,I.J.;Dixon,A.G.O.;Asiedu,R and Izac,A-M.N 204-208  
43 Season,weather and changes in root crop dominance in Mbe Cameroon Akoroda,M.O.,;Amadou,O;Mbahe,R.E and Terje Фen 209-217
44 Exploratory study of the farmers`view point on the production of sweet potato in the southern highlands of Tanzania Mwanbene,R.O.F.;Mwakyembe,C.M.A and Mayona,C.M 218-224  
45 Sweet potato in the farming and food systems of Uganda Bashaasha,B.Mwanga,R.O.M.;Ocitti P`Obwoya,C.and Ewell,P.T. 225-228  
46 Intercropping maize with cassava and its effects on food security for low resoucre farmers under drought condidtions Gondwe,W.T and Sauti,R.N 229-232  
47 Managing cassava in a triple cropping system involving maize/cassava/cowpea Asafu-Agyei,J.N 233-236
48 Maize-cassava intercropping:nitrogen,spatial arrangement,maize variety and time of planting effects on maize and cassava productivity in relation to food security Jones,R.B.;Nyirenda,N.E;Msiska,B.N.C,Kumwenda,J.D.T;Kabambe,V.H and Sauti,R.F.N 237-242
49 On-farm evaluation of the effects of three contrasting maize varieties on the productivity of cassaava/maize intercrop in S.E.Nigeria Ikeorgu,J.E.G and Iloka,A.W 243-246
50 A descriptive analysis of root and tuber crop based food crop systems with particular reference to cocoyam(Xanthosomasagittifolium L.Schott) in Cameroon Nnoung,A.;Mbassa,A,;Acquah,E.T.;Mboua C and Nganje,W.E 247-251  
51 Contraintes pathologiques à la production de l`igname(Dioscorea spp.) en Côte d`lvoire Zohouri,P.;Digbeu, Dumout,R. 252-257
52 Evaluation of sweet potato clones for resistance to sweet potato weevils(Cylas sp.) Kokorom,S.A.;Molo,R.and Ogwang,J. 258-262  
53 Relative resistances of some potato cultivars to sweet potato weevil,Cylas sp.clear wing moth,Synanthedon sp and sriped weevil,Alcidodes sp,in central Kenya Gethi,M and Kidanemariam,H.M 263-266  
54 Effect of time of harvesting on the yield and pest incidence of two sweet potato varieties in the forest zone of Ghana Missah,A and Kissiedu A.F.K. 267-270  
55 Research on African Cassava mosaic Virus:the need for international collaboration Thresh,J.M.;Fargette.D.and Mukiibi,J. 271-274  
56 Courtship behaviour of the Cassava Green Spider Mite Monychellus tanajoa Bondar(Acari:Tetranychidae) Karamura,E.B.;Saxena,N.N,;Tukahirwa,E.M.;Baliddawa,C.and Kawanda,P. 275-279  
57 Quantification of resistance to African Cassava Mosaic(ACMV) in IITA-improved,mosaic-resistant cassava breeding materials Rossel,H.W.;Changa,C.M.and Atiri,G.I 280-287  
58 Etat phytosanitatire de la patate douce et sélection pour la résistance aux maladies virales au Rwanda Ndamage Géorges 288-290
59 Farmers`cultural practices and their effect on pest control in sweet potato in south Nyanza kenya Smit,N.E.J.M;Ewell,P.T.and Magenya,O.E.V 291-296  
60 Distribution and severity of yam anthracnose in Nigeria Akem,C.N.and Asiedu,R 297-301  
61 Effectiveness of the polyethlene plastic mulch as a control measure against sweet potato weevils(Cylas spp.,Coleoptera:Curculionidea) Lema,K.M.;Osiru,D.S.O and Hahn S.K 302-306  
62 Ecology of cassava whiteflies in Colombia Gold,C.S 307-310  
63 Effect of African cassava mosaic virus disease on local and introduced cassava cultivars in western highlands of Cameroon Tankou,C.M.and Lyonga,S.N 311-313  
64 A new chromogen for the assay of cyanogens in cassava products Essers,S.;BosveldR.M.,van der Grft and Voragen,A.G.J, 314-317  
65 Detoxification of cassava through heap-fermentation in Uganda Essers,S.;Ebong,C.,van der Grft,R.;Otim-Nape,W.;Nout,R 318-321  
66 Post harvest losses during harvesting,transportaing and marketing of sweet potato in Kenya Gatumbi R.W.;Kihurani,A.W and Skooglund,L.G 322-323  
67 Biochemistry and utilization of sweet potato(Ipomoea batatas)for animal feeding:implications for food security in Africa Tewe,O.O 324-327  
68 A study on the quality of cassava pellets produced with a Nigerian fabricated machine Onyekwere,P.S.N,;Ukapabi,U.J and Ene,L.S.O 328-331  
69 Effect of substituting wheat flour with dehydrated uncooked potato flour on rheological properties of dough and baking quality of bread Kabira,J.N.and Imungi,J.K 332-335  
70 The cyanogenic potential of cassava Bokanga,M 336-339  
71 Cassava in the production of bread and bakery products Omoaka,P.and Bokanga ,M 340-342  
72 Case studies in cassava processing and cyanogen elimination Bainbridge,Z 343-347  
73 Leaf protein analysis of ten cocoyam(Xanthosomasagittifolium (L.)Schott and Colocasia esculenta(L).Schott genotypes Agueguia,A;Fatokun,C.A.and Hahn,S.K 348-353  
74 Forage value of casava in the lake Crescent region of Uganda Ebong,C.Baguma,Y.and Lusembo,J 354-358  
75 Storage of fresh cassava tuber in plant based storage media Silim N.M.;Ebong,C.and Ssmwanga J. 359-364  
76 Seasonality of sweet potato prices in Kampala,Uganda Bashaasha,B. 365-367  
77 Ten practical points related to food security McNamara,N.and Morse,S 368-371
78 The attitude of farmers towards the yam minsett technology in Imo State of Nigeria Asiabaka,C.C 372-374  
79 The possibilities of biotechnology for increasing household production of cassava for food security in Africa:the case of the North West Camerron Nganje,W.E,’Acquah,E.T.’Nnoung,A.and Mboua,J.C 375-377  
80 Dévelopment et transferet de technologies sur les plantes à racines et tubercules au Rwanda Ndamage, Mulindangabo,J 383-386
81 Contribution du PRONAM à la vulgarisation des techniques améliorées de la production du manioc au Bandundu et au Bas-Zaïre,1980-1988 Mutombo,T;Florini,D.A,;Pandey,S.J;Burn,C.,Fiebig,W.Belawaku,V.K.;Kamizelo.K. 387-390
82 An integrated multiple strategy for the transfer of root crop technology to farmers Otoo,J.A.;Sauti,R.F.N,;Alvarez,N.M.;Meya,P.;Gondwe,W and Chibambo,M. 391-395
83 La promotion du manioc:une expérience du Centre de Formation et de Recherche Coopératives”IWACU” Narumansi,E 396-399
84 An integrated network approach in root crops research Alvarez,M.N 400-405
85 Collaboration between CIP and NARS on potato and sweet potato research and technology transfer in Africa Ewell,P.T.and Nganga,S. 406-410  
86 Rapport du Bénin sur les actions de recherches collaboratives sur le manioc Maroya,G.N. 411-417
87 Impact des variétés améliorées du programme national manic(PRONAM) sur la production du manioc au Zaïre Ndombo,D,;Bidiaka,M,;Kassongo,K.;Mahungu, Kankolongo,M 418-422
88 Cassava research activities in Uganda Baguma,Y.K and Otim-Nape,G.W 423-424  
89 Tanzania Root Crops Research Jeremiah,S,C; S.C.Ndunguru and Kibibim,H 425-426
90 Mozambique Root Crops Research:1992 Jorge,M.A.B and Zacarias,A.M. 427-429
91 Cameroon Root Crops Research Agueguia,A;Ngeve,J.M,.and Lyonga,S.N 430-431
92 Malawi Root and Tuber CropsResearch:1990-1992 Mahungu,N.Gondwe,W.T.Ndingo,F.P.;Shrestha,P,;Chibambo,M.;Otoo,J.and Alvarez,M.N 432-434
93 Ghana Root Crops Research at Kumasi Kissiedu,A.F.K.;Okoli,O.O.;Asare-Bediako,J.N.L.;Lamptey,A.M.and Danso,A.K. 435-440
94 Kenya Root Crops Research Kabira,J.N. 441-442
95 Symposium Resoluations(Résolutions des symposium) 443-445
96 Participants 446