Proceedings of the 3rd Triennial Symposium, August 1986, Owerri, Nigeria

N0 Title Author page  
1 Ministerial address Emmanuel U.  Emovon 2-3
2 Welcome address L.S.O .Ene 4-5
3 Opening address Ebitu Ukiwe 6-8
4 Keynote address:Roots and tubers in the African food crisis Bede N. Okigbo 9-20
5 Closing recommendations 21
6 Cassava and the African food crisis S.K. Hahn, N.M. Mahungu,J.A. Otoo,M.A.M. Msabaha,N.B. Lutaladio, and  M.T. Dahniya. 24-29  
7 Evaluation of nitrogen fertilizer sources and rates for a cassava-maize intercrop B.O.Njoku and S.O.Odurukwe 30-33  
8 Abstracts 34
9 Increasing the productivity of cassava-maize intercrops with groundnuts(Apios hypogea) J.E.G. Ikeorgu and S.O.Odurukwe 34  
10 Effect of cassava introduction time into maize on intercrop yields H.C.Ezumah and J .E.G.Ikeorgu 34  
11 Effect of  time of cutting back cassava stems on the  yield and quality of  roots. A. Udealor  and  F.O.C. Ezedinma 34  
12 Performance of improved cassava clones in the sandy,lateritic soils of the southern lowlands of Cameroon J.M. Ngeve 35  
13 Effect of plant density on the yield and yield components of cassava in Malawi R.F .Nembozanga Sauti 35  
14 Improvement of cassava (Manihot esculenta) by in vitro culture J. Mabanza 35  
15 Yam and the African food crisis O.O. Okoli and I.C.Onwueme 38-42  
16 Effect of mulching material and plant density on the growth,development,and yield of white yam minisetts. D.S.O.Osiru,S.K. Hahn, and  R. Lal. 43-47  
17 Axillary buds and vegetative propagation of  Dioscorea F.I.O. Nwoke 48-52  
18 Involvement of day length in the tuberization of Dioscorea rotundataminisetts under Nsukka conditions C.E.A. Okezie 53-56  
19 Factors limiting yam production in Benin Y.M. Gbedolo 57  
20 Abstracts 61
21 Harvest index of  food yams and its implications for the improvement of tuber yield M.O. Akoroda 61  
22 Traditional yam cropping in the sudan savanna of Cameroon. H.J.  Pfeiffer and S.N. Lyonga 61  
23 Inhibition of sprouting by gibberellic acid (GA3) in the preservation of seed and ware yams. N.Igwilo, E.N. Ada Mbanaso,G.O.C. Onyia, and  U.G .Atu 61  
24 Effect of planting depth and orientation of minisett placement on seed yam production A.M. Enyinnaya, M.C. Igbokwe,and A.O. Nwankiti 62  
25 Effect of tuber portion on the performance of yams grown from minisetts M.C. Igbokwe, B.C. Onaku,and F.A. Opara 62  
26 Optimum rate and time of fertilization for yam-maize-cassava intercrops F.N. Nnoke, R.P.A. Unamma, L.S.O. Ene,and S.O.Odurukwe. 62  
27 Effect of different seedbeds and weights of seed sett on the heritabilities of tuber yield per  plant and the yield components of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) U.U.   Ebong 63  
28 Sweet potato and the African food crisis M.N. Alvarez 66-69  
29 Effect of mulch on dry-season yield of 10 potato varieties in the Jos Plateau of Nigeria O.P. Ifenkwe  and  D.D.  Tong 70-72  
30 Effect of plant density on sweet potato yields in Cameroon J.T. Ambe and S.N. Lyonga 73-75  
31 Selecting nonsweet clones of sweet potato from the IITA germ plasm collection A.M. Almazan 79  
32 Abstracts 79
33 Effects of seed  potato storage duration on subsequent field performace of solanum tuberosum cultivars in the Jos Plateau of Nigeria J.C. Okonkwo, H.N. Nwokocha,and D.D.Tong 79  
34 Effect of potato cultivar maturity rates and plant dentities on grain and tuber yields of maize-potato intercrops in the Jos Plateau of Nigeria J.C.Okonkwo,O.P.Ifenkwe,and S.O. Odurukwe 79  
35 Variability of some food  nutrients in cultivars of sweet potato U.J. Ukpabi,B.C. Ijioma,C.R.A. Ogbuehi,and  B.C. Odie 80  
36 Effect of lime and N-P-K fertilization on sweet potato in early and  late seasons at Port Harcourt,Nigeria T.A.T. Wahua and  G.C. Ordu 80  
37 Most probable numbers of nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with sweet potato roots W.A. Hill, S.K. Hahn,and K. Mulongoy 80  
38 Growth response of sweet potato to phosphorus and mycorrhizal infection K.Mulongoy,A.Callens,and J.A.Okogun 80  
39 Effect of organic and inorganic nutrient sources on total and graded yields of potato in the Jos Plaetu of Nigeria O.P. Ifenkwe,J.C. Okonkwo, H.N. Nwokocha, and J.C. Njoku 81  
40 Fertilizer-placement method for sweet potato (lpomoea batatas S.C.O.Nwinyi 81  
41 Source-sink relationships in sweet potato (lpomoea batatas) J.C. Bouwkamp and M.N.M.  Hassam 81-83  
42 Cocoyam and the African food crisis S. Nzietchueng 84-88  
43 Ginger research in Nigeria O.B. Arene,  G.C. Orkwor,and P.A. Okwuowulu 89-93  
44 Abstracts 94
45 Effect  of sett size,sett source,and plant density on the multiplication ratio of cocoyams A.Udealor and O.B.Arene 94  
46 Three new diseases of cocoyam inTanzania J.M. Teri, M.E.R. Sijaona,and H.M.A. Magembe. 94  
47 Effect of leaf harvesting and spacing on the yield of Xanthosoma sagittifolium and Colocasia esculenta O. Safo- Kantanka 94  
48 Biological control of the cassava mealybug(Phenacoccus manihoti) by the exotic parasitoid,Epidinocarsis lopezi P. Neuenschwander,W.N.O. Hammond,and H.R. Herren 98-104  
49 Effect of cultural practices on the African cassava mosaic disease and its vector,Bemisia tabaci G.W. Otim-Nape and D. Ingoot 105-108  
50 Strategies of programme national manioc(PRONAM) of Zaire in screening cassava for resistance to major diseases A.Muimba-Kankolongo, G.Muyolo,N.M. Mahungu and S.J. Pandey 109-112  
51 An in vitro cassava-inoculation method for the selection of anthracnose-resistant cultivars P.Van der Bruggen,  H. Maraite, and S.K.Hahn 113-116  
52 Abstracts 117
53 Evaluation of chemical seedbeds and preemergence herbicides for weed control in sweet potato-maize intercrops R.P.A. Unamma, G.C.Orkwor, and M.C. Igbokwe 117  
54 Effect of planting time on cassava yield and the populations of cassava mealybug(phenacoccus manihoti) and associated parasitoids J.K.U. Emehute and R.I. Egwuatu 117  
55 Resistance of cassava cultivars to green spider mite (Mononychellus tanajoa) infestation T.O. Ezulike  and  R.I.  Egwuatu 118  
56 Chemical control pf foliar diseases in root and tuber crops A.O. Nwankiti, O.B. Area, and T. Enyinnia 118
57 Resistance of hybrid macabo (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) to root rot caused by pythium myriotylum in Cameroon A.  Agueguia 118
58 Effect of parasitic diseases on the production of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) in Cameroon S.  Nzietchueng  and  M.Ngouajio 118  
59 New priorities in cassava selection in Zaire N.M .Mahungu  and   K. Kiala 119  
60 Interactions bewteen Pseudotherapus devastans,Colletotrichum manihotis,temperature,and relative humidity  in the  development of anthracnosis in cassava C. Makambila 119  
61 Postharvest technologies o root and tuber crops in Africa:evaluation and recommended improvements B. Chinsman  and  Y.S. Fiagan 122-134
62 Traditional postharvest technologies of root and tubers in Cameroon:status and prospects for improvement F.A. Numfor and  S.N. Lyonga 135-139
63 Pit-curing technique for prolonging the shelf life of yam tubers E.C. Nnodu 140-142  
64 Acceptability,utilization,and processing of sweet potatoes in home and small-scale industries in Ghana A.F. Osei-Opare 143-145  
65 Abstracts 146
66 Recent advances in yam storage technology Godson O. Osuji 146  
67 Biochemical aspects of wound healing in yams C.O. Ikediobi, R.I. Chelvarajam, and A.I.  Ukoha 146  
68 Control of postharvest biodeterioration of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) with the nematicide Vydate F.I. Onyenobi 146  
69 A thermodynamic analysis of yam(Dioscorea spp.) tuber degration in storage G.O.I . Ezeike 147-149  
70 Cassava peel utilization in poultry diets Olumide O. Tewe 154  
71 Abstracts 154
72 Socioeconomic and utilization considerations in cassava production:a basis for agronomic and genetic research A.E. Ikpi, Tesfaye Gebremeskel, N.D. Hahn,and J.A. Ekpere 154  
73 Socioeconomic factors influencing the transfer of root crops research technology to small-scale farmers in southestern Nigeria N.O.A.Ezeh and M.N. Unamma 154
74 Yam extension work of Shell: a case study R.O.M.  Offor 156-159  
75 Cassava production in Rwanda:State of the art M.N. Alvarez  and  J. Mulindangabo 160-163