Proceedings of the 1st Triennial Symposium ISTRC-AB September 1980, Ibadan, Nigeria

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1 Welcome Addresses Bede N.Okigbo,Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau,S.Olajuwon Olayide,and E.Harmans.
2 Cassava Improvement Strategies for Resistance to Major Economic Diseases and Pests in Africa S.K.Hahn,E.R.Terry,K.Leuschner,and T.P.Singh 25-28  Cassava
3 Cassava Improvement  in the Programme National Manioc in Zaire:Objectives and Achievements up to 1978 H.C.Ezumah 29-34 Cassava
4 Assessment of Cassava Cultivars for Extension Work C.Oyolu 35-36 Cassava
5 Breeding Cassava Resistant to pests and Diseases in Zaire T.P.Singh 37-39 Cassava
6 Selection of Cassava for Disease and Pest Resistance in the Congo Joseph Mabanza 40-41 Cassava
7 Some Characteristics of Yellow-Pigment Cassava K.A.Oduro 42-44 Cassava
8 Cassava: Ecology,Diseases,and Productivity:Strategies for Future Research E.R.Terry 45-48 Cassava
9 Field Screening of Cassava Clones for Resistance to Cercospora henningsii J.B.K.Kasirivu,O.F.Esuruoso,and E.R.Terry 49-57 Cassava
10 Properties of a Severe Strain of Cassava Latent Virus Isolated from Field-Grown Tobacco in Nigeria E.C.K.Igwegbe 58-60 Cassava
11 Cassava Bacterial Blight Disease in Uganda G.W.Otim-Nape and T.Sengooba 61-65 Cassava
12 Insect Dissemination of Xanthomonas  manihotis to Cassava in the People`s Republic of Congo J.F.Daniel,B.Boher and N.Nkouka 66-68 Cassava
13 Cassava Root Rot due to Armillariella tabescens in the People`s Republic of Congo Casimir Makambila 69-74 Cassava
14 Screening for Resistance Against the Green Spider Mite K.Leuschner 75-78 Cassava
15 Biological Control of the Cassava Mealybug Hans R.Herren 79-80 Cassava
16 Entomophagous Insects Associated with the Cassava Mealybug in the People`s Republic of Congo G.Fabres 81-83 Cassava
17 Dynamics of Cassava Mealybug Populations in the People`s Republic of Congo G.Fabres 84-87 Cassava
18 Consumption Patterns and Their Implications for Research and Production in  Tropical Africa Felix.I.Nweke 88-94 Cassava
19 Problems of Cassava  Production in Malawi R.F.Nembozanga sauti 95-98 Cassava
20 Evaluation of some major soils from southern Nigeria for Cassava production J.E.Okeke and B.T.Kang 99-103 Cassava
21 Effects of soil moisture and Bulk density on growth and development of two cassava cultivars R.Lal 104-110 Cassava
22 Performance of cassava in Relation to time of planting and harvesting F.O.C.Ezedinma,D.G.Ibe,and A.I.Onwuchuruba 111-115 Cassava
23 The effects of previous cropping on yields of yam,cassava,and maize S.O.Odurukweand U. I.Oji 116-119
24 Intercropping of plantains,cocoyams,and cassava S.K.Karikari 120-123
25 Weed control in maize-cassava intercrop I.Okezie Akobundu 124-128
26 Effects of maize plant population and Nitrogen application on Maize-cassava intercrop. B.T.Kang and G.F.Wilson 129-133
27 Cassava leaf harvesting in Zaire N.B.Lutaladio and H.C.Ezumah 134-136 Cassava
28 Effect of leaf harvests and detopping on the yield of leaves and root of cassava and sweet potato          M.T.Dahniya 137-142 cassava/sweetpotato
29 Metabolism,Synthetic Site,and Translocation of Cyanogenic Glycosides in cassava M.K.B.Bediako,B.A.Tapper,and G.G.Pritchard 143-148 Cassava
30 Loss of Hydrocyanic Acid and Its Derivatives during sun drying of cassava Emmanuel N.Maduagwu and Aderemi F.Adewale 149-151 Cassava
31 The role of palm oil in cassava-based rations Ruby T.Fomunyam,A.A. Adegbola and O.I.Oke 152-153 Cassava
32 Comparison of pressed and unpressed cassava pulp for Gari Making M.A.N.Ejiofor and N.Okafor 154-158 Cassava
33 Gari yield from cassava:Is it a function of root yield? D.G.Ibe and F.O.C.Ezedinma 159-162 Cassava
34 Parameters for selecting parents for yam hybridization Obinani O.Okoli 163-165 Yam
35 Anthracnose of water yam in Nigeria Okechukwu Alphonso Nwankiti and E.U.Okpala 166-172 Yam
36 Strategies for progress in yam research in Africa I.C.Onwueme 173-176 Yam
37 Study of the variability created by the characteristics of the organ of vegetative multiplication in Dioscorea alata N. Ahoussou and B.Toure 177-179 Yam
38 Growth pattern and growth analysis of the white guinea yam raised from seed C.E.Okezie,S.N.C.Okonkwo and F.I.Nweke 180-188 Yam
39 Artificial pollination,pollen viability,and storage in white yam M.O.Akoroda,J.E.Wilson and H.R.Chheda 189-194 Yam
40 Improving the In-situ stem support system for yams G.F.Wilson and K.Akapa 195-197 Yam
41 Yield and shelf-life of white yam as influenced by fertilizer. K.D.Kpeglo,G.O.Obigbesan and J.E.wilson 198-202 Yam
42 Weed Interference in white yam R.P.A. Unamma.I.O.Akobundu,and A.A.A.Fayemi 203-207 Yam
43 The Economics of yam cultivation in Cameroon S.N.Lyonga 208-213 Yam
44 Effect of Traditional food processing methods on the nutritional value of yams in Cameroon Alice Bell and Jean-Claude Favier 214-226 Yam
45 Strategies for progress in cocoyam research E.V.Doku 227-230 Cocoyam
46 Root and storage-rot disease of cocoyam in Nigeria G.C.Okeke 231-234 Cocoyam
47 Fungal rotting of cocoyams in storage in Nigeria J.N.C.Maduewesi and Rose C.I.Onyike 235-238 Cocoyam
48 A disease of cocoyam in Nigeria caused by corticium rolfsii O.B.Arene and E.U.Okpala 239-246 Cocoyam
49 Cocoyam farming systems in Nigeria H.C.Knipscheer and J.E.Wilson 247-254 Cocoyam
50 Yield and nitrogen uptake by cocoyam as affected by nitrogen application and spacing M.C.Igbokwe and J.C.Ogbannaya 255-258 Cocoyam
51 Cassava research program in Liberia Mallik A -As-Saqui 259
52 Effects of cassava mosaic on yield of cassava Godfrey Chapola 259
53 Effects of green manure on cassava yield James S.Squire 259
54 Alleviating the labour problem in Yam production: cultivation without stakes or manual weeding I.C.Onwueme 260-261   
55 Strategies for the 1980s 263