Poster Presentations for the 14TH Symposium of the ISTRC-AB Zambia 2021


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Ogbuekiri, H. Genetic analysis of root yield and agronomic traits of selected yellow root cassava genotypes in two agro-ecological zones in Nigeria ACW006
Nwanagba, N. L. Effect of Different Drying Methods on the Physicochemical Compositions of Two Varieties of Ginger (Yellow and  Black) NRF010
John Okoth Omondi High nitrogen availability limits photosynthesis and compromises carbohydrate allocation to storage in roots of Manihot esculenta Crantz ACW007
Okereke, C.O. Potentials of Sweet Potato Foliage Meals as feed Supplement in Broiler Chickens Diet NRF011
Nnenna G. Olori-Great Growth and yield of cassava under different npk fertilizer (15:15:15) and agrolyzer rates in South-east Nigeria ACW008
Oti, O.G. Determinants of Ginger Consumption: Implications for Nutrition Security among Rural Households in Southeast, Nigeria NRF012
Tatenda Nyamwena-Chapman Potato (Solanum tuberosum) mini tuber evaluation trial at Horticulture Research Center, Marondera, Zimbabwe ACW009
Adesiyan, A.T. Determinants of Labour Use Efficiency among Yam Farmers in Ekiti State, Nigeria PCM001
Thokozani Mvula Opportunity to reduce potato yield gap: Potential yields versus national average yields ACW012
Adesiyan, A.T. Factors Affecting the Demand for Labour among Yam Farmers in Ekiti State, Nigeria PCM002
E. O. Adu Evaluation of Yellow Flesh Cassava Genotypes for Total Carotenoids, Dry Matter, Cyanogenic potential and Yield at the Coastal Savanna Zone in Ghana ACW015
Agoh Emilia Factors Influencing Gender in the Adoption of Value Addition to Sweetpotato Technologies among Post- Harvest Processors in Abia State, Nigeria PCM003
Eze, S. C. Yield and Food Quality Characteristics of Hybrid Cassava (Manihot esculentum Crantz) as Influenced by Genotypes and Plant Density in Nsukka Agro-Ecology, South-East Nigeria ACW016
Amadi Factors and Constraints associated with Adoption of Cassava Value-Added Technologies among Male and Female Farmers in Imo State, Nigeria PCM004
Kanju, E. Preliminary Evaluation of Yellow-Fleshed Cassava Genotypes in Uganda ACW018
Ukeje, B.A. Profitability Analysis of Cassava Processing in Enugu East Local Government Area, Enugu State, Nigeria PCM007
Abah Influence of Plant Growth Regulators on Flowering, Yield and Yield attributing Characters of Cocoyam species BMT001
Daniel-Ogbonna Effect of Credit on the Output Performance of Cassava Producers among Credit and Non-Credit Users in Nigeria PCM008
Webi, E.N. Development of transgenic potato with resistance to bacterial wilt using PFLP and EFR genes BMT002
Ejechi, M.E. Socio-Economic Determinants of Sweet potato Production among Small-Scale Farmers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria PCM009
Magembe, E. Late Blight Resistance Biotech Potato BMT007
Nwaekpe J.O. Gender Differentials in Access and Utilization of Value Added Innovations of Root And Tuber Crops in South-East, Nigeria PCM010
Kalu, C.A. Assessment of a Formal Seed Yam System: Value Chain Approach CSS005
Israel, M.I. Analysis of Adoption of NRCRI Improved Cassava Technologies among Farmers in Ikwuano LGA, Abia State, Nigeria PCM011
Casinga, C. M. Virus Disease Constraints to Cassava Production: An Overview of the DRC Context RPD010
Nwakor, F.N Evaluation of Farmers Utilization of Pro-Vitamin A Cassava (Yellow Root) in Abia State, Nigeria PCM012
Hemant Nitturkar Cassava Seedpreneurship: Assessing varietal adoption, profitability and women empowerment in Nigeria CSS007
Nwaneri, T. C. Adoption of Selected Agricultural Extension Capacity Building Activities by Cassava Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria PCM013
Nwalieji Profitability of Seed Yam (Discorea spp.) Production using the Minisett Technique in Anambra State, Nigeria CSS008
Okoye, A.C. Consumption Patterns Analyses of Cassava Products among Rural Households in Ebonyi State, Nigeria PCM016
Onyegbulam. L. A. Commercialization of cassava seeds and determinants of participation in South-East and South-South agro-ecological zones, Nigeria CSS009
Uwandu, Q.C. Determinants of Adoption of Pro-Vitamin A Cassava Varieties by Farmers in Delta State, Nigeria PCM018
Owoade Durodola Investigating cassava farmers’ seed preferences for replacement adoption inclination in Nigeria CSS010
Udemezue J.C. Gender Participation; Production and Marketing options among Sweetpotato Farmers in Enugu State PCM021
John Kazembe Seed system for the promotion of orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties in Malawi CSS011
Pieter Wauters Improved individual ambient ware potato stores are economically viable and can increase incomes of smallholder potato farmers in Uganda PCM022
Srinivasulu Rajendran Building scalable, sustainable sweetpotato seed distribution channel and potential business models for sweetpotato seed entrepreneurs in Uganda and Tanzania CSS014
Nwohu, N.O. Effect of Processing Methods on Proximate and Anti-Nutritional Composition of Three Different Varieties of Harvested Cassava Roots and Dried Chips PHT010
Srinivasulu Rajendran Eliciting farmers’ demand for quality and nutritionally enhanced sweetpotato planting material in Rwanda CSS015
Ohuoba, A. N. Possible Variability in Yield and Proximate Composition of Gari Produced with Nigerian White and Yellow Fleshed Cassava Varieties PHT011
Winnie Ndebele Interrogating exigencies and opportunities for sweet potato market linkages in Masvingo – Zimbabwe EIP001
Ojeleye, A.E. Proximate Analysis of 26 Accessions of Sweet Potatoes (Ipomea Batatas) in Osun State, Nigeria PHT012
Elekeh Effect of Cassava Processing Methods on the Carbohydrate Content of Cassava Flour (Gari) NRF003
Olaniyo, E. E. Evaluation of Selected Cassava Genotypes for Yield Traits and Root Postharvest Quality PHT013
Duah E.A. Consumption Patterns, Knowledge and Perception of Yellow Flesh Cassava Roots and Leaves among Ghanaians NRF004
Ukeje, B.A. Postharvest Losses and Market Orientation among Root and Tuber Crop Producing Households in Southeast, Nigeria PHT019
Emetole, J.M. Production and Quality Evaluation of Gari Blended with African Yam Bean and Maize NRF005
Alamu Emmanuel Oladeji Comparative assessment of chemical, functional, and pasting properties of flours produced from Zambian cassava varieties using Oven-, Sun-, and Freeze-drying methods PHT022
Harbor Attaining Food security in Nigeria: Exploring potentials of underutilized yam landraces for food and nutrition security NRF006
Nwaneri Assessment of the Fungitoxic Potentials of Tabernaemontana pachysiphon Stapf in the Control of Fungal Rot Pathogens of White Yam (Dioscorea rotundata L.) in Storage RPD005
Igwe, C.O.K. Consumers’ Perception of Pro-Vitamin A Cassava among Rural Households in Anambra State, Nigeria NRF007
Olaniyo, E. E. Comparative analysis of performance of cassava clones for dry matter and total carotenoids at the seedling nursery and clonal stages of breeding PHT015
A. Adesina, Variation in the morphological, biochemical, and molecular characteristics of some yam (Dioscorea alata l.) genotypes in west Africa PCM 020
Akpotuzor, P. Assessment of 20 Biofortified Cassava Genotypes for Quality Gari Properties and Products in an Advance Yield Trial PHT004
Adebukola Ogungbesan Assessment of Bio-fortified cassava genotypes for total Carotenoid content, Yield and Yield related Components at Advance Breeding Stage BMT003
Everlyne Wosula Potential of fungal biopesticides for control of cassava Bemisia tabaci whitefly. RPD012
Maria I. Andrade1 Variety replacement following Excellence in Breeding Procedures in Mozambique BMT008