Post-harvest technology for root crops: gender implications and strategies for the 21st century

Pages 655-661

Joyce A.S. Haleegoah


Root crops are very important in the economy of most sub-Sahara Africa countries. They form the bulk of food intake and the major source of income in the sub region. In Ghana, root crops contribute about 60% of the agricultural gross domestic product (GDP). Small-scale root crop farmers contribute significantly to the growth rate of the national agricultural gross domestic product, which ts currently at 2.1%. The needs of these farmers are to be addressed if the growth rate is to be increased. In root crops, a priority area is post harvest technology since the harvested roots are highly perishable.  In addition to adding value to the root crop for the food, feed and industrial sector market, post harvest technologies should be given priority. This paper addresses gender issues as a priority area considering the key roles gender play in the production, processing, marketing and utilization of root crops. It also addresses some gender strategies for post harvest technology for root crops.

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