Integrated weed management of Panicum maximum in minisett cocoyam/maize intercrop in southeastern Nigeria

Pages 237-240

T. Enyinnia


An integrated weed management trial on Panicum maximum in minisett cocoyam/maize intercrop, comprised pre-emergence application of aclonifen plus metolachlor (Challenge-M) with egusi (Citrullus vulgaris), atrazine plus metolachlor (Primeztra) with egusi, hoe weeding with egusi and “no weeding” with egusi treatments. P. maximum was slashed from each treatment 9 weeks after planting (WAP) cocoyam and maize. Weed control rating at 60 days after planting (dap) was higher in the treatments containing herbicides. At 9 WAP the herbicides significantly reduced the dry weight of P. maximum over both the hoe weeding and “no weeding” treatments. Removal of P. maximum resulted in higher maize and minisett cocoyam yield but not that of Egusi for each treatment.  Thus P. maximum may be kept under control through integrating suitable herbicides e.g. Primetre or challenge-M herbicides, growing of egusi and slashing.

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