Instruction to authors

Addresses for Submission / Adresses du Journal

Send all articles for publication or enquiries on editorial matters to the following addresses:

Les manuscripts soumis pour publication et toutes autres communications avec le Journal sont envoyés aux adresses suivantes: 

The Editorial Secretariat, African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops, c/o IITA, PMB 5320 Ibadan, Nigeria or R4D, IITA, LW Lamboum & Co., 26 Dingwall Road, Croydon CR9 3EE, England, UK

Email/adresse electronique:

Instructions to Authors

The African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops will publish original research articles, reviews and short communications, in English or French, on root and tuber crops, such as cassava, yam, potato, sweet potato and aroids, and their products.

Submit one original set of the manuscript (with text, figures and tables) plus two complete sets of copies, to the Editor-in-Chief, African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops, ISTRC-AB, c/o CID, IITA, Lambourn and Co., 26 Dingwall Road, Croydon CR9 SEE, UK. Send manuscript from Nigeria to: African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops, c/o CID, IITA, PMB 5320, Ibadan, Nigeria. Electronic copies are appreciated and should be sent to and

Manuscripts should be within fifteen pages of A4-sized paper typed double-spaced on one face with 2.5cm margin on all sides, including text, tables, figures and references. Number every page consecutively in arabic numerals. 

Provide key words suitable for indexing, and a quantitative abstract of about 250 words. Explain every abbreviation.

 Use of Systeme international (SI) units is recommended. Metric unit equivalent should be given if other units are used.

 Arrange references in alphabetical and chronological order. In text, cite reference as: author and year of publication, e.g., Jones (1967) or as (Jones 1967) or (Jones & Smith 1978). When a reference has more than two authors, only the first name is written followed by et al. Follow the style below:

Martin F.W. & Rhodes A.M. 1978. The relationship of Dioscorea cayenensis and D. rotundata. Tropical Agric. 55:193-206.

 Phillips T.P. 1983. Overview of cassava consumption and production. In: Delange F. & Ahluwalia R. (eds.). Cassava Toxicity and Thyroid: Research and Public Health Issues. Workshop Proceedings. IDRC, Ottawa p. 210-220.

Tables should be numbered with arabic numerals, followed by the title. Table footnotes should be marked with superscript letters or digits. Avoid the use of vertical lines.

Figures should be in a form suitable for reproduction. Figures as well as legends should be identified by arabic numbers. The top of the figure should be indicated on the back. Identify each illustration, on the back, by lightly writing author’s name and figure number with a soft pencil. Photographs should have high contrast, and all photographs will be published in black and white.

 No reprints are produced, but one corresponding author of each published article will receive a copy of that issue.