Influence of fertilizers on yield, storage and food qualities of yams

Pages 307-310

M.O Adeniji, G.O Obigbesan, R. Asiedu and M. Bokanga


Studies were carried out at the IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria on the influence of chemical fertilizers on tuber yield, storage and food qualities of two Dioscorea species: D. alata and D. rotundata. The treatments were: Control (No fertilizer), N, NP, NPK, and NPK-Mg, based on the recommended rates for yam in Nigeria, namely: 70 kg N/ha (as Urea), 50 kg P205/ha (as single super phosphate) 20 kg K20/ha (as muriate of potash) and 2 kg MgO/ha (as Magnesium sulphate). The various nutrient elements portrayed their differential effects on the fresh tuber yields. Whereas yield rose by 35% with NPK application to D. alata, only 15% increase was obtained by NP application to D. rotundata. Both yam species responded to Phosphorus application with yield improvements of up to 3.9 tons/ha (D. alata) and 5.9 tons/ha in D. rotundata. Storage attributes in the D. rotundata cultivar such as weight loss, percentage of sprouted tubers from 8 to 24 weeks after harvest, were not affected. Application of N alone reduced the general acceptability in the two cultivars when tubers were pounded. Balanced fertilizer combination NPK-Mg resulted in the best product quality.

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