Growth and root yield of cassava as influenced by time of intercropping with rice

Pages 266-271

A. Jalloh & M.T. Dahniya


An improved cassava variety 80/40 was intercropped with rice on the same date, 4 and then 8 weeks after planting cassava. A sole plot of cassava was established as a control. This experiment was conducted during the 1993/94 cropping season on the upland of the experimental farm of the Institute of Agricultural Research in Sierra Leone. The objective of the experiment was to determine the effect of time of intercropping cassava with rice on the growth and root yield of cassava. Cassava intercropped with rice on the same date was shaded by the rice throughout their period of association. Delaying the introduction of rice into cassava by at least 4 weeks allowed the cassava to receive 100 percent of global light. Plant growth rate, harvest index and tuberous root yield of cassava were significantly affected by intercropping cassava with rice on the same date. Intercropping rice with 4 week old cassava produced the highest land equivalent ratio and area x time equivalent ratio. The results suggest that for improved growth of cassava intercropped with rice, the cassava should be planted 4 weeks before intercropping with rice.

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