Effects of different seed tuber sizes on sprouting, emergence, haulm development and yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in the western highlands of Cameroon 1. sprouting, emergence and haulm development

Pages 330-336

P. Demo, M.O. Akoroda, D. Njualem, J.T. Koi, V. Deffo & S.F. Nana


Two field experiments were conducted in Bambui, Cameroon in 1995/96 to investigate under field conditions the performance of 10 different potato seed tuber sizes ranging in diameter from < 5 mm to 45-50 mm. For each seed size used, seed tuber characteristics before planting, plant emergence, the number of above ground stems per plant, plant vigour and ground cover were compared. The number of eyes per tuber, the number of sprouts per tuber and the seed tuber weight significantly increased with increasing seed size. All seed sizes from 10-15 mm to 45-50 mm consistently gave similar and highest plant emergence 4 weeks after planting. The number of above ground stems increased significantly with increasing seed size. Seed sizes ≥ 30-35 mm produced more above ground stems than there were sprouts on seed planted. The percentage of ground covered by crop foliage increased with increasing seed size; this resulted in different photosynthetic capacities in plants raised from different seed sizes. It was concluded that each seed tuber size tested had a potential in potato production and that this potential increased with increasing seed size up to 30-35 mm from which there was no significant change.

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