Effect of waxing on the food quality of yam (Dioscorea spp.) tubers in storage

Pages 744-748

A.U. Achidi, O. Ojeba and M. Bokanga


Four genotypes of Dioscorea rotundata and four genotypes of Dioscorea alata were studied. Waxed yams lost less weight than non-waxed yams. Amongst the D. alata genotypes, DAN 087 lost more weight than others. DAN 087 also increased its dry matter content by 20% when stored waxed and by 36% when stored non waxed. Starch content decreased in both species. Amylose content was lower in non-waxed D. rotundata genotypes while the difference was not significant in D. alata genotypes. Waxing did not provide an improvement of the sensory attribute ratings at the end of the storage period.

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