Development of sweetpotato snack products in rural areas: case study of Lira district of Uganda

Pages 699-707

Constance Owori and Vital Hagenimana


Product development studies were conducted in phases in Lira district, Uganda, to enhance the role of sweet potato for income generation. Results of the study showed that it is feasible to substitute either 40-60 % fresh grated/boiled sweet potato or 30 % sweet potato flour for wheat flour in fried and baked snack products. Products made with these levels of sweet potato were found acceptable to consumers and they had good demand in rural markets, schools and within the municipality. Analysis of costs and returns showed that by using improved sweet potato processing technology, costs of snack products is reduced by 20-64 % depending on the product and form of sweet potato used. Results obtained have demonstrated that sweet potato processing technology can improve the income generating potential of small scale snack product enterprises. The conclusions highlight the importance of expanding the income generating opportunities by targetting major urban markets with promising sweet potato products.

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