Culturing Scutellonema bradys on yam tuber slices

Pages 575-576

C. Kwoseh, R.A. Plowright, J. Stanfield and R. Asiedu


A reliable and high yielding technique to mass-reproduce the yam nematode, Scutellonema bradys for screening has been developed. A nematode-tree tuber of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) cultivar ‘Puna’ was washed, peeled, cut into slices and treated separately with Bio-Supercarb and sodium hypochlorite. Each slice, weighing 3-6 g was plated on l% water agar and kept for three weeks to produce callus. The plates were then each inoculated with 20 to 30 juveniles and adults of S. bradys. The nematodes were sterilised in 5 drops of 0.1% malachite green tor 5 minutes and then rinsed 10 times with sterilised distilled water. Inoculated plates were kept at 25°C in the dark

S. bradys populations increased by 10 to 170 times over a five-month period and 340 to 820 times over twelve months. Sterilised yam tuber slices on water agar medium have been shown to support high reproduction of S. bradys and can be used to mass-produce S. bradys for screening purpose.

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