AJRTC Vol 6 Dec 2005

African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops
Volume 6 No. 1:1-58. December 2005. ISSN 1118-2075
No Title Authors Pages Crop
1 Effect of moisture content and temperature on the specific heat of yam and cocoyam B.E. Eje & G.O.I. Ezeike 1-3 Yam and cocoyam
2 Investigations on the use of micro-tubers for seed yam multiplication in tropical Guinea savanna A.O. Nwankiti,  L. Deadman & E. Ekefan 3-6 Yam
3 Postharvest deterioration of yam (Dioscorea spp.) tuber in storage barn R.N. Okigbo & F.E.O. Ikediugwu 7-10 Yam
4 Gender and resource use efficiency in cassava-based farms in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria G.S. Umoh 10-15 Cassava
5 Moisture dependant physical properties of yam bean (pachyrhizus erosus) seeds M.S. Sajeev,  G.K. Rajesh,  R. Kailappan & B. Vimala 16-20 Yam
6 Developing fertilizer recommendations for white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in central Ghana M.M. Buri,  R.N. Issaka & R.J. Carsky 20-27 Yam
7 Processing, microbiology and biochemical changes in the starch and sugar contents of sweet potato for poultry nutrition K.A. Etchu & G.N. Egbunike 28-31 Sweetpotato
8 Integrated agronomic practices for cassava production: Effects of cultivar, stake weight and number of shoots as per stand on the growth and productivity of cassava O.N. Eke-Okoro 31-34 Cassava
9 Effets des precedentes plantes de couverture sur la production de l’ igname en zone de savane au Benin et au Togo P.K. Sodjadan,  A.M. Toukourou,  R.J. Carsky et P. Vernier 34-40
10 Growth and dry matter partitioning in cassava intercropped with upland rice in Sierra Leone A. Jalloh & M.T. Dahniya 41-48 Cassava
11 Influence of NPK fertilizer on tuber yield and yield components of new hybrid yam varieties in south western Nigeria G.O. Agbaje,  A.A. Adegbite,  G.A. Oluwatosin & T.A. Akinlosotu 48-53 Yam
12 Expanding Guinea yam (Dioscorea spp.) production in Uganda: Results of a short survey in Luweero district D.L. Coyne,  C. Kajumba & R. Asiedu 53-58 Yam