AJRTC Vol 4 Nov 2001

African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops
Volume 4 No 2: 1-46. November 2001. ISSN 1118-2075
No Title Authors Pages Crop
1 Effects of mixture plant populations on the yield of both componets in a maize/cassava intercrop A.O. Obajimi 1-5 Maize & Cassava
2 Utilization of cassava storage root wastes in small-holder pig and small ruminant production systems in Nigeria E.A. Iyayi & O.O. Tewe 5-9 Cassava
3 Comparative economics of minisett and traditional seed yam production technologies at the farm level in the eastern forest zone of Nigeria G.N. Asumugha & C.O.B. Obiechina 9-12 Yam
4 Cassava-based cropping systems and use of inputs in different ecological zones of West and Central Africa K.A. Okeleye,  J.E.G. Ikeorgu,  A. Melifonwu,  K. Aihou,  N.G. Maroya,  E. Dosoo,  E.T. Awah,  A. Tumenteh & R.A. Salau 13-17 Cassava
5 Garification of five improved cassava cultivars in Nigeria and physico-chemical and sensory properties of the gari yield S.C. Achinewhu & C.I. Owuamanam 18-21 Cassava
6 Influence du prélèvement des boutres de manioc (Manihot esculenta Crantz) sur le rendement et la matière sèche N’Zue Boni & Doumbia Sekou 21-25 Cassava
7 Intercropping sunflower with local varieties of cassava in a moist savanna site of Nigeria I.A. Adetunji & C.O. Amanze 26-31 Cassava
8 Economic analysis of cassava-based farming in south-eastern Nigeria under structural adjustment programme J.A. Mbanasor & S.A.N.D. Chidebelu 31-35 Cassava
9 Processing of cassava into water-fufu and miondo/bobolo: from a household recipe to an industrial process G. Tiky-Mpondo & S.A. Bikoï 36-38 Cassava
10 Evaluation of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) farine and wafer S. Khan,  N. Badrie,  G.S.H. Baccus-Taylor & E. Comissiong 39-41 Cassava
11 Genetic diversity in cocoyam as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNA E.Y. Danquah,  E.T. Blay,  S.K. Offei,  J. Fosu-Nyarko & S. Amiteye 41-46 Cocoyam