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The International Society for Tropical Root Crops-Africa Branch (ISTRC-AB) was created in 1978 to stimulate research, production and utilization of root and tuber crops along various value chains in Africa. The activities include encouragement of training and extension, organization of workshops and symposia, exchange of genetic materials, and facilitation of contact among stakeholders working with root and tuber crops. The society’s headquarters is at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria, but it’s Executive Council comprises eminent root and tuber researchers from national, regional and international bodies across Africa.

The ISTRC-AB was founded by a few scientists who attended the ISTRC meeting far away in Thailand and could not see a large number of Africans because of high cost of attendance. The aim to include many more Africans in the discourse of root and tuber crops created the feeling for an African Branch of the society. The membership is open to all root and tuber crop people whether they are researchers , business people, government officials, heads of state, etc. In all, the principal aim is to stimulate and enhance the value of chain research, production to full utilization of root and tuber crops (RTC) ion Africa.

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