The Current Executives of ISTRC-Africa Branch are:

POSITION                                              NAME OF NOMINEE

President                                             Prof. Lateef Sanni

Vice President 1                                    Dr. (Mrs) R.E.M. Entsua-Mensah

Vice President 2                                    2016 Host Country LOC Chair from Tanzania or Uganda

Secretary General                                  Dr. Pheneas Ntawuruhunga

Assistant Sec. General                           Dr. Eze Simon C.

Editor-In-Chief                                      Dr. Richardson Okechukwu

Deputy Editor                                        Dr. G.N. Asumugha

Treasurer                                              To be determined

Fund Raiser                                           Dr. Vincent Aduramigba

West Africa Rep.                                    Dr. Joseph Manu-Aduening

East Africa Rep.                                     Dr. Gorretie Ssemakula

South Africa Rep.                                   Dr. Feslistus Chipungu

Central Africa Rep.                                 Dr Maurice Tindo


Dr Nzola Mahungu

Dr Robert Asiedu

These leaders help to guide the activities of the society on behalf of the 150-250 people registered in the society at any one time. The need to raise the fortune of the society through regional drive for membership is well indicated and has to be taken as urgent as possible.

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