Table of Content (Volume 8 No.2:1-68.December 2010.)

1Review of soil fertility management for yam-based systems in west africaR.J.Carsky, R.Ashiedu and D. Cornet1
2Biolable cassava varieties: What is their role within the context of the global agricultural economy?Jacob M. Ngeve, A.G.O Dixon, J.B.A. Whyte, M.O.Akoroda, S.N.Tenku, R.Okechukwu and R.Hanna18
3Developing cassava cultivars based on farmers needs and on the agro-ecological condition of north-western CameroonZundel Christine, Chibikom Richard, Scheidegger Urs, Nagel Peter and Hanna Rachid23
4Screening plant materials for resistance to yam nematode (Scutellonema bradys)J.I. Oluwatayo, R.Ashiedu and S.O. Adesiyan34
5Influence of tuber harvest time and storage period on polyphenoloxidase activity and rate of browning of white yam(Dioscorea rotundata)B.A. Akinwande, R.Ashiedu, B.Maziya-Dixson and I.A.Adeyemi41
6Effect of pre-treatment on sweet-potato flour for cookies productionM.O. Adegunwa, L.O. Sanni and R.A. Raji46
7Predicted changes in suitability and agro climate factors due to climate change for yam production in NigeriaK.Sonder, C.C.Okonkwo and R.Ashiedu51
8Changes in iron and moisture contents, pH and peak viscosity of iron-fortified fufu flour during storage in different packaged materials.S.A.Sanni, B.Maziya-Dixon and C.R.B. Oguntona60
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