Table of Content(Volume 8 No.1:1-74.June 2010.ISSN 1118-2075)

1Cassava yeild response to sources and rate of potassium in the forest savana transition zone of Ghana.S.A.Boateng and S.Boadi.1
2Setting Priorities: case study of IITA's root and tuber crops systems program.V.M. Manyong, R.U. Okechukwu, P.Ojiambo and R. Asiedu.6
3Evaluation of some botanicals as an alternative to chemical fungicide in the rapid multiplication of cassavaO.N.Eke-Okoro, F. Ogbe and J.k.U. Emehute13
4Exploring storage protocols for yam (Dioscorea spp.) pollen genebankingI.O. Daniel17
5Effects of ten plant extracts on mycelial growth and conidial production of four fungi associated with yam tuber rotT.E. Sangoyomi, R. Asiedu and E.J.A. Ekpo24
6Anaytical steps to a multi-trait selection index for rapid participatory appraisal of cassava varietes for release to farmers.R.U Okechukwu, M.O Akoroda, F.Ogbe and A.G.O Dixon31
7Distribution of yam anthracnose disease in nigeriaA.O.Aduramigba-Modupe, A.C.Odebode and R. Asiedu51
8Emperical estimation of demand function and elasticities for seed yam in southern NigeriaG.N.Asumugha, M.E. B.C.Okoye, O.A. Akinpelu, H.N Anyaegbule and K.O. Nwosu56
9Varietal response of seven new hybrid yam varieties to minituber production using the microsett techniqueJ.G.Ikeorgu and C.C.Okonkwo62
10Anaysis of acceleration, deceleration and stagnation in output, land area, and yeild of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam ) in Nigeria, 1961 - 2007 I.A. Ojiako66
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