Proceedings of The 10th Triennial Symposium ISTRC 2007.csv

1Machanisation: A critical gap in root and tuber technologies for wealth creation in AfricaFelix Nweke21Root and tuber
2Potatoes, sweetpotatoes and the millenium development goals in sub-Saharan AfricaCharles Crissman, Regina Kapinga, Berga Lemaga, Michael Potts, Paul Demo, Peter Gildemacher21Potatoes and Sweet potato
3Recent Advances in Sweetpotato improvement in Eastern AfricaGichuki S.T21-22Sweetpotato
4Cassava the crop of the future in east and central AfricaNtawuruhunga P., Dixon A.G.O., Anneke F., Okidi J. and Otim Okello F.22Cassava
Agronomy and crop management
5Biotification of root and tuber crops: a novel approach to improving health and nutrition in AfricaMaziya-Dixon, B., Dixon, A.G.O., Asiedu, R.R. Kapinga, M. Andrade, Bonierbale, M. and Ceballos, H.22-23Root and tuber
6Deployment of high B-carotene sweetpotato varieties with farmer preferred culinary qualities in East AfricaS.Tumwegamire, R. Kapinga, S. Agili, R. Mwanga, P. Ndolo, H. Saleh and E. Marandu23Sweetpotato
7Improved cassava varieties increase the risk of soil nutrient mining: an ex-ante analysis for western Kenya and UgandaA.M. Fermont, H.M. Obiero, P.J.A. van Asten, Y. Baguma, E. Okwuosa23-24Cassava
8Impact of improved sweetpotato varieties in western Kenya farmers' perspectivesM. Odendo, P. Ndolo and R. Kapinga24Sweetpotato
9The cassava challenge in sub-Saharan Africa: increasing productivity, market opportunities and profitabilityA.G.O. Dixon, M.O. Akoroda, L. Sanni, B. Maziya-Dixon, C. Ezedinma, M. Patino and R. Okechukwu24-25Cassava
10Bridging the gap between postharvest technology development and industrialization for roots and tubers in AfricaAndrew Westby25Root and tuber
11Testing for linear and quadratic trends using a unified model rather than separate regressions-the case for three popular potato varieties in KenyaJ.N Mwangi and C.M Githunguri25Potato
12Performance of yellow and orange fleshed sweetpotato in three major agroecological zones of RwandaJ. Ndirigwe, P. Tukamuhabwa, R. Kapinga, and P. Ndayemeye25-26Sweetpotato
13Productivity of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas I.) planted in a second season as influenced by tillage methods and number of nodesN.U. Ndaeyo, E.O. Ekpe, B.A. Ndom And I.J. Okono26Sweetpotato
14On-farm evaluation of promising sweetpotato clones in two major agroecologies of UgandaNiringiye, C.S., Mwanga, R.O.M., Namakula, J. and Kigozi, C.B.26Sweetpotato
15Increasing and sustaining sweetpotato production and farmers income in an inland valley toposequence in the western area of Sierra LeoneM.J. Tucker and D.S. Fornah26-27Sweetpotato
16Performance of potato varieties in different agroecologies in the highlands of MadagascarJean Marc Randrianaivoarivony27Potato
17On-farm evaluation of orange-fleshed sweetpotato varieties in North-Eastern UgandaG.E. Omiat, E. Adipala, R.E. Kapinga, S. Tumwegamiire, and R.O.M. Mwanga27-28Sweetpotato
18In situ conservation of agricultural biodiversity on farm: a case study of yam (Dioscorea cayenensis/D. rotundata complex) in the northeast of BeninA. Dansi, H. Adoukonou-Sagbadja, R. Asiedu, N. Baco and J. Mignouna28Yam
19Effects of spacing on tuber yield of taro (Colocasia esculenta) on vertisols of Gedeo, southern EthiopiaGobeze Loha, Waga Mazengia, Daniel Markos and Legesse Hidoto28Tuber
20Response of cassava to soil nutrient variations in crop mixtures grown on an alfisol by continuous cultivation in eastern NigeriaAsadu,C. L. A and A. G. O. Dixon28-29Cassava
21Effect of time of harvest on the yield of five varieties of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in southwest NigeriaB.A. Akinwande, I.A. Adeyemi, R. Asiedu, and B. Maziya-Dixon29Yam
22Sustainable management of the fertility of soils: effect of the improved fallows on the production of the yamN'goran K.E., Yao N.T., Zohouri G.P., Kouakou A.M., and Yoro G.R29Yam
23Response of hybrid yams to N, P and K fertilizer rates on ferric acrisol of southeastern NigeriaG. O. Chukwu, M. I. S. Ezenwa and R. Asiedu30Yam
24Appraisal of sixteen clones of selected yam (Dioscorea cayenensis-rotundata) in two agroecological zones in TogoE. K. N'kpenu, R. Asiedu, W. Tchala30-31Yam
25Yield, number of tuberous roots and top weight of cassava at Kambi Mawe in Semi-Arid Eastern KenyaGithunguri, C. M31Cassava
26Performance, foliage and root yield of sweetpotato clones at Katumani and Kiboko in semi-arid eastern KenyaGithunguri, C. M31-32Sweetpotato
27Optimising cassava and maize plant production for improved productivity of the intercrops in an inland valley swamp ecology in Sierra LeoneA.J. Moifula and A. Jalloh34Cassava and maize
Breeding and crop improvement
28Farmer participatory sensory evaluation of promising yam genotypes in GhanaE. Otoo and R. Asiedu35Yam
29Pre-empting a virulent cassava virus attack on Nigeria: Fast track selection approachOkechukwu R.U., Akoroda M.O. A., Dixon A. G. O., Ilona, P., Ezedinma, C, Sanni L.O., Lemchi, J., Ogbe, F. and E. Okoro35Cassava
30Appropriate methods of sampling and selecting orange-fleshed sweetpotato to improve vitamin a statusG. Mulokozi and R. Kapinga35-36Sweetpotato
31Assessing food quality in farmer participatory Varietal Selection of Water Yam (Dioscorea alata L)C.C Okonkwo, C. Egesi, R. Dossou, K. Zoupoya, E. N'kpenu, E. Otoo, A.Y. Alhassan, C.A Echekwu and R. Asiedu36Yam
32Effect of genotype x environment interaction on the amylose content and granule size of cassava starchO. Safo-Kantanka, E. Baafi, K/ J. Tetteh, Grace Mensah, A. W. Ayimadu and Danso Okaikoi37Cassava
33Sweetpotato vine selection programmeNaftal Ondabu, Irungu K. R. G, Solomon Tarus, Silvester Ontiti38Sweetpotato
34New cassava varieties for tropical semi-arid climate of EthiopiaTeshome Anshebo, Assefa Tofu, Tesfaye Tadesse 1 and Yared Dagne38Cassava
35Development of medium and early maturing sweetpotato varieties southern EthiopiaAssefa Tofu, Teshome Anshebo, Engida Tsegaye, Terefe Belihu and Yared Dagne38Sweetpotato
36High root protein content in accessions of wild Manihot species and Manihot esculenta land races from GuatemalaN. Morante, T. Sanchez, J. Marin, C. Ospina, J. Gutierrez, E. Barrera, H. Ceballos, A. Alzate, S. Moreno, M. fregene39Cassava
37Rehabilitation of the cassava production in the Democratic Republic of Congo through germplasm development and deployment, and the promotion of new food productsLema K.M., A. Dixon, N. Mahungu, P. Ilona, J. Kimfuema, S. Lukombo, and S. Nluta39Cassava
38A preliminary analysis of genetic diversity among East African sweetpotato cultivars (Ipomoea batatas) using simple sequence repeats DNA markersGichuru V., Aritua V., Lubega G.W., Edema R., Adipala E., and Rubaihayo P.R.40Sweetpotato
40Characteristics of cassava landraces and their reactions to diseases and pests in CameroonJM Ngeve, R. Hanna and M. Tindo41Cassava
41Efficacy of Ridomil Gold 68WG (metalaxy/mancozeb) fungicide in the control of late blight of potatoesLung'aho, C., Njenga, D.N and Nyongesa, M.W41Potatoes
42The status of fungal tuber rots as a constraint to cassava production in the Pouma district of CameroonMessiga,A. J. N. A., Mwangi, M., Bandyopadhyay, R., Nolte, C.41-42Cassava
43The status of cassava mosaic disease, bacterial blight and anthracnose as constraints to cassava production in the Pouma region of South CameroonMwangi, M., Bandyopadhyay, R., Nolte, C.42Cassava
44Towards control of severe form of cassava mosaic virus disease in western Kenya; A diagnostic survey for cassava mosaic geminivirusesAjanga S, Obiero H.M, Akhwale M.S, Legg J.P, Okuja-Okao, Sally M.43Cassava
45Evaluation of melody Duo 69 (WG) for the control of late blight of potatoesLungaho, C., Nyongesa, M.W and Njenga, D.N43Potatoes
46Incidence and distribution of cassava diseases and pests in the Democatic Republic of CongoK. Tata-Hangy, J. Legg, R. Hanna, M. Toko, K.M. Lema, A. Dixon and N.M. Mahungu44Cassava
47Development of a polyclonal antiserum against Uganda isolate of sweetpotato chlorotic fleck virusV. Aritua, E. Barg, E. Adipala and H.J. Vetten44-45Sweetpotato
48The emergence of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) as a direct pest threatens sustainable cassava production in UgandaC.A. Omongo; J. Colvin; A. Bua; T. Alicai; J.P. Legg; Y. Baguma45Cassava
49Association between zigzag stem habit and tolerance to cassava brown steak virus diseaseKanju, E.E., Mahungu, N.M., Whyte, J.A. and Dixon, A.45Cassava
50Incidence of potato bacterial wilt in relation to latently infected tubers and seed-flow channels in KenyaZ.M. Kinyua, S.N. Kihara, M.J. Otipa, O.M. Olanya, J.J. Smith, S. Pirou, and J. Karinga45-46Tubers
51Molecular variability of African isolates of sweetpotatoes virus YE.M. Ateka, E. Barg, R.W. Njeru, H.J. Vetten46Sweetpotato
52Two genetically distinct populations of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from yam (Dioscorea spp.) in NigeriaM.M. Abang, O. Fagbola, K. Smalla, R. Asiedu, S. Winter46Yam
53Evidence for high evolutionary potential of Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes, the causal agent of yam anthracnose diseaseM.M Abang, R. Asiedu, P. Hoffmann, G. Wolf, H.D. Mignouna, S. Winter46-47Yam
54Practical application of virus diagnostics in 'cleaning-up' yam and cassava genebank accessionsJ D'A Hughes, B O Odu and V Mahalakshmi48Yam and cassava
55An assessment of distribution, severity and prevalence of CMD and CBSD in ZanzibarHaji H. Saleh48
56Effects of aqueous extracts of botanicals on the control of sweetpotato butterfly (Acerea acerata)Mesele Gemu, Shiferaw Mekonen and Temesgen Addis49Sweetpotato
57Mode d'action et contr“le de Lasiodiplodia theobromae (Pat) Griff. Et Maubi, agent de la pourriture du manioc (Manihot esculenta CRANTZ) au TogoTchabana B., Kpemoua K.49Cassava
58Mixed infections by biological variants of African cassava mosaic virus and their associated severe symptoms on cassava in NigeriaF.O. Ogbe, A.G.O. Dixon, J d'A. Hughes and F. Alabi50Cassava
59Effect of African cassava mosaic disease severity on the yield and yield components of four cassava varieties in Sierra LeoneA.E. Samura, M.D. Thomas and S.I. Kamara50Cassava
60On farm performance and farmers evaluation of cassava brown steak tolerant variety "Kiroba" in the eastern zone of TanzaniaM. Muhanna, M. Raya, R. Hillocks and H. Kiozya50-51Cassava
61Yam anthracnose disease: Field symptoms and laboratory diagnosticM.A. Ayodele, J. d'A Hughes, R. Asiedu and O. Oguntade51Yam
62Characterising the response of sweetpotato to infection by sweetpotato virus diseaseD.W. Miano, D.R. LaBonte and C.A. Clark51Sweetpotato
63Genetic improvement of cassava in sub-Saharan Africa: Capitalizing on African landraces.A.G.O. Dixon, J. Whyte, N. Mahungu, G. Ssemakula, J. Mkumbira, and P. Ilona51-52Cassava
64Farmer participatory clonal selection of water yam (Dioscorea alata) in West AfricaC.C. Okonkwo, C. Egesi, R. Dossou, K. Zoupoya, E. N'kpenu, E. Otoo, A.Y Alhassan, C.A. Echekwu and R. Asiedu52Yam
65Effects of Steinernema karii and Heterohabditis indica against the sweetpotato weevil (Cylas puncticollis)M.M. Sila, G.H.N. Nyamasyo, and J.H. Nderitu53Sweetpotato
66Impact of Rigidoporus lignosus on the association culturable rubber tree-cassavaWahounou P.J., Zohouri G.P., Gnagne M., Boko M.C.E.T Kouame N.C.53-54Cassava
67Changes in the population abundance of the African root and tuber scales on cassava in the Bas-Fleuve district of the Democratic republic of CongoK. Tata-Hangy, R. Hanna, M. Toko and K.M. Lema54Cassava
68Biological control of cassava green mite in Kenya-spread and persistence of the predatory mite Typhlodromalus aripo, and impact on cassava green mite and cassava root yieldCharles W. Kariuki, R. Hanna, M. Toko, and B.M. Ngari, R. Irungu54-55Cassava
69The biological control campaign of cassava green mite in TanzaniaBeatrice Pallangyo, R. Hanna, M. Toko, D. Gnanvossou, V. Mgoo, M. Otena, A. Onzo, and O. Mfugale55Cassava
70The status of cassava green mite biological control in MozambiqueAbu Jone, I. Zannou, R. Hanna, M. Toko, B. Agboton, and E. Mambo55-56Cassava
71Pre-planting removal of host plant residues to reduce African root and tuber scale infestations on cassava in mixed-food crops fields in CameroonMaurice Tindo, R. Hanna, L. Wijnans, C. Nolte, J.M. Ngeve, and G. Goergen56Root and tuber
72The African root and tuber scale problem in Central Africa: the nature of the problem and the search for control optionsRacgid Hanna, M. Tindo, L. Wijnans, G. Goergen, K. Tatahangy, K. Lema, M. Toko, J.M. Ngeve, A. Dixon, and J. Gockowski57Root and tuber
73Food science, postharvest technology and utilisation
74Sweetpotato processing into baking flour at semi-commercial level in chipinge District of ZimbabweNyakudya, E; Mvumi, B.M; Mpofu, A; Mupanda, K; Manzungu, E. and Rukuni, T.57-58Sweetpotato
75Appropriate cassava processing equipment for improved products standards by smallholder farmers in MalawiA. Nthonyiwa, N.M. Mahungu, A. Mhone, C. Moyo, D. Siyeni, S. Jumbo, V. Sandifolo, T. Chadzala58Cassava
76Introduction of improved solar drying of high á-carotene sweetpotato: Evaluation of product quality and socioeconomic considerations in Siaya District, KenyaM.A. Ogubi and S.J. Ochien'g59Sweetpotato
77The demand for processed cassava food products in LagosAdusei Jumah, Iddris Ayinde, Kolawole Adebayo, Wale Dipeolu, Olusoye Oyewole, Lateef Dimeji59-60Cassava
78Sweetpotato-cocoa beverageIbok Oduro, W.O. Ellis, S.K.A. Bediako and F.K. Amagloh60Sweetpotato
79Cassava, Production, Distribution, processing and utilisation in KenyaC.M. Githunguri60-61Cassava
80Comparative effects of four botanicals and gibberellic acid on the reduction of post-harvest losses in yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in storageS.C. Eze, J.E. Asiegbu, B.N. Mbah, G.C. Orkwor, R. Asiedu61Yam
81Quantification of exposure to cyanide from cassava foodOluwole O.S.A and Onabolu O.A61-62Cassava
82Reduction of cyanogenic compounds in cassava food during storageOnabolu A.O. and Oluwole O.S.A62Cassava
83Varietal differences in the physiological, Functional, pasting properties and granule size of starches from different CMD resistant varietiesOmitilo, M, L. Sanni, B. Maziya-Dixon and A. Dixon62-63Starch
84Land water and environmental conservation
85Global cassava development strategy Implementation OverviewLutaladio NeBambi63Cassava
86More yams (Dioscorea spp.) for more AfricansR. Asiedu63-64Yam
87Plant physiology
88What controls duration to flowering in D. alata and D. rotundata -short-days, long-days or rate of change of photoperiodElsie Ile, C. Egezi, P. Craufurd and R. Asiedu 64
89Is the yam (Dioscorea spp.) tuber-head the primary nodal complex (PNC) and the origin of the vine, feeder root and tuber? A mini reviewElsie Ile, P.Q. Craufurd, R. Asiedu and N.H. Battey64Root and tuber
90Water consumptive use research on root crops at national root crops research institute, Umudike, Nigeria: A review.G.O. Chukwu and K.I. Nwosu65Root
91Yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir. And Dioscorea alata L.) meristem culture optimisation and genetic stability study of micropropagated plantsO.J. Adeniyi, V.O. Adetimirin, I. Ingelbrecht and R, Asiedu65Yam
92Intercropping effects on sweetpotato growth, yield and insect populationR.W. Njeru, M.W.K. Mburu, J. Kitonyi, J.N. Gachara and R.W. Gibson65-66Sweetpotato
93Planting material production and seed systems
94Safe and effective international movement of vegetatively propagated crops in sub-Saharan AfricaHughes, J. d'A., Asiedu, R., Ayodele, M., Dixon, A.G.O and Tenkouano A.66
95Dissemination of improved potato cultivars in the Mount Elgon area of UgandaW.W. Wagoire, J.J. Hakiza, B. Lemaga, I.N. Kashaija and R. Kakuhenzire66-67Potato
96Minisett technique of seed yam production in Delta and Benue states of Nigeria: a function of input availability and production objectiveUgwu, B.O., G.N. Asumugha, O.C. Aniedu, G.C. Orkwo and K. Amegbeto67Yam
97Degeneration And Yield Loss Associated With Different Sources Of Sweetpotato Planting Materials In Western KenyaNdolo, P.J., H.O. Obiero and R.E Kapinga67Sweetpotato
98A rapid field immuno-chromatographic assay for certification of yam planting materialsHughes, J. d'A, Eni, A.O and Rey, C.68Yam
99Managing stem cuttings of cassava for optimum yieldsAkoroda M.O., Dixon A.G.O, Ilona P. Okechukwu R and Ogbe F.68-69Cassava
100Challenges in the provision of clean planting materials of root and tuber crops in sub-Saharan AfricaBerga Lemaga, J. Nsumba, C. Crissman, R. Kapinga and M. Potts69Root and tuber
102Identification and distribution of viruses infecting sweetpotato in KenyaE.M. Ateka, R.W. Njeru, A.G. Kibaru, J.W. kimenju, E. Berg, R.W. Gibson, and H.J. Vetten69Sweetpotato
103Promoting participatory technology transfer of sweetpotato processing and utilisation in NigeriaMeludu, N.T70Sweetpotato
104Participatory evaluation of orange fleshed sweetpotato varieties in central and eastern zones of TanzaniaN. Luambano, R. Kapinga, K. Mtunda, M. Yongolo and C. Kitundu71Sweetpotato
105Potential for, and constraints to large-Scale Cassava Farming in NigeriaJ.J Olobashola71Cassava
106Participatory evaluation of sweetpotato germplasm in southwestern KenyaKorir, P.K., Kwach J.K. and Dymphina A.72Sweetpotato
107Increased potato production by community based organisations through bulking and use of clean planting materialGitonga LN, Muchui MN, Kibaki JM, Njuguna LW, Kiuru PN, Ndungu BW and Githambiri CW73Potato
108Viability and acceptability of the Mucuna pruriens fallow for the conservation of soil fertility in yam productionKossi Sedzro, Koumah Apedoh and R.J. Carsky73Yam
109Enhancing sweetpotato production and utilisation through processing among the rural families in Kiambu District in central KenyaGathaara, V.N., Gichuki, T.S., Priscillia, K. and Ngugi, N74Sweetpotato
110Evaluation of four botanical extracts and three types of storage bags for yam chip storageS.C. Eze, J.E. Asiegbu, B.N. Mbah, R. Asiedu, and G.C. Orkwor74Yam
111Consumption pattern and cyanide estimation of fermented cassava product (AKPU) among university students in Owerri southeast NigeriaOffor, E.A and Ogbonna J.O74-75Cassava
112Increased cash and food security through improved storage methods for fresh sweetpotato in south west KenyaKidula N.L., Miruka M., Okoko E.N.K and Koriri P.K76Sweetpotato
113Pasting characteristics of starches and flour of some cassava (Manihot esculenta) genotypes with reference to their uses in food formulationsP.N.T. Johnson, E. Sakyi-Dawson, G.A. Mensa, K. Asante, C. Oduro-Yeboah, J.A. Lamptey and A. Nyarko76Cassava
114Adding value to the cassava commodity chain in Nigeria: A breeders perspectiveIlona P.C., Dixon, A.G.O and C.I Ezedinma76-77Cassava
115Acceptability and Nutritional value of soyayam flour/coepeayam flour as a probable diet for diabetes patientsOlayiwola, I.O and Oladejo, A.O77Yam
116Nutritional status and micronutrient deficiencies in children under-5 in Nigeria: Results of the nigeria food consumption and nutrition survey in 2001-2003B. Maziya-Dixon, I.O. Akinyele, E.B. Oguntona, S. Nokoe, and E. Harris77-78
117Brazillian lessons for the cassava industry in NigeriaM.T.O. Patino and A.G.O. Dixon78Cassava
118Preliminary survey of entomopathogenic fungi associated with the African root and tuber scale Stictococcus vayssierei Richard (Hemiptera: Stictococcidae)L. Wijnans, Maurice Tindo, and R. Hanna79-80Root and tuber
119Millipedes - a new threat to root and tuber crops production in NigeriaU.E. Inyang80Root and tuber
120Distribution of bacterial blight and fungal diseases of cassava in NigeriaB.A. Bamkefa, Onyeka T.J., A.G.O. Dixon, R.U. Okechukwu and R. Bandyopadhyay80Cassava
121Effectiveness of different artificial virus transmission techniques in screening cassava for resistance to cassava mosaic diseaseO.A Ariyo, G.I Atiri, A.G.O Dixon, M. Koerbler and S. Winter80-81Cassava
122Evaluation de la mosaique Africaine du manioc en GuineeBah E.S., A.G.O. Dixon, P.Ilona81Cassava
123Screening for resistance to Scutellonema bradys in Dioscorea speciesB. Bamkefa, R. Asiedu and B. Fawole81-82
124Cataloguing predators of Bemisia tabaci on a cassava mosaic disease resistant variety in UgandaAsiimwe, P., Ecaat, J.S.., Otim, M., Gerling, D., Guershon, M., Kyamanywa, S. and legg, J.P.82Cassava
125Distribution and abundance of cassava pests in Tanzani with a note on the spiralling whiteflyBeatrice Pallangyo, R. Hanna, D. Gnanvossou, E. Nsani and O. Mugale83Cassava
126Farmers' participatory perspectives on sweetpotato cultivars in Kathiani Division of Machakos District, KenyaGithunguri, C.M84Sweetpotato
127Screening cassava varieties for drought toleranceN.M. Mahungu, C.C. Moyo, P.T. Mangirani, V.S. Sandifolo, S. Jumbo, A. Mhone, D. Siyeni and A. Nthonyiwa84Cassava
128Water yam (Dioscorea alata), a neglected crop with high potential in West AfricaC.C. Okonkwo, M.O. Adeniji and R. Asiedu85Yam
129Estimating the forage yield of 43 cassava mosaic disease resistant genotypes under three agroecologies of NigeriaAribisala, O.S., M.O. Akoroda, A.G.O. Dixon, R.U. Okechukwu and P. Ilona85Cassava
130Use of improved cropping systems and AM fungi to increase yam productivity in degraded soil of derived savanna zone in western NigeriaOyetunji, O.J, Osonubi, O, Ekanayake, I.J.86Yam
131Genetic diversity and productivity of cassava screened for adaptability in an inland valley swamp ecology in Sierra LeoneF.B. Massaquoi, M.A. Carankay and A. Jalloh86Cassava
132Yield of marketable and Non Marketable Roots of Cassava in Semi-Arid Eastern KenyaGithunguri, C.M86-87Cassava
133Participatory on-farm evaluation of sweetpotatoes in south west kenyaJ.G. Gethi, Charity K. Mutegi, Elizabeth N. Wambugu, Dau Mwakina and Peter N. Ndetei87Sweetpotato
134Participatory on-farm testing of cassava clones in coastal lowlands of KenyaJ.G. Gethi, Charity K. Mutegi, Elizabeth N. Wambugu, Dau Mwakina and Peter N. Ndetei87Cassava
135Influence of soil water stress on vegetative growth and yield of cassava genotypes under screen house conditionsO.O. Aina, A.G.O. Dixon and E.A Akinrinde89-90Cassava
136Experiences in implementing a farmer-based seed potato system in KenyaC. Lung'aho, P.M. Kinyae, A. Walingo and J.N. Kabira90Potato
137Elimination of disease and regeneration of four popular sweetpotato varieties using callus induction techniqueMimano L.N., Macharia C.W. and Githunguri, C.M90Sweetpotato
138Participatory approach to the management of sweetpotato virus disease in KenyaR.W. Njeru, E. Obudho, T.L. Munga, R.W. Gibson91Sweetpotato
139Occurrence of four major potato viruses in three main potato growing areas in KenyaMachangi J.M., Olubayo F.M., Njeru R.W., Nderitu J.H; El-Bedewy R, Yobera D.M and Aura J.A91Potato
140Identification of DNA markers linked to resistance to the sweetpotato virus diseaseD.W. Miano, D.R. LaBonte and C.A. Clark91-92Sweetpotato
141The potential of utilizing cassava landrace diversity resources for the effective management of pests and diseases of economic importance in Democratic Republic of CongoMunyili, T.M.B., Tete Tshisinda, Legg, J.P., Lema A., Mwangi, M., Mahungu, N., Ntawuruhunga, P.92Cassava
142Incidence and distribution of cassava pests and diseases in MozambiqueMuaka Toko, R. Hanna, J. Legg, M. Andrade, A. Jone, D. Coyne, B. Agboton, G. Okao-Okuja, R. Obonyo, M. Otema and E. Mambo93Cassava
143Diversity studies of sweetpotato cultivars (Ipomoea batatas) from selected areas of East Africa using morphological markersGichuru V., Aritua V., Lubega G.W., Edema R., Adipala E., and Rubaihayo P.R.93Sweetpotato
144Genetic diversity among different sources of resistance to the cassava mosaic virus disease using SSR MarkersYvonne Lokko, Alfred Dixon, Sam Offei, Eric Danquah and Martin Fregene94Cassava
145SSR based genetic linkage analysis of resistance to the cassava mosaic begomovirus in cassavaY. Lokko, M. Gedil and A. Dixon94Cassava
146Advances in cassava yield improvement at IITAJ. Mkumbira, R. Okechukwu and A.G.O. Dixon94Cassava
147Breeding for root quality traits in cassavaJ. Mkumbira, R. Okechukwu and A.G.O. Dixon95Cassava
148Use of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of expressed genes as a marker system to merge existing linkage groups in hexaploid sweetpotatoEricka A. Pestana, Maria Berenyi, Albert Kriegner and Kornel Burg95Sweetpotato
149Comparative analysis of gene expressing in drought sensitive and tolerant sweetpotato genotypesJoanna Jankowicz, Maria Berenyi, Kornel Burg, Jerzy Kruk95-96Sweetpotato
150Genetic gain in cassava disease resistanceOkechukwu, R.U., J. Mkumbira, A.G.O. Dixon, and A.Y. Kamara96Cassava
151Socioeconomics and marketing
152Establishing the impact of participatory research in the adoption of new technologies in sweetpotato research in UgandaByamukama E., Mpembe I., Kayongo J., Adolph B., Gibson R.,97-98Sweetpotato
153Promotion of pro-vitamin a sweetpotato variety among smallholder farmers in southwest Kenya: the case of rangwe divisionObonyo J.A., Oduwo A.O., Cottina G.O., Kosambo L., Korir P., Kwach J., Odhiambo J., Okeyo K.98-99Sweetpotato
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167Technology Transfer
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178Crop Utilisation
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