proceedings of the 8th Triennial Symposium Nov 2001.csv

1Policy requirements for a root crop market economy in Africa.F.S.Idachaba1-4
2Perspectives in yam research in Africa.G.C.Orkwor5-8Yam
3Approaches for the development of small-scale cassava processing and local food industries that meet the needs of the poor.Andrew Westby,J.White,T.Ngendello,O.Oyewole,N.T.Dziedzoave,A.Graffham and Q.Van Oirschot9-12Cassava
4Contribution of root and tuber crops in Nigerian economy.M.C.Ikwelle13-18
5Promotion of orange-flesh sweet potato as a dietary source of pro-Vitamin A:lessons and strategies in eastern and southern Africa.Regina Kapinga19-24Sweet potato
6Comparative studies of in vitro cleaned planting material and field selected apparently clean sweetpotato planting material.John Otoo and M.D.Quain25-27Sweet potato
7Towards privatisation of planting material sector of roots and tuber crops in West Africa.K.Tetevi28-37
8Strategy for the development of a cassava industry in Africa.M.Bokanga38-47Cassava
9Theme paper:Trends in yam production in Africa.V.Manyong48-51Yam
10Les facteurs d‚terminant la volont‚ des paysans … acheter des semences des varit‚t‚s am‚lior‚es d`igname au B‚nin.J.C.Hinvi et Isa‹e Adje52-56
11Role of produce price in the development project performance: case of cassava in cassava multiplication project (CMP).A.A.Adeniji,O.M.Jimoh and O.Vaughan57-60Cassava
12Varietal characteristics of cassava:farmer`s perceptions and preferences in the semiarid zone of West Africa.Kormawa P61-67Cassava
13Towards adoption of new yam technologies.Amegbeto K.68-75Yam
14Root and tuber crops at the Horticultural Research Centre:research and development highlights.Dhliwayo P76-78
15A model for rational determination of prices of seed potato(S.tuberosum L).tubers of different size grades using agronomic data.Demo P.,M.O.Akoroda and D.K.Njualem79-81Potato
16Poverty alleviation through sustainable root and tuber crops production.Akele S.A.and G.O.Chukwu82-84
17The potential of commercialising sweet potato products:the Zimbabwe experiences..Rukuni T.,A Mutungamiri and M.Chitiyo85-87Sweet potato
18Analysis of gender roles in cassava production in Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria.Akpabio I.A.and E.O. Ekpe88-91Cassava
19Myths and realities of postharvest technologies for root crops:a case of cassava in Nigeria.O.I.Oladele and O.Arowojolu92-95Cassava
20Rural women cassava processors:technology and acumen for marketing in Nigeria.Stella Odebode96-99Cassava
21Processing and utilization of sweetpotato for food and livestock feed in Nigeria.E.T.Ojeniyi and O.O.Tewe100-103Sweet potato
22Cassava leaf utilization as a vegetable source for humans in Africa.A.U.Achidi104-109Cassava
23The effect of 60Co gamma radiation on the size of cassava starch granules and its relationships to mealiness.O.Safo-Kantanka,K.Oppong-Agyare and R.Asante110-113Cassava
24Feeding the cassava processing industry:cassava production systems improved with cowpea.S.Ennin,J.N. Asafu-Agyei and H.K.Dapaah114-118Cassava
25Food quality attributes of Pona yams.B.O.Otegbayo119-121Yam
26Amidon d`igname de C“te d`Ivoire(Dioscorea sp.): diversit‚ biologique et variabilit‚ des propri‚t‚s physico-chimiques et fonctionnelles.N.G.Amani,D.Dufour,C.Mestres,A.Buleon and A.Kamenan122-130
27Effect of age of yam tuber at harvest on the qualities of yam foods.A.B.Abass131-137Yam
28Screening of sweetpotato for poundability into fufu.E.Adu-Kwarteng,J.A.Otoo and I.Oduro.138-141Sweet potato
29Physico-chemical and pasting properties of flour from four sweetpotato varieties grown in Ghana.I.Oduro,W.O.Ellis,L.Nyarko,G.Koomson and J.A.Otoo142-145Sweet potato
30Quality of gari from 18 sweetpotato varietiesW.O.Ellis,I.Oduro,K.Fianko and J.A.Otoo146-149Sweet potato
31Importance of 'kabalagala' processing to the sweetpotato product development needs in Uganda.C.Owori150-156Sweet potato
32Utilization potentials of some selected sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas(L).Lam.accessions for staple consumption in Africa diet and industrial processing.P.O.Aikpokpodion,N.Q.Ng and M.O.Akoroda157-160Sweet potato
33Current status of production and utilization of some minor root crops in Nigeria:a preliminary investigation.G.N.Asumugha161-165
34Gari: food for the rich or the poor consumers in Nigeria.N.T.Meludu166-168Cassava
35Cost of various forms of energy used by gari processors and production constraints in Ijebu area of Ogun State,Nigeria.J.O.Akinyemi169-172Cassava
36Enzymic supplementation and utilization of cassava root sieviate(CRS) by growing pullets.F.A.Aderemi and O.O Tewe.173-177Cassava
37The problems and prospects of developing new cassava based products in Nigeria:The Ogun State experience.S.A.Balogun178-181Cassava
38Factors influencing the quality of Nigerian fufuO.B.Oyewole,L.O.Sanni,A.O.Dipeolu,K.Adebayo,I.A.Ayinde,J.L.White,K.I.Tomlins and A. Westby.182-184Cassava
39Post- harvest and seasonal tuber changes in four cassava verieties:processing implications.M.O.Sanni and A.O.Olubamiwa185-188Cassava
40The effect of ambient storage of cassava tubers on starch quality.S.O.Agunbiade and M.O.Sanni189-193Cassava
41Prolonging shelf life of fresh sweetpotatoes through solar curing.A.W.Kihurani194-97Sweet potato
42Urban market opportunities for high quality cassava products in Ghana.C.C.Collinson,G.van Dyck,S.Gallat and A.Westby.198-199Cassava
43Importance of Bacillus and Clostridium the cassava fufu fermentation.N. Piper and A. Westby200-201Cassava
44Ceilsmo storage of yam:an innovation or abnormality.G.O.Chukwu and K.E.Chukwu202-204Sweet potato
45Development and storage stability of some traditional snack foods from sweet potato.M.A.Idowu,L.O.Sanni and O.B. Farore205-207Sweet potato
46Effect of length of fermentation and varieties on the qualities of sweetpotato gari.L.O.Sanni,D.P.Ikuomola and S.A.Sanni.208-211Sweet potato
47Accumulation des reserves amylac‚es racinaires chez trois clones e manioc … Odziba.J.Mabanza,J.Mahouka and B.Boumba.212-215
48Sweet potato roots and tops for pullet chick production in Nigeria.O.A.Ladokun and O.O.Tewe216-218Sweet potato
49Potentials of Chinese yam(Dioscorea esculenta) flour in bread makingU.J.Ukpabi and N.Uchechukwu219-221Yam
50Effect of processing methods and storage conditions of the qualities of fried sweetpotato chipsM.A.Idowu,L.O.Sanni and O.A.Osunbitan222-223Sweet potato
51Current status of cassava processing technology in semi-arid area of West and Central Africa.Tshuinza and R.Okechukwu224-228Cassava
52Cost effective cassava rations for poultry and pigs.O.O.Tewe229-234Cassava
53Theme paper:Studies on potato seed performance under on-farm storage conditions in Mount Kenya Region.A.Walingo,C.Lung'aho,P.Kinyae,J.Kabira and R.El-Bedewy235-239Sweet potato
54Combined use of soil fertility indicators and crop yields for determining appropriate cassava-based crop mixture for soils of Eastern Nigeria.C.L.A. Asadu and A.G.O.Dixon240-246Cassava
55Accumulation of cyanogenic compounds in the cassava tuberous roots as influenced by leaf expansion rate and crop growth rate.C.M.Githunguri247-256Cassava
56R‚ponse du manioc … l'azote,au phosphore et au potassium sur les terres de barre au Sud du B‚nin.A.M.Toukourou et R.J.Carsky257-259
57Response of the Pona varitey of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) to the minisett technique of yam propagation.J.P.Tetteh and C.Mensah260-264Yam
58A technique for grafting of water yam(D.alata L.)H.Shiwachi,T.Ayankanmi and R.Asiedu265-267Yam
59Induction of germination in dormant yam (Dioscorea spp.)tubers with inhibitors of gibberellins.H.Shiwachi,T.Ayankanmi,M.Onjo and R.Asiedu268-271Yam
60Fibrous root system growth of cassava in the Sudan Savanna ZoneI.J.Ekanayake272-277Cassava
61Response of cassava varities(Manihot esculenta Crantz) to Nitrogen and potassium in the derived savanna and southern Guinea savanna of Nigeria.O.Ghebreyesus and G.Tian278-281Cassava
62The relationship between the accumulation of cyanogenic glucosides and free amino acid content in cassava(Manihot esculenta Crantz).Y.Chukwumah282-286Cassava
63Use of four cover crops for management of Imperata cylindrica fallow followed by cassava/maize intercrop in forest savanna transition and wet savanna zones of Nigeria.A.A.Melifonwu287-292
64Evalutaion of the contribution of leguminous cover crops to the conservation of soil resource base and productivity of yam based systems.A.O.Ano,G.C. Orkwor and J.E.G.Ikeorgu293-295Yam
65Compatibility of cocoyam(Xanthosoma sagittifolium[L.] Schott),egusi melon and pumpkin un intercropping system.F.A.Nwagwu and H.Tijani-Eniola296-302
66Some aspects of evolution of yam-based systems in Benin.P. Vernier and R.A. Dossou303-307Yam
67Effects of row intercropping of minisett cocoyam/maize on component crop yields and productivity in a lowland rainfed ecology in southeastern Nigeria.P.A.Okwuowulu and J.E.G.Ikeorgu308-314
68Application of mycorrhizal and hedgerow technology in cassava production.O.Fagbola and O.Osonubi315-317Cassava
69Effects of intercropping sweetpotato with plantain on the growth and yield of the mixture.S.O.S Akinyemi318-320
70Improving taro cropping system in Ghana:a participatory research-farmer-extension approach.R.Sagoe,R.Bam,J.manu-Aduening,J.Haleegoah,D.Dedzoe,J.P.Tetteh,J.K.Osei,O.Safo-Kantanka and MOFA Staff.321-323
71Studies of the influence of VAM fungi on growth of maize intercropped with cassava in alley cropping system in the Derived Savanna Zone.O.J.Oyetunji,I.J.Ekanayake andO.Osonubi.324-329
72Evaluation of cassava-based cropping systems and application of the agroforestry model WaNuLCAS in Benin Republic,West Africa.S.J.Lose330-337Cassava
73Theme paper.Augmented block design-the choice design for large scale farmer participatory on-farm trials.Sagary Nokoe338-342Cassava
74Cassava variety and mound height effects on productivity of cassava in an inland valley swamp ecology in Sierra Leone.A.Jally343-347Cassava
75Farmer participatory evalution of yams(Dioscorea species) in GhanaE.Otoo,E.Moses,J.N.L.Lamptey,J.Adu-Mensah348-352Yam
76Development and evaluation of hybrid yams (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) in pre-release multilocational trials in Nigeria.G.C.Orkwor,R.Asiedu,S.K.Hahn,D.Surma,U.Udensi and G.O.Chukwu353-355Yam
77Influence and yield improvement on economic productivity of yam in southwestern Nigeria.G.O.Agbaje356-357Yam
78Off season yam production to enhance food security.J.E.G.Ikeorgu and H.N.Igwilo358-360Yam
79Fertilizer efficiency and productivity of ginger on a Haplic Acrisol in southeastern Nigeria.G.O.Chukwu and J. K.Emehute361-363Ginger
80Effects of cultivars and fertilizer on the yield and culinary qualities of cassava.E.O .Ekpe,O.W.Udoette and B.A.Ndon373-375Cassava
81Growth and yield responses of cocoyam cultivars to some tillage practices in Uyo south eastern Nigeria.N.U.Ndaeyo,E.O.Ekpe,S.O.Edem and U.G.Umoh367-372Cocoyam
82Effects of tuber portion and time of harvest on the dry matter yield of water yam(D.allata L.)planted through minisett.E.O.Ekpe,B.A..Ndon and U.S.Ukut.364-366Yam
83Archiving root and tuber research data.R. U. Okechukwu376-379
84Effect of poultry manure on yield performance of livingstone potato/rizga(plectranthus esculentus N.E.Br) in southeastern Nigeria.A.O.Olojede,M.C.Igbokwe and M.C.Ikwelle380-381
85Variations in seed yam production techniques across agroecologies in Cameroon.J.M.Ngeve and C.Nolte382-386Yam
86Yam production in Ghana-a food security enhancer or an environmental degrader?E.Otoo387-391Yam
87Evaluation participative des clones am‚lior‚s de manioc en milieu paysan enAfrique de l`Ouest: cas du B‚nin,de la Guin‚e,du Tchad et du TogoN.G.Maroya392-398
88Trait association and path analysis for yield of cassava genotypes grown in various agroecologies in Nigeria.O.O. Aina399-404Cassava
89The release of the new improved cassava varieties in Malawi.I.R.M.Benesi,C.C.Moyo,J.Mkumbira,F.P.Chipungu,N.M.Mahungu and V.S.Sandifolo405-411Cassava
90The genetic improvement of the white yam by gamma irradiation of white yam mini-tubers.E.C.Nwachukwu and I.U.Obi412-417Yam
91Influence of harvesting period on improved cassava genotypes in maritime Guinea.El-Sanoussy Bah and Savane Djibril418-420Cassava
92Evaluating sweet potato clones for consumers in south western Nigeria.O.Edebiri,I.N.Egeonu and M.O.Akoroda421-425Sweet potato
93Farmer participatory cassava variety evaluation and selection in Uganda.G.N.Ssemakula,A.Bua,Y.K.Baguma,S.Tumwesigye,W.Sserubomwe,T.Alicai and C.Omongo426-434Cassava
94Importance of diseases in participatory cassava breeding.E.Moses435-437Cassava
95Screening yams(Dioscorea spp.) for organoleptic quality.M.O.Adeniji and R.Asiedu438-441Yam
96A new paradigm for characterization of root and tuber crops germplasm in Ghana based on cassava.Safo Kantanka442-447Cassava
97Status of root crop germplasm management in GhanaS.Bennett-Lartey448-455
98Morpho-agronomic characterization of cocoyam germplasm collected from seven regions in Ghana.M.O.Opoku-Agyeman456-460Cocoyam
99Evaluation of phenotypic variation in water yam(Dioscorea alata L.)germplasm using multivariate analysis.Chiedozie Egesi461-468Yam
100Genetic relationships based on agrobotanical characteristics of local cassava germplasm in Sierra Leone.F.B.Massaquoi469-475Cassava
101Genetic diversity in 96 accessions of cassava as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs).S.K.Offei,E.Y.Danquah,E.Okai,H.D.Mignouna and A.G.O.Dixon476-481Cassava
102Identification of molecular markers associated with a new source of resistance to the cassava mosaic disease.S.Offei,E.Y.Danquah,Y.Lokko,M.Gedil and A.G.O.Dixon482-485Cassava
103Variartion and genetic mapping of quantitative triats in an F1 intraspecific cross between two non-inbred parents in cassava.E.Okogbenin and M.A.Fregene486-497Cassava
104Effect of explant age on in vitro development of three Dioscorea species.M.D.Quain and E.Acheampong498-501Yam
105Cryopreservation of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz).O.J.Adeniyi, M.O.Akoroda and S.Y.C.Ng502-505Cassava
106Integrated control of cassava bacterial blight by (1) combined control nmeasures and (2)host plant resistance adapted to agro-ecological conditions and (3) improved pathogen detectionK.Wydra,B. Ahohvendo,A Banito,R.N.C. Copper,A.Dixon,V.Foye,B.Kemp,K.Kpemoua,K.Rudolph,V.Verdier,M.Randjanakou and V.Zinzou506-515Cassava
107Reactions of white yam(Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) genotypes to three viruses infecting yams.Babajide Odu516-521Yam
108Theme Paper:Nematodes:pre-and post-harvest pests of root and tuber crops? A brief overview.Danny Coyne522-525
109Pests and diseases of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in NigeriaE.C.Nwauzor and T.Dalyop526-532Potato
110Comparative analysis of insect pest,disease and nematode incidence on dry and rainy seasons planted yams in Benue State,Nigeria.T.O Ezulike,E.C.Nwauzor and G.C.Orkwor533-536Yam
111Screenig sweet potato cultivars for susceptibility to Rhizopus oryzae.M.Muhanna,D.Rees and J.Aked537-541Sweet potato
112The deployment of resistant sweet potato varieties in areas of Uganda where sweet potato virus disease is prevalent.R.W.Gibson,V.Artitua,I.Mpembe and J.Kayongo542-544Sweet potato
113Control of postharvest fungal rot of white yam(Dioscorea rotundata Poir) with botanicalsT.Sangoyomi545-550Yam
114Yield performance and late blight reaction of different potato genotypes in the highlands of Ethiopia. W.Gebre-Medhin,R.El-Bedewy,k.Bekele,M.Olaya,G.Endala,S.Atsede and L.Berga551-553Potato
115Reaction of 22 potato(Solanum tuberosum L.)genotypes to wilt in Cameroon.D.K.Njualem,P.Demo,H.A.Mendoza,J.T.Koi and S.F.Nana554-556Potato
116Etiologie de la pourriture du manioc au Togo:identification et pouvoir pathogene de l`agent responsable.B.Tchabana and K.E.Kpemoua557-561
117Anthracnose disease of yams in West AfricaM.M.Abang562-571Yam
118Cultural control of Scutellonema bradys on edible yams.B.Claudius-Cole572-576Yam
119Sources of resistance to cassava anthracnose disease.O.F.Owolade577-580Cassava
120Cassava systems in Nigeria:root yield management.M.O.Akoroda581-583Cassava
121Prevalence of cassava root rot disease and the associated pathogens in Nigeria.T.J.Onyeka584-588Cassava
122Response of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in sole and intercrop with cassava(Manihot esculenta Crantz) to population density in an Alfisol density in south-west Nigeria.V.O.Aduramigba-Modupe589-593Cassava
123Effects of Glomus deserticola on the yield and nutrient cuptake of cassava in an alley cropping system.Awotoye O.O594-596Cassava
124Theme paper: Bacterial tuber rot of seed yams(Dioscorea rotundata) in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.M.Ayodele597-601Yam
125Diseases and pests of yam.L.Kenyon602Yam
126Production of yams (Dioscorea spp.) in Sierra Leone:initiatives for increased production.Tanzila Salia-Konneh,A.Jalloh and R.Asiedu602Yam
127Identification and potential use of RAPD markers linked to cyanogenic potential in cassava.Ida Dossou-Yovo,J.H.Mignouna,J.Machuka and M.Bokanga603-607Cassava
128Regional integration of demand-led root crop research and development:the case of SADC countries.N.M.Mahungu608-615
129Sub-regional partnership for the development of yams in West Africa.C.C.Okonkwo and R.Asiedu616-619Yam
130Contribution to the agro-morphological characterization of yams Dioscorea alata species of Cote d`lvoireA.M.Kouakuo,H.D.Mignouna, J.Zoundjihekpon, N.Q. Ng, R.Asiedu, N.Ahoussou, S. Doumbia and G.P.Zohouri.620-625Yam
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