proceedings of the 2nd Symposium of ISTRCAB 1983.csv

3Opening addressNkaifon Perfura15
4Presidential addressBede N.Okigbo16
5Closing addressNkaifon Perfura17
6Production potentials of major tropical root and tuber cropsE. V. Doku19-24
7Potential utilization of major root crops,with special emphasis on human,animal,and industrial uses D.G.Coursey25-36
8Genetic parameters of cassavaN.M. Mahungu,H.R.Chheda,S.K.Hahn,and C.A. Fatokun37-40Cassava
9Evaluation of cassava clones for leaf production in ZaireN.B.Lutaladio41-44Cassava
10Cassava screening in RwandaJ.Mulindangabo45-48Cassava
11Effect of variety and planting time on the yield of cassava in MalawiR.F. Nembozanga Sauti49-50Cassava
12Response of cassava to fertilizers and town refuse under continuous croppingS.O.Odurukwe and U.I Oji51-52Cassava
13Rapid multiplication of cassava by direct plantingM.T.Dahniya and S.N. Kallon53-54Cassava
14Effects of shade,nitrogen,and potassium on cassavaI.N.Kasele,S.K.Hahn,C.O.Oputa and P.N.Vine55-58Cassava
15Weed interference in cassava-maize intercrop in the rain forest of NigeriaRay.P.A.Unamma and L.S.O Ene59-62Cassava
16Crop performance in complex mixtures:melon and okra in cassava-maize mixtureJ.E.G.Ikeorgu,T.A.T.Wahua and H.C.Ezumah63-66
17Soil-conserving techniques in cassava and yam productionP.N.Vine,O.B.Ajayi,D.M.Mitchozounou,E.J.Hounkpatin,and T.Hounkpevi67-70
18Factors limiting cassava production among peasants in Lukangu,ZaireKilumba Ndayi71-72Cassava
19Epidemiology of anthracnose in cassavaC.Makambila73-78Cassava
20Cassava yield losses from brown leaf spot induced by Cercosporidium henningsiiJ.M.Teri,P.W.Mtakwa,and D.Mshana79-81Cassava
21Susceptibility of cassava to Colletotrichum manihotisKankolongo A.,M.O. Adeniji,and E.R.Terry82-85Cassava
22Botryodiplodia stem rot of cassava and methods of selecting varieties for resistanceG.W.Otim-Nape86-88Cassava
23Distribution and severity of cassava mosaic in the CongoR.Massala89Cassava
24The cassava mealybug front hypothesis:role of indigenous natural enemiesK.M.Lema,R.D.Hennessey,and H.R.Herren90-92Cassava
25Comparative bioecology of two coccinellids,predators of the cassava mealybug,in the CongoG.Fabres and A.Kiyindou93-96Cassava
26Effects of fertilizer application on postembryonic development and reproduction of the cassava mealybugK.M.Lema and N.M. Mahungu97-98Cassava
29Functional response of Amblyseius fustis to increasing density of its prey Mononychellus tanajoaT.O.Ezulike and J.K.U.Emehute99-100Cassava
28Control of the cassava green mite in UgandaB.Odongo and G.W.Otim-Nape101-102Cassava
29Studies on the nutrient content of yellow-pigmented cassavaO.Safo-Kantanka,P.Aboagye,S.A Amartey,andJ.H.Oldham103-104Cassava
30Microbial breakdown of linamarin in fermenting cassava pulpM.A.N.Ejiofor and Nduka Okafor105-107Cassava
31Performance of a cassava peeling machine.P.M.Nwokedi108-107Cassava
32An improved technique of processing cassava fufuFestus A. Numfor108-100Cassava
33Cassava-based diets for rabbitsR.T.Fomunyam,A.A.Adegbola,and O.L.Oke111-113Cassava
34Effects of cassava meal on the hatchability of chicken eggs.D.A.Ngoka,E.C.Chike,A.B.Awoniyi,T.Enyinnia,and S.O.Odurukwe117-120Cassava
35In-vitro culture of Dioscorea rotundata embryosC.E.A.Okezie,F.I.O.Nwoke,andS.N.Okonkwo121-124Yam
36Economic indices for clonal selection and breeding of yamsO.O.Okoil,J.U.Nwokoye,and C.C.Udugwu125-128Yam
37Seed-yam productionM.N.Alvarez and S.K.Hahn129-132Yam
38Natural antifungal compounds from the peel of yam tubersS.K.Ogundana,D.T.Coxon,and C.Dennis133-135Yam
39Optimal time for fertilization of Dioscorea rotundataS.C.O.Nwinyi136-137Yam
40Effects of staking on tuber yield of three cultivars of trifoliate yamS.N.Lyonga and J.T.Ambe138-139Yam
41Effect of time of staking on the development of anthracnose disease of water yamA.O.Nwankiti and I.U. Ahiara140-142Yam
42Thermodynamics applied to the storage of yam tubersGodson O.Osuji143-146Yam
43Root-knot susceptibility of crops grown with yam in NigeriaU.G.Atu and R.O,Ogbuji147-148Yam
44Effects of cover plants on root-knot nematode populationU.G.Atu and R.O,Ogbuji149-150Yam
45Survival of Botryodiplodia theobromae in yam tissuesS.K.Ogundana,B.I.Aderiye151-152Yam
46Variability in the chemical composition of yams grown in CameroonT.Agbor Egbe and S.Treche153-156Yam
47Mineral content of yam tubers:raw,boiled,and as flour.A.Bell157-160Yam
48Introduction of flour from Dioscorea dumetorum in a rural areaG.Matins,S.Treche,L.Noubi,T.Agbor Egbe and S. Gwangwa`a161-164Yam
49In-vitro methods for cocoyam improvementE.Acheampong and G.G Henshaw165-168Cocoyam
50production of hybrid Xanthosoma sagittifolium and test for resistance to Pythium myriotylumA.Agueguia and S.Nzietchueng169-171Cocoyam
51Growth and development of Colocasia and Xanthosoma spp.under upland conditionsM.C.Igbokwe172-174Cocoyam
52Effects of water-table depth on cocoyamB.S.Ghuman and R.Lal175-181Cocoyam
53Intercropping cocoyams with plantain:effects on the yield and disease of cocoyamsM.C.Igbokwe,O.B.Arene,T.C.Ndubuizu,and E.E. Umana182-184
54Root rot of Xanthosoma sagittifolium caused by Pythium myriotylum in CameroonSamuel Nzietchueng185-188
55Sweet-potato production potential in RwandaG.Ndamage189-191Sweet-potato
56Comportment studies with sweet potatoes in the highland zone of CameroonS.N.Lyonga and J.A.Ayuk-Takem192-196Sweet-potato
57Effects of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae,temperature,and phosphorus on Fusarium wilt of sweet potatoJ.M.Ngeve and R.W.Roncadori197-202Sweet-potato
58On-farm trials as a link between research and technology transferH.J.Pfeiffer203-205Sweet-potato
59Planatain in root-crop farming systemsS.k. Karikari206-208
61Yellow-pigmented cassava revisitedK.A.Oduro229Cassava
62Distribution and utilization of cassava in MalawiR.F..Nembozanga Sauti229Cassava
63Can cassava productivity be raised in Zambia?N.Hrishi230Cassava
64Prospects for developing new white yam varietiesM.O.Akoroda230Yam
Extension of root-crops technology to African farmers.T.Enyinnia,H.E.Okereke,and D.A.Ngoka231
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