proceedings of the 1st Triennial sym ISTRC 1980.csv

1Welcome AddressesBede N.Okigbo,Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau,S.Olajuwon Olayide,and E.Harmans.
2Cassava Improvement Strategies for Resistance to Major Economic Diseases and Pests in AfricaS.K.Hahn,E.R.Terry,K.Leuschner,and T.P.Singh25-28Cassava
3Cassava Improvement in the Programme National Manioc in Zaire:Objectives and Achievements up to 1978H.C.Ezumah29-34Cassava
4Assessment of Cassava Cultivars for Extension WorkC.Oyolu35-36Cassava
5Breeding Cassava Resistant to pests and Diseases in ZaireT.P.Singh37-39Cassava
6Selection of Cassava for Disease and Pest Resistance in the CongoJoseph Mabanza40-41Cassava
7Some Characteristics of Yellow-Pigment CassavaK.A.Oduro42-44Cassava
8Cassava: Ecology,Diseases,and Productivity:Strategies for Future ResearchE.R.Terry45-48Cassava
9Field Screening of Cassava Clones for Resistance to Cercospora henningsiiJ.B.K.Kasirivu,O.F.Esuruoso,and E.R.Terry49-57Cassava
10Properties of a Severe Strain of Cassava Latent Virus Isolated from Field-Grown Tobacco in NigeriaE.C.K.Igwegbe58-60Cassava
11Cassava Bacterial Blight Disease in UgandaG.W.Otim-Nape and T.Sengooba61-65Cassava
12Insect Dissemination of Xanthomonas manihotis to Cassava in the People`s Republic of CongoJ.F.Daniel,B.Boher and N.Nkouka66-68Cassava
13Cassava Root Rot due to Armillariella tabescens in the People`s Republic of CongoCasimir Makambila69-74Cassava
14Screening for Resistance Against the Green Spider MiteK.Leuschner75-78Cassava
15Biological Control of the Cassava MealybugHans R.Herren79-80Cassava
16Entomophagous Insects Associated with the Cassava Mealybug in the People`s Republic of CongoG.Fabres81-83Cassava
17Dynamics of Cassava Mealybug Populations in the People`s Republic of CongoG.Fabres84-87Cassava
18Consumption Patterns and Their Implications for Research and Production in Tropical AfricaFelix.I.Nweke88-94Cassava
19Problems of Cassava Production in MalawiR.F.Nembozanga sauti95-98Cassava
20Evaluation of some major soils from southern Nigeria for Cassava productionJ.E.Okeke and B.T.Kang99-103Cassava
21Effects of soil moisture and Bulk density on growth and development of two cassava cultivarsR.Lal104-110Cassava
22Performance of cassava in Relation to time of planting and harvestingF.O.C.Ezedinma,D.G.Ibe,and A.I.Onwuchuruba111-115Cassava
23The effects of previous cropping on yields of yam,cassava,and maizeS.O.Odurukweand U. I.Oji116-119
24Intercropping of plantains,cocoyams,and cassavaS.K.Karikari120-123
25Weed control in maize-cassava intercropI.Okezie Akobundu124-128
26Effects of maize plant population and Nitrogen application on Maize-cassava intercrop.B.T.Kang and G.F.Wilson129-133
27Cassava leaf harvesting in ZaireN.B.Lutaladio and H.C.Ezumah134-136Cassava
28Effect of leaf harvests and detopping on the yield of leaves and root of cassava and sweet potatoM.T.Dahniya137-142cassava/sweetpotato
29Metabolism,Synthetic Site,and Translocation of Cyanogenic Glycosides in cassavaM.K.B.Bediako,B.A.Tapper,and G.G.Pritchard143-148Cassava
30Loss of Hydrocyanic Acid and Its Derivatives during sun drying of cassavaEmmanuel N.Maduagwu and Aderemi F.Adewale149-151Cassava
31The role of palm oil in cassava-based rationsRuby T.Fomunyam,A.A. Adegbola and O.I.Oke152-153Cassava
32Comparison of pressed and unpressed cassava pulp for Gari MakingM.A.N.Ejiofor and N.Okafor154-158Cassava
33Gari yield from cassava:Is it a function of root yield?D.G.Ibe and F.O.C.Ezedinma159-162Cassava
34Parameters for selecting parents for yam hybridizationObinani O.Okoli163-165Yam
35Anthracnose of water yam in NigeriaOkechukwu Alphonso Nwankiti and E.U.Okpala166-172Yam
36Strategies for progress in yam research in AfricaI.C.Onwueme173-176Yam
37Study of the variability created by the characteristics of the organ of vegetative multiplication in Dioscorea alataN. Ahoussou and B.Toure177-179Yam
38Growth pattern and growth analysis of the white guinea yam raised from seedC.E.Okezie,S.N.C.Okonkwo and F.I.Nweke180-188Yam
39Artificial pollination,pollen viability,and storage in white yamM.O.Akoroda,J.E.Wilson and H.R.Chheda189-194Yam
40Improving the In-situ stem support system for yamsG.F.Wilson and K.Akapa195-197Yam
41Yield and shelf-life of white yam as influenced by fertilizer.K.D.Kpeglo,G.O.Obigbesan and J.E.wilson198-202Yam
42Weed Interference in white yamR.P.A. Unamma.I.O.Akobundu,and A.A.A.Fayemi203-207Yam
43The Economics of yam cultivation in CameroonS.N.Lyonga208-213Yam
44Effect of Traditional food processing methods on the nutritional value of yams in CameroonAlice Bell and Jean-Claude Favier214-226Yam
45Strategies for progress in cocoyam researchE.V.Doku227-230Cocoyam
46Root and storage-rot disease of cocoyam in NigeriaG.C.Okeke231-234Cocoyam
47Fungal rotting of cocoyams in storage in NigeriaJ.N.C.Maduewesi and Rose C.I.Onyike235-238Cocoyam
48A disease of cocoyam in Nigeria caused by corticium rolfsiiO.B.Arene and E.U.Okpala239-246Cocoyam
49Cocoyam farming systems in NigeriaH.C.Knipscheer and J.E.Wilson247-254Cocoyam
50Yield and nitrogen uptake by cocoyam as affected by nitrogen application and spacingM.C.Igbokwe and J.C.Ogbannaya255-258Cocoyam
51Cassava research program in LiberiaMallik A -As-Saqui259
52Effects of cassava mosaic on yield of cassavaGodfrey Chapola259
53Effects of green manure on cassava yieldJames S.Squire259
54Alleviating the labour problem in Yam production: cultivation without stakes or manual weedingI.C.Onwueme260-262
55Strategies for the 1980s263
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