Table of content(Volume 1 No 1:1-43.October 1996. ISSN 1118-2075)

1Effects of time of introducing castor oil plant and fertilizer (N.P.K. 15-15-15) application on the yields of castor/cassava intercropR.A.E. Ugbaja & C.P.E. Omaliko1-4Castor/Cassava
2Plant-parasitic nematode pests of root and tuber crops in Masindi district of UgandaD.L. Coyne & J.M. Namaganda4-7Root and tuber
3Use of regression analysis to assess cassava performance in CameroonJ.M. Ngeve8-11Cassava
4Experimental determination of thermal diffusivity of yam (Dioscorea spp.) tuber tissueS.E. Obetta & G.O.I. Ezeike12-15Yam
5Effect of different media on germination and seedling vigor of true seeds of Dioscorea rotundata cv. "Obia-Oturugo"R.A.E. Ugbaja16-18Cassava
6Performance of whole- and cut-setts of white yam for ware yam production in southeastern NigeriaC.L.A. Asadu & F.O.R. Akamigbo18-23White yam
7Determination of some yam tuber properties relevant to the design of mechanical harvestersE.A. Aiyelari & M.O. Akoroda23-26Yam
8Complementary effect of N.P.K. fertilizer and mulch on the growth and yield of irrigated ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)G.O. Chukwu & P.S.N. Onyekwere26-29Ginger
9Cohesiveness of native cassava starch pastes: effect of fermentationF.A. Numfor & W.M. Walter (Jr.)29-32Cassava
10Optimized conditions for reproducible DNA amplification fingerprinting of sweet potato (Ipomoes batatas L.)G. He, C.S. Prakash, S. Tuzun & J. Qiu33-37Sweet potato
11Pests and pathogens of yams in storageK.R. Green & D.A. Florini38-42Yam
12Yam and cassava productions as income-generating activities for householdsB.O. Ugwu43Yam and cassava
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