Table of content(Volume 5 No 2:1-59. December 2003. ISSN 1118-2075)

1Marketing system and spatial price differentiation of ginger in NigeriaG.N. Asumugha, J.E. Njoku & F.I. Nweke1-6Ginger
2Incidence and severity of virus-like symptoms on yams in northwestern TanzaniaJ. Ndunguru, S.C. Jeremiah & R. Kapinga6-9Yam
3Sensory evaluation of porridges containing pre-gelatinised yam (Dioscorea rotundata) flour in the CaribbeanN. Gill & N. Badrie10-13Yam
4Producing seed yams (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) from young sproutsB.A. Aighewi, R. Asiedu & M.O. Akoroda13-14Yam
5Swelling of yam flour as affected by tuber variety, processing method and analytical temperatureC.I. Iwuoha & C.J. Nnanemere15-17Yam
6Fermentation and protein enrichment of rumen digesta and cassava pulp, and their evaluation as diets in growing swiss ratsO.U. Ezeronye18-21Cassava
7Seed yam production from pre-sprouted minisetts with varied thickness of storage parenchymaA.B. Aighewi, M.O. Akoroda & R. Asiedu21-24Yam
8Influence de la conservation au froid sur les gels d'amidon d'igname (Dioscorea spp) de C“te d'IvoireF.A. Tetchi et N.G. Amani25-28
9Production of seed yams (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) using yam peelsB.A. Aighewi, R. Asiedu & M.O. Akoroda28-31Yam
10Demographic, agricultural and technological profiles of Nigerian yam (Dioscorea spp.) farmersI.N. Itodo & J.O. Daudu31-34Yam
11Provisional constant for predicting viability of yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) seeds under simulated tropical storage conditionsI.O. Daniel35-38Yam
12Quality of starch from six Japanese sweetpotato varieties in GhanaW.O. Ellis, I. Oduro, J. Barimah & J.A. Otoo38-41Sweetpotato
13Potential of indigenous water tubers of Nymphaea species for food secutiry in MalawiC.M. Chawanje41-46Water tubers
14The cassava root mealybug (Stictococcus vayssierei Richard) [Hom: Stictococcidae]: present status and future priorities in CameroonJ.M. Ngeve47-51Cassava
15The vegetative growth and yield response of two cassava clones to Glomus fasciculatum inoculation in semi-controlled conditionsO.J. Oyetunji, O. Osonubi & I.J. Ekanayake52-55Cassava
16Poverty alleviation through the processing of sweetpotato tubers toasted granules and consumer preferences in NigeriaN.T. Meludu, C.G. Ajala & M.O.Akoroda56-59Sweetpotato
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